#APPLE Announces Invasion Of Privacy. ANOTHER Of My Prophetic Dreams Fulfilled!

APPLE Announces Invasion Of Privacy. ANOTHER Of My Prophetic Dreams Fulfilled!

Do dreams ever tell a therapist anything useful? - Psychology 1010

This is the Dream I had in February 2021:

I dreamed I was on the internet and someone’s private information came up in an instant message to me. I could not believe all of the information that was in this instant message about this person. It was terrible because I not only felt HER privacy was invaded but mine was also.

See it here: 3 Dreams: 1 Of Massive Earthquake. 1 Of A Goat And A Rhinoceros. 1 of NO internet privacy.

Here is the news about APPLE: (Hat Tip, tednoiz)

(I think pedo’s are absolutely disgusting and Leftists LOVE them…. but they WILL be monitoring ALL of us not just pedo’s (Leftist allies). This always ends up attacking regular Joe citizens. ALWAYS. THIS is an invasion of privacy. To the max.)

Truth Telling “Organic Prepper” Has Been Defunded By The Communist, Totalitarian Murderers.

Truth Telling “Organic Prepper” Has Been Defunded By The Communist, Totalitarians

Yes, I say murderers because the people who ban books and words will be burning bodies and murdering people–they ALWAYS do that. They’re genocidal, murderous scumbags and I curse them all in Jesus name. I pray that every blow the murderers deal that God will smite them twice as hard.

SOAnother day, another defunded website: The Organic Prepper Has Been DEFUNDED for Being a ‘Disinformation Website’

I never got monetized by Google. I always knew that the murderers would defund people. I have always made this website free of charge. NOBODY is going to ‘own me’ in this battle and war..

My Friends Are Dumping Their Shares Of #Twitter Stock. Get Patriotic & #DumpTwitter

My Friends Are Dumping Their Shares Of #Twitter Stock. Get Patriotic & #DumpTwitter

There's been a total communist infiltration of Twitter

I was watching financial Television this morning at the gym. Suffice it to say, I happily observed Twitter stocks going south. Lol. The stock share was over $78- a share. It is now down to about $55- a share.

It’s time to send this monster packing. They censor everyone. If they don’t censor, then ban and shadowban. I was banned in 2016. Dorsey’s crew of the vagina monologues management is burning the corp to the ground. Get in on the sell-off before you lose it and it goes in the way of My Space…But, then again, you have raiders and rovers that have a change of heart and buy on the dip. Thinking of their pockets…

To the raiders and rovers: Its time to burn this Commie bird called Twitter. Do it for the nation for once. Stop thinking about yourselves. Then….Sell off Fascist Facebook next and burn that Zuckerberg Creep. Do this for God and this broken nation.

I Told You All Months Ago That #VijayaGadde Is THE “Architect” Of #Twitter Censorship Fiasco. Now We Have Foreign Leaders Condemning Us

I Told Ya’all Months Ago That VIGAYA GADDE Is THE “Architect” Of #Twitter Censorship Fiasco. Now We Have Foreign Leaders Condemning Us

My posts on Vijaya Gadde had hardly any views. Nobody cared. Now you care because you have been suspended from Twitter! In a political atmosphere that is so hostile toward patriotic people, you have to study these humans who have made themselves your enemy. You must watch them and everything they do.

Today, James O’Keefe released a leaked video of Vijaya Gadde planning not only to censor American people but to censor the world. I warned of this hag named Vijaya Gadde, head of twitter ‘safety’ and trust..

I alerted the blogosphere months ago about Twitter’s Evita Gadde. Of course, people passed over these 3 below posts like they always do whenever I post something very important. I knew this female was and is a problem for American politics.

Keep not paying attention and soon we’ll all be in the real gulags. God shows me these things in my spirit. I can’t take ‘credit’ for knowing….. But, since he really DOES show me these things, don’t trust me. Trust the Lord for Gods sakes.

Twitter Senior Executive Details Plans for Political Censorship on a Global Scale (PROJECT VERITAS)

October 28, 2020: @vijaya Is THE “Architect” Of #Twitter Censorship Fiasco. #FireVajaya Gadde, OR: REMOVE §230 Protection

October 17, 2020: #Twitter @vijaya Is A Horrible #Feminist. #ResignVijaya NOW


NOW: World Leaders Are Condemning Dems For Authoritarian Censorship of American Citizens: India, Germany, AU, Mexico, France, NZ, PLUS


@vijaya Is THE “Architect” Of #Twitter Censorship Fiasco. #FireVajaya Gadde, OR: REMOVE §230 Protection

@vijaya Is THE Problem On Twitter: #FireVajaya Gadde. OR: REMOVE 230 Protection

Twitter shareholders have one choice or the other with this fiasco that is happening on the platform. They have taken to censoring most Conservative content, even stretching so far as to censor the Press Secretary or even the President of the U.S. Who ever heard of censoring the Press Secretary or the President of the U.S.??

Who does that?

I’ll tell you who does it: A militant feminist and immigrant named Vajaya Gadde from India who has zero regard for political heads of state. And, I will tell you how bad this really is. The Communist machine at Politico is singing Gadde’s praises for going full ‘resistance’.

Gadde was a lead architect of the policy approach that led Twitter to clamp down on everyone from everyday harassers to the Proud Boys to President Donald Trump, and she’s been out front in defending it, arguing that the shift makes sense as corporate strategy. Said Gadde in an interview by phone from her home in San Francisco in July, of the decision to ban political ads: “It wasn’t about anything other than, ‘This is the right thing to do for us as a company.’”

Click to read it

This is the ‘right’ thing to do? As a company? Censor the President? Since when? This is not ok in ANY event, Left OR Right. But, this is par for the course for many females in powerful positions. Sure, this is a strong statement. But, if you have worked in large corp’s where women work in upper management, you understand how pushy and bossy they are. You know that they screw up many business decisions. They just do. Its not business to them, its PERSONAL. Many females are just lousy corporate executives. And, Gadde is probably the worst the corporate world has EVER seen. Prove this?

EXCERPT from Politico:

Inside Twitter’s headquarters, Gadde and Dorsey work from spaces next door to each other. Said one Twitter official: “I can’t imagine a world where Jack looks at her and says, ‘No.’”

Nobody says “NO” to this bimbo. Believe me. NOBODY. They will have to ax this militant, power-mad hag or face the removal of their §230 protection. YES, it is possibly going to be THAT bad. Because, she is a lawyer, a female, dark-skinned and a ‘minority’. I guess we could say “GOTCHA” to Jack. Because SHE is in charge–NOT Jack. And, she will have her way, “I am woman“. And, Jack, dear? “Hell hath no fury like the wrath of a woman scorned.”

Thats “DIEver$hitty” for ya!

Jack is already chitting bricks.. He knows that removal of §230 protection just may be his fate because NOBODY says “NO” to Vajaya.

JACK is suddenly ‘worried’ about Free Speech? He has allowed so many people to be censored, shadow banned or suspended from Twitter. He should be punished. License revoked, §230 removed from HIS platform. Enough of big tech totalitarians.


#Twitter @vijaya Is A Horrible #Feminist. #ResignVijaya NOW

Dorsey Admits To Mob-Driven Censorship On Twitter During Heated Section 230 Hearing

Twit’s @jack Dorsey Does What He Wants Bcz He Knows GOP Is FECKLESS: A Dog N Pony Show

Jack Dorsey's Square just got a BitLicense to trade bitcoin

If only more Republican people understood that the GOP will do absolutely nothing about Dorsey’s abuse of power and platform censorship. If only more Conservatives would wake up and see the the GOP is just Pinko, Marxist light. The GOP sits back and laughs their collective a$$es off at the gullible Republican people and the Left laughs more because they know without a shadow of a doubt that absolutely nothing will happen to Jack Dorsey:

Subpoena? Big deal. Means nothing. Just means that Dorsey will appear before Congress, answer some GOP softball questions and then go home. Hell, if the Congress could not even put Eric Holder behind bars for contempt OF congress, just what makes you think that anything will happen to Dorsey?

