Obama Admin Sues BMW Plant For Not Employing Black FELONS

Obama Admin Sues BMW Plant For Not Employing Black FELONS

Posted by David Ben Moshe-

I can just imagine a German company angry enough that they have to hire black people and now the government not only wants to hire blacks but black felons.  If I were BMW and I was forced to hire black felons, I would pull my plants out of America.  People in America do not have a right to hire who they want to hire.  This is what ‘freedom’ looks like.

In America, we don’t hire based on character, we hire solely based on skin color.  This is proof:

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Refuse Fascism, Here’s How:

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Checkpoints have been popping up quite frequently in the USA.  As you see in this video, you DO NOT have to comply with their question’s or demands. Don’t forget, you have rights.

Pig-Flying Moment: NBC’s Andrea Mitchell-“This Was Not The Time For Obama To Go On “The View”

Whoa….Pigs fly…



I love old cars, it is like a little hobby I have to enjoy the cars from yesteryear. I’ve been to many of the Concours D’elegance’ in Pebble Beach- The cars were classy, sophisticated and still today– coveted.. They were made with durability and strength, they were also MADE IN AMERICA- we were the envy of all other nations, and proudly so, our people took pride in their work, and it reflected  in the cars, especially.. This is a teens/20’s  Model T that is GORGEOUS: 

  The 30’s came along and with it GLAMOUR and panache..just like the old time GREAT movies, where ‘sex appeal’ exuded without having to DO THE NASTY… here is a drop dead gorgeous 1930’s car- WHOA..Is it any wonder to you young jerks, why a person would want a nice old car at their wedding?? It is because they only make ‘progressive‘ sh*t now! 


WOWOWOW! Are theese cars the bees-knees or what! Check this out! Reminds me of Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable in “It happened one night” OR HUMPHREY BOGART suave sexiness.  It is obvious….America produced the best cars in the planet- best looking and flat out best.

The 1950’s came along and HAPPY DAYS were here again.. Every family had a car or even 2 cars…politicians usedsay: A chicken in every pot and 2 cars in every garage.  The 50’s cars- NO 2 cars looked alike, creativity was at an all time high- it was not ‘diversity’ it was creativity that made America great.  The following year the car changed consistently.

Then the 60’s came along….UGH…the terrible 60’s. The cars starting losing all of their quality, the metal wasn’t as thick and Detroit started doing planned obsolesense, so that you would almost have to buy a car every three years. There was something missing in the cars, they were clearly missing the ‘spirit of America.’  Still big and loaded, but that was IT, just “BIG” 

Then the 1970’s- all of the cars looked the same, like sh*T! The only cars that were ‘semi-cool’ were big ol Caddy’s and Mustangs.

1980’s-90’s- LEMONS, lemons, terrible pieces of drek! What good can even be said about cars from the 80’s? Hell, you cant even hardly find them on a google search…LOL

<<Can Yoe believe that this was the  CADILLAC-1993?!?!?!? Good God, how we fall.

2000’s CARS- please…dont tell me we have ‘progressed’ this is stupid! I bet these enviro wackos will demand that cars even get more embarassing!

FUTURE RIDE that the enviro-nutjobs will want- this is just to show you how SCREWED up their thinking is… but before you take a peak, guess what? They will bitch about the animal…


The Fords are not junk! Neither is GM or Chrysler…This months Car & Driver Magazine, and all the High End Trade and Car Mags confirm that statement is Dead Wrong..

  In fact, the combination of in this case, ignorance and the people who know the price of everything and value nothing is why this country is dead or dying …..THEY ARE THE ONES WHO ARE ALL FOR KILLING A GIANT AMERICAN ICON AND STRATEGIC/VITAL MANUFACTURING ASSETT SUCH AS GENERAL MOTORS. IT’S THE SAME MENTALITY OF LACK OF IT THAT ENABLES THE JAPANESE AND NOW THE REST OF THE PREDATORY PACIFIC RIM TIGERS TO DESTROY THIS ECONOMY…It explains why we don’t manufacture electronics, audio, video and televisions…and why the Steel industry in Indiana is the rust belt…joined by a thousand more industries like textiles, etc… It’s the same “price of everything and value of nothing” attitude that’s behind selling of the land, property and America’s institutions to the highest bidder, because we are a nation of whores.

  A whore will sell anything …. and the whores are selling everything in America that’s not nailed down…. And last but not least, it’s the same sons of bitches who wouldn’t pay an American a decent wage for a days work is what enabled Unions to gain the power that they had…It’s the same son’s of bitches who wouldn’t pay an American a decent wage for a days work who brought the blacks here and destroyed the country…..they are the same bastards who are doing it again with Mexicans. The same dimwitted morons who for 35 years ago said, “to hell with politics, I got mine.” and bought Jap cars and went bowling, are now screaming bloody murder about taxes or their son being laid off at IBM….now they give sh-t… Ha Ha General Motors is on life support….they will get around to you also..

Try this one for a quote:

“What goes around comes around.”

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