@EmilyHauser Wants To Criticize Israel. But, No Criticism For Feinstein/Schumer’s NAZI Gun-Control Stance In America

@EmilyHauser Wants To Criticize Israel. But, No Criticism For Feinstein/Schumer’s NAZI Gun-Control Stance In America

Everyone knows that these aforementioned, uh…”Jews” (Schumer/Feinstein) are for NAZI gun control laws.  I have NO doubt that Hauser thinks Israel is like “Hitler” with the Pali’s. 

But, if this dumb broad wants to criticize real Nazi-ism, why no criticism for these above totalitarians?  Why? Because she is a Communist. While Nazi-ism and Communism are a little separate in nature, their end results are the same: Death, mass genocide.

You want fellow Jews to leave you alone while you are criticizing Israel. That’s fine.. We would just like equal time, and that you would start demanding that REAL totalitarians would also be criticized: HERE. In America.  The country YOU reside in, bitch.  Start worrying about America’s policies and stop putting “Israel……first.”  Which you accuse us of doing.

Read about Hauser the whiner, here.

By the way, Hauser…Who loves you, baby?  David Duke does 😉  AND, here is a nice song for you…Don’t ever say I gave you nothing..

Michelle Malkin Is A Good Debater, No Doubt. But, Why Hasn’t She Brought Up Obama’s 1991 Pamphlet?

Michelle Malkin » The birth certificate circus April 27, 2011

  If you look at the link above, Michelle Malkin thinks us ‘birthers’ are crazy.  But, I don’t believe that.  I believe SHE does not want to be labeled as ‘crazy.’ You don’t really buy that Malkin believes that Obama’s editor made a mistake in 1991, do you?    Is this a popularity contest, Ms Malkin? Do you not understand that the fish rots from the head down?  Why do you think this is a ‘circus?’  How does a person like Malkin, (an accomplished and educated woman) not understand that if the leader is not Constitutional, then nothing he does will be Constitutional?  Making law of no effect?  

I don’t get it, Ms Malkin.  The term ‘birther’ is a left wing handle. Why are you dumping on patriotic, Christian individuals that DO care? In my opinion.. I think you were told to NOT talk about this issue making you a coward.

Until you address this issue, Ms Malkin….  ‘slapping around’ some asshole ‘liberals’ (actually Communists..) means nothing to us.  It is unpatriotic AND treasonous to not have dug deep into this issue as you have NOT, Ms Malkin.  It is obvious you don’t really give a damn, do you?

NO kudos from us, here. And you can call us every name in the book. Frankly nobody here gives a shit.

 The only real circus show to us- are the liars and the cowardly.

BUT, But, Valerie Jarrett Says: “We’ll Take Obama Care As A TAX”

BUT, But Valerie Jarrett Says: “We’ll Take Obama Care As A TAX”


Something for you to think about regarding tax that I said on the news cable TV show, JTF.ORG in Manhattan and Queens, NYC:

Patriots in Boston started a rebellion which turned into a revolution because of a tiny tax of one half of 1% on tea and that was called ‘tyranny.’  Today, we pay federal income tax, state income tax, in some cities and counties; a city income tax, excise tax, FICA, property tax, school tax, sewage/water tax and if you have anything left to spend after all that, when you go to buy something, you pay a sales tax.  Yet, we call this ‘freedom.’

Are we insane??

-David Ben Moshe