Kate Perry; Another TOOL For FORCED Race-mixing

[Music] Katy Perry-”One of theThe music video  is all about Snoop being the king and playa, and Kate is just a piece of nothing., just a toy for Snoop.   A young womans body being used in a most degrading way, her breasts shooting whipped cream out—sickening. This is what you let your young girls listen to,  and you cannot even see that this is the Marxist plan to kill off Caucasians.  (Also take notein  that music video- Kate Perry gets almost naked, while Snoop is not- that is a ‘submissive suggestion’)-  It is what it is. Race plays one of the biggest parts in destroying countries, courtesy of Marxism.  Meanwhile, useful idiotic liberal morons will cry foul and racist as they keep destroying you and turn this place in South Africa, where 90 white people are murdered a day.  Face it white people, wake the hell up and realize that YOU are now the ‘oppressed’.  It is not a ‘racist’ issue, it is kill the whites by having sex with them.  This is all sad, because Kate Perry has zero clue how she is only being used, and she is a very pretty young woman. KATY PERRY // Official Website //

Marxist Kitsch and the Politics of Race — David Horowitz (from

This photo here, pushing ‘one-night stands’  WTF. How long are you going to let YOUR kids be sexed and used??