New Israeli Govt.’s Disastrous Agenda & Farrakhan Supporter Eric Adams Frontrunner For NYC Mayor

New Israeli Govt.’s Disastrous Agenda & Farrakhan Supporter Eric Adams Frontrunner For NYC Mayor

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If you want to know exactly what is really happening in Israel, listen to this video: HERE with Chaim Ben Pesach, former Chairman of the JDL

Farrakhan supporter, Jew hater probably will win in NYC: here

Chaim Ben Pesach really is a political genius. Much more brilliant than Benny Shapiro. Here he is in 2004, predicting Obama becoming Prez:

(He is with my husband, who is on the left.)

Mitt Romney Defeated Obama. B. Hussein Obama Won By Voter Fraud

What should we do about it?  We should ‘Storm the Bastille’, kick them all out and put Tray Gowdy in charge.  141% of Floridians voted.


Chaim Ben Pesach

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Chaim Ben Pesach: Gaza “Ceasefire” = Victory For Islamic Terrorism.

When you have an enemy, you destroy it. You don’t make ‘deals’ with it.  But, what can we expect with a leadership full of American Woody Allens??  If Israel truly wants to survive, it would immediately install the leadership of Chaim Ben Pesach who would cut off ALL foreign aid from America to Israel & they would fight for themselves without America butting in to issues that are none of America’s business.

Contributed video:

Online Chaim Ben Pesach

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Proof it will not work:

See At least 12 rockets were fired into Israel Wednesday night in the hour after the cease-fire understanding between Israel and Hamas went into effect at 9 p.m., according to police. No injuries or damage were reported in the attacks.

See  AFP – Twelve rockets fired from the Gaza Strip hit Israel on Wednesday in the first hours that followed a ceasefire agreement ending hostilities in the week-long Gaza conflict, a police spokesman told AFP.

-David Ben Moshe, formerly of the Cable TV show, JTF.ORG, Queens, NYC.

Obama, Clinton & Rice Responsible For Murder Of 4 Americans in Benghazi & Cover Up

If this is allowed to pass over, then anything will be allowed to pass over.

Impeach.  Demand Resignations. Try for Treason.  The leftists are trying to use the race card on behalf of Susan Rice.  She is black, that’s true, but her being black has nothing to do with covering up and lying.

Video by:

Chaim Ben Pesach

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Nov. Election, 2012: Hundreds Of Blacks Suddenly Voted In All-white Maine Towns

We are seeing more and more evidence that this election was stolen. There was massive voter fraud throughout the country.
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Chaim Ben Pesach

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Video: Obama Supporters Humiliate And Abuse Little Girls

OnlineHat Tip: Chaim Ben Pesach

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The REAL Reason Obama Supports Gay Marriage

Isn’t it obvious?


H/T:Chaim Ben Pesach


The most stunning video ever about Obama and the Hitler-loving Muslim Brotherhood

-David Ben Moshe

Hat-tip: The most stunning video about Obama and the Hitler-loving Muslim Brotherhood  by Chaim Ben Pesach