They Removed That Arab From The Coca Cola Commercial Because Of CAIR. He Was A HANDSOME Arab Man!

CAIR is not as intimidating as they are incredibly thin-skinned and weak wuss’s. They can’t take criticism.  I get called a kike, a dirty Jew whore, a Zio-Nazi, a Zio fascist, a hook-nosed kike, etc….And, I get through the day.  My halfies, the Jews are told to sit down and shut the hell up at colleges because they love Israel. Some world.  Christians are told to just take it up the A$$ and accept homosex/marriage and pay for murdering babies.. and nobody says a word…

I dont get the Arabs in America at all.  Or Muslims, whatever.  I just don’t.  The Arab in that Coca-Cola commercial was really handsome.  I mean, Coca Cola could have put this dude in the commercial:

Why are the Arab/Muslims so embarrassed about their past?  Did you all hear that Muslim from CAIR on O’Reilly?  He said “I thought that we were passed 20’s-50’s America?”  You see? These people from these other 3rd world dumps don’t get.. Actually don’t WANT to GET our America that we loved.  This is the real reason that I, personally can’t stand these people.  They want us to respect their religion of throat-chopping craziness, but they don’t want to allow us to even celebrate our own past of classiness, God and country, great music, fab cars and wonderful fashion.  

You know what?


They took the Arab out:

They are super embarrassed about their camels.  I am not embarrassed about the cowboys in that video.

France Then & Now: Muslims Destroy France. I’m Telling Ya, It’s Commie Politicians & Leftists That DESTROY Countries

Click this link first, Islamo-nuts rioted in FR on Dec 31, 2012-Just insane Muslims acting as they act BECAUSE of the leftists who kiss their asses: The Evil Stench of islam Floats Through France on The Smoke of Burning Cars Destroyed by The mooslim Vermin

I don’t feel well at all, I am really sick with the Obama-mandated Flu-but I could not pass this up.  This Islamo-INSANITY made me pissed off.  Why do western nations keep voting in these treasonous, open-border psychopath-maniacs?  I am telling you, we need to send the leftist cancer to hell.  America is SO finished because of leftists/progressives.  They are destroyers. They need to just go die. May God put them out of their misery before we are forced to do so. You can blame the Muslims all day long, but it is the LEFT who completely enables these rat-bastards. The LEFT is to blame.

Look at France now:




France – below, long ago, before leftist moonbat SLOBS murdered their country. The French were all about Love, La More, Je ‘t Aime, fashion, Ala Mode.  Now, it’s ugly, hatred, fire, death, ruination & MUSLIMS wrecking everything. The ‘liberals’ favorite past-time is destroy, murder, steal.. Like Satan, the devil…They call us ‘haters?’  Puhlease.. Look at the HATRED, searing, seething hatred in those photos above. Gimme a break with the “You’re a hater” CRAP, you sicko, loser, leftist FREAKS!

France, then ~ (Something that Conservative & Christian people appreciate –Beauty & Love:  the finer things in life):

beauty, lady, france, vintage, hat

Makes me want to vomit, looking at how beautiful they were compared to the insane, sick, left wing slimes who killed France…

The Nouveau France.  


Happy YET, Leftists??

JE ‘T AIME the insanity yet, French people?  France lacks because they are Israel-haters.  So, they are cursed with the curse that God brings upon those that hate HIM and HIS land.  God chooses who and what he desires, its not up to Jew-haters to decide who God likes or what land he loves above other lands. Tough sh*t.

Watch This Video, Then Tell Me Why Bachmann Is Wrong

Of course the left wingers are going to attack Bachmann, non-stop.  Why? Because she is right and they (the left & neo-cons) are the enemy.

Hat tip:



-David Ben Moshe

Allen West’s Awesome Comeback to CAIR

Seen at YouTube’s SharkTank1 & The Shark Tank

Allen West tells it like it is in this meeting. CAIRperson tries to put West in the proverbial ‘pickle’, but West wrangles out of it and whacks this shitstarter’s ass all over the place! See it here for the complete smackdown.

Dammit this man’s one of my personal heroes. This man needs to run this country!

Here’s a direct link to this video & full story:
The Shark Tank: Allen West Confronted by Koran-Wielding CAIR Executive(VIDEO)


 Because islamic terrorists need union representation too.
Its _____ms that create insecurity and fear on planes.
They keep popping up after terrorist acts like puss pimples on an ass. Somebody has got to pop them, like the pussheads they are
most Muslims aren’t terrorists, but most terrorists ARE Muslims. It’s not profiling, it’s smart self defense.
As soon as the Muslims stand up and eradicate the scumbag innocent killing Muslims we won’t profile them in the mean-time let’s start raiding ALL of the mosques in this country and find out who the radicals are sent them packing!
Methodist grandmothers and Catholic nuns should get extra security checks before Muslim males. /sarcasm
“Imagine a news story on the problems posed by steroid use in sports. It includes comments from former baseball player Barry Bonds, who argues that professional sports leagues and Congress need not investigate the matter because the players can police themselves.
 It notes that Bonds has had “a contentious relationship with Major League Baseball due to suspicions he was a steroid user himself, a charge he denies.” But the story doesn’t say anything more about the basis for those suspicions, omitting reports of failed steroid tests and a perjury indictment for allegedly lying to a federal grand jury about his steroid use.

That story might be considered balanced – it reports the general allegation and the denial. But it’s woefully incomplete and the outlet which published it likely would meet some ridicule. There’s a detailed record available to challenge Bonds’ denial that is not presented to readers.

Yet, that’s the routine when it comes to the media’s treatment of the tense relationship between federal law enforcement and national Islamist organizations – the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in particular. That tension derives from the FBI’s decision to cut off routine communication with CAIR and from a series of counter-terror investigations targeting Muslim charities linked to terrorists or involving the use of FBI informants in mosques.”

When it comes to terrorism and aircraft I think Hooper should be advised I’m already profiling on the basis of race, religion, skin tone, dress, shoes and whatever else it takes to create in him and his funny little friends FEAR sufficient to dissuade them from covering up for terrorists.

Profiling is exactly what we have to do. When a policeman tries to solve a crime, he doesn’t start with A in the phonebook. When was the last terrorist incident fomented by a radical Norwegian Protestant, or a Peruvian Animist, or a Laotian Buddhist? I can remember seeing an elderly Chinese woman in a wheelchair undergoing a patdown search, and yet this Islamic young man whose own father turns him in, is not searched? OK, put us all through the ringer, but connect the dots, for goodness sake.

Yah, keep an eye on the pesky Amish & the little old ladies in wheel chairs. That’s where the REAL threats come from!!! /sarc.

I am sure the muzzies will get their way on this one as well!!! Our gubmint is run by asylum inmates, from 0bozo on down


Is this pic the definition of TWISTED IRONY?