ZOMBIE ALERT~GROSS: NYC Cop Charged In Cannibalism Plot-He Wanted To Eat Over 100 Women

Disgusting.  Alas…that’s America now. 

Cannibal Liberal cop wishing to eat all kinds of women.  Well… I don’t know if this bothers me (I mean about the women) Most NYC women are satanic and think they are men and have massive amounts of penis envy..


I hope the dude ends up getting eaten in prison.

SEE: NYC police officer charged in cannibalism plot

Satanic America’s “Arab Spring” and the clear design to Destroy Jews in the ME, Part III

Posted by QV

So, if Satan-America thinks Egypt will be theirs, God will do  otherwise.
Isaiah foretells the following:
“I will set Egyptians against Egyptians; Everyone will fight against his brother, And
Everyone against his neighbor, City against city, kingdom against kingdom….And the
Egyptians I will give Into the hand of a cruel master, And a fierce king will rule over
them,” Says the Lord, the LORD of hosts.” (Isaiah 19:2, 4,).
Isaiah’s prognosis for Egypt worsens as you read the rest of his chapter 19.. Isaiah 19:5-12 tells us unprecedented religious and economic strife plagues the nation according to the purposes of Yahweh. Apparently, this disastrous condition befalls Egypt because of its future involvement in Psalm 83 since we read in Isaiah 19:16-18 that Israel will take over five cities in Egypt and cause Hebrew to be the spoken language inside their city limits. One of these cities will be called “the City of Destruction,” implying the IDF destroys this city.  The IDF are His “dry bones” .
And what of Satan Amerika?
Oh, last I read– Russia’s Spetznaz (Special Forces) are already in the country.  Amerika’s military headed by Hard Core Leftists will fire on the American people — keeping silent means Consenting to your regime’s evil – and above all, what Yahweh will RAIN down on both land and people.  Do familiarise with cannibalism Amerikaners.  For that is your future.  Enjoy.
You had better listen to this video.

‘Daughter Of Obama’ Bites Off Biceps Of Wig Shop Owner & Spits Flesh Out! Took 4 Officers To Detain Her!

‘Daughter Of Obama’ Bites Off Biceps Of Wig Shop Owner & Spits Flesh Out! Took 4 Officers To Detain Her!

San Antonio, TX~ANOTHER Zombie, Cannibal-Liberal Attack!? Woman Beheads Infant Son & Eats Part Of His Brains & Toes, LAST YEAR!

I cannot grasp what would possess a person to eat their own child, let alone murder their own baby.  I cant even say anymore, this is absolutely evil.  I am sorry, but I have to stick with how I feel;  If we had God-fearing people in charge, this would not happen.  Alas, we have liberalism all over the place and this is why we have a sick culture of death, drugs, abortion, ‘gay’ marriage, now gender based aborted babies and cannibalism.  Deal with it, you horrible liberals. This is what you have brought on this nation: Evil.

UPDATE: She was found NOT GUILTY by reason of ‘insanity’.  The news failed to report this last year. TYPICAL.

No more ‘life for life.’  NO justice for babies.

EYE-WITNESS To Man-Eating Cannibal Liberal In South Beach, FL-This Is What Leftism Has Brought To America

Eye-Witness To Man-Eating Cannibal Liberal In South Beach, FL-This Is What Leftism Has Brought To America.  You think I am joking? I AM NOT.  If we had a society of God-fearing individuals, we most certainly would not see a man-eating cannibal.  This is Liberalism/Progressivism.  Of that I am 100% certain. We will see more of this satanic-craziness.  It is a sign as well, in my opinion… Didnt the liberal #OWS crowd say they want to “EAT THE RICH?”    Well, here is the first encounter of what ‘eating’ a person REALLY is. He probably, no doubt, voted OBAMA.  It is not “Zombie.”   The man was probably on drugs.  Drugs are a leftist TOOL to dumb everyone down.  Especially Marijuana.  Observe America turned over to SATANIC-LIBERALISM.


More on this horrible  story of America gone INSANE.