Has-Been, Attention Whore, Cher Suggesting We “Deep Six” The WRONG Politicians

Has-Been, Attention Whore, Cher Suggesting We “Deep Six” The WRONG Politicians

 The bastard that should be ‘deep six’d’ is Obama.  We will sort the rest out later.  This sob did NOT bring ANYONE ‘affordable healthcare’, the deductibles are doubled, now.  That’s your ‘greater good’, middle class people..

Cher must be struggling pretty bad.  Seems like the only time she makes noise now, is when she needs attention.   Her lips could french kiss a moose and put a hickey on Ohio.  Don’t these old f*ckers know when to stay out of the public???

This bitch is suggesting we just murder people off.  She needs to go to N. Korea–but I doubt they would want her THERE, either.  It’s Communism, stupid.

Liberal civility, Cher style: Deranged diva suggests killing off Tea Party politicians

Tommy Mottola LIES About Beyonce’ Being “Worlds Greatest Singer”-He Just STILL Has The Ass At Mariah Carey

Tommy Mottola, Mariah Carey’s Ex-Husband, Said the other day:  ‘Marrying Mariah was the biggest mistake he ever made’.  Evidence is in this link.. which is PROOF he is just lying and still has the ass at Mariah Carey.. Why didnt he just marry a nice Italian lady or just stay with his 1st wife??? 

At any rate…Last night, I was watching Bill O’Reilly.  You all know WHY I watch him?  Because I love yelling at the television.. Anyway, he had Motolla on his show.  Mottola said that “Beyonce’ is the worlds greatest singer”.  This is a 100% LIE.  Motolla knows that Beyonce’ is medicore at best.  He did this to hurt Carey’s feelings.   OK, why do these things even bother me, you will ask.  Because I am sick and damned tired of leftist animals propping up no-talents as being talented.   It’s all part of the grinding-down of America insanity.

Let’s give the devil-ette her due:  Beyonce’ is a pretty good actress.  She was so good in “Dreamgirls” that she even had a nasty skeptic like me convinced  that she was actually Diana Ross.  Beyonce’ has a great body (when she controls her weight and her ass is not bigger than the length of her legs…..  I can say this because I have been through ‘fat stages’, myself)  Beyonce’ is a leftist idiot that worships Obama.  So, there’s your honest, fairness.   But, the ‘worlds greatest singer??’  She is not.  America does not possess great singers anymore.  Mottola knows this–Anyone with TASTE knows this.  We produce smut & sleaze, but talent?  We do not put out talent, anymore-we used to.

Now, back to square 1:  Mariah Carey could bury Beyonce’ in singing and Motolla is aware of this fact.  Carey lost her confidence after no-talent, left-wing, loser, has-been reviewers tore her apart in 1992 after a concert in the big apple.   She gets her feelings hurt too easily & now she just can’t really sing well, anymore.  Carey should come and take lessons from The Mad Jew bitch on how to NOT let evil, FAR, left-wing filth get to you…

You do the comparison, yourselves (below is Mariah Carey)  –I really don’t like this type music, but anyone with a BRAIN can see that I am right.

Christian Aguilera is 1000x better than Beyonce’ (Yeah, she’s a lib, albeit, not a far left-wing-nut.)  She is adorable in this clip:

Even the loser-bitch, CHER, is better singer/vocalist than Beyonce’

Lady Goof-off is 10x better than Beyonce’ (in this song, only.  This song shows her vocal talent, below) But, Gag is a Marxist pos & sells out for fame and harlotry: blue hair, pink hair, militant queer insanity– anything over just acting normal:

Now, you just listen to Beyonce below-and you tell me this BROAD can sing. She can’t!! She is not even OK!  Mottola is a LIