Monitor, Censor, Ban & Remove: The TRUTH Is Still The Truth

Monitor, Censor, Ban & Remove. The TRUTH Is Still The Truth

I was not the most ‘pro-Trump’ person. I was VERY angry (since Jan 2017) that he did not throw war mongers and the treasonous D’s AND R’s in prison.

There is no defense against the truth. None. The Communist radicals in big tech ban, toss, suspend, etc. Go ahead, ban everyone — but in the end, you don’t win because the truth is still the truth. The Communists can lock us up, they can destroy our lives, they can do whatever it is they wish. But, the truth will still remain.

Facts are the facts. Trump & The Trumpers still won the election no matter what the Communist radicals say. The Communists stole the election and overthrew the government. Thats the facts. After you see a video like this (below) and you still choose to believe the lying Left, then that’s a serious issue you have because you have chosen to believe the lie rather than the truth.

All of the other Christians calling the Trumpers, ‘false prophets’ are not in the truth. Like it or not, Fact is: Trump won the election even though the Communists snuck in and stole it from him. The Trumpers ‘heard from God’ but they underestimated satan. When one gets caught up in the ’emotion’ of it all, one loses focus and perspective and that’s when satan sneaks in to steal, destroy and murder.

A few months back, I had a dream Prophetic Dream I Had Last Night Of A LARGE Elephant On The Horizon. I thought it meant one of two things: #1. Huge problem. OR #2. GOP landslide. This dream came to pass as a double-edged sword, though. There WAS A GOP landslide. There WAS and IS a problem. The GOP Landslide suffered a catastrophic issue: The coup. Now, our troubles will become larger and worse.


The truth is still the truth. The truth cannot be taken away. The Communists have foisted O’Biden into office against the will of the people. Against the voters and against the republic. That is the truth. They can ban us from everything and NOTHING will change this truth. NOTHING. Hell or high-water won’t change it. The media cannot change it. God, himself won’t change it.

All we can do now is plead with God to have mercy. Repent and turn to God. Ask him, implore him to have mercy on us. As it is now a time of great delusion. When the Liars and thieves ‘win’ by fraud, it is because God has allowed us to be turned over completely to enemies.

2 Thessalonians 2

11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

MEDIA MATTERS Seeking BECKS oust, in YES WE CAN Fascist attack speed.

The next victim of the YES WE CAN Brigades is Beck, they will not stop until he is thrust off.  Thats “AmeriKa” now, folks. 

Beck is covering up on the B.C. issue because he knows that there is none.  Ron Paul knows there is none, and Beck is already under the NAZI Media Matters microscope, they are even monitoring  his personal life as well. 

 These rat b*stards will stop at NOTHING, here is proof that they ARE attacking his personal life: Politico reports Beck has had “his own minor tax problems” with The Politico -They  will keep proceeding on ousting him through his sponsors; So who’s still advertising on Beck? January 8 edition…


Here’s the thing I really love.. haha.. “We are non-profit”  Yet, here on their Youtube page:… 

 “MEDIA MATTERS”  ‘Most popular tags:’

Most Popular Tags

No kidding, slam FOX, bury FOX, kill FOX…YES WE CAN!

Here is the lastest post from the YES WE CAN Brigade:

Slow news day at the New York Times

Now, take a look at their “ACCOMPLISHMENTS!”

Oh, btw…see this, it was OK when they did  this below under Bush; (Just a little tidbit for ya)

obama_hitler.jpg Barrack Obama Hitler Nazi image by tommpppp


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See…. IT WAS AOK when Bush had the “Hitler” Comparison.., Maybe Media Matters is “MONITORING” that as well..
Click on this picture too;