The Commies always win because the GOP lets them win–again, and again and again and again and again……….. People should have been lynched decades ago. Instead we have treacherous filth like John Kerry and Jane Fonda alive today and just as mouthy as ever.


Until these people HANG, I have absolutely zero faith in the ‘justice’ system of America. Its a damned joke. A cruel one at that.

God have mercy. God, please punish these bottom feeders. God, I look to you to deliver your wrath upon these evil, corrupt bastards.

Hello, I'm super rich (Twit)ter CEO Jack Dorsey and I want to silence  disenet — Steemit

@StephanMolyneux Has Been Suspended From Communist #Twitter

@StephanMolyneux Has Been Suspended From Communist #Twitter

The Communists have cyber murdered Stephan Molyneux.  To the Communists, this is killing someone and you BET they are rejoicing.  

I followed Ashley Rae on Twitter, she followed me.   Very anti Communist & a sweetheart.  I miss a lot of these people.  I was suspended from Twitter and had over 15K followers.   I was shadowbanned in 2013.  Banned forever in 2016.  Long before anyone else.  I wear my suspended from Twitter badge of honor proudly on the side of this blog.  Nobody cares about suspensions of people UNTIL it happens to them.

The Communists hate Stephan because he tells the truth. Truth is kryptonite to Communist, aka “Liberals”



Go ahead and laugh all you wish, Communists

Your time is on the horizon.

I Quit The #YMCA. They Shut Off All News Bec It’s ‘Too Negative’. GOOD BYE, Fascists!

I Quit The #YMCA. They Shut Off All News Bec It’s ‘Too Negative’. GOOD BYE, Fascists!

Passive aggressive fascists at the Y.  I quit after 10 years.  They turned off the news on their TV’s because it’s ‘too negative’.  NO.  They don’t want to deal with the fallout of their complacency and or extremism.

The Communist pigs are committing cultural genocide against the Southerners, by the way:

Cultural genocide involves the eradication and destruction of cultural artifacts, such as books, artworks, and structures, and the suppression of cultural activities that do not conform to the destroyer’s notion of what is appropriate.[5] Motives may include religious ones (e.g.,iconoclasm), as part of a campaign of ethnic cleansing in order to remove the evidence of a people from a specific locale or history, as part of an effort to implement a Year Zero, in which the past and its associated culture is deleted and history is “reset”, the suppression of an indigenous culture by invaders and colonisers, along with many other potential reasons.

Links To Buy Confederate Flag Memorabilia/Collectibles:

Links To Buy Confederate Flag Memorabilia/Collectibles:

The Communist Left is telling us that the Confederate flag is bad and the statues are wrong.  Anything the Left tells me..I do the opposite.  Because they’re fascist a$$holes.

So.. I am standing by Dixie.  

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God Bless the people in Dixie.  

Trump: Dont Threaten #Twitter If You’re Not Going To Do Anything

Trump: Dont Threaten #Twitter If You’re Not Going To Do Anything

Trump, who was a rich, moderate citizen has unfortunately become a Republican is threatening  to retaliate against Twitter, the Totalitarian Communist platform where NO free speech is allowed.  They are ‘fact checking’ his tweets.  The Communist Totalitarian pigs never did this to Obama because they enjoyed licking and sucking his dung, morning, noon and night.

Im really sick and tired of the Communists and Nazis.

And, for a person who is action oriented when attacked, I get sick and tired of watching the Prez’ word salad and bogus threats when he has NO intention of doing anything.  Threats are for people who have no plans. Threats are for people who need a backbone.  Cease being that type of person, POTUS.

Either DO it or please stifle your tongue. Please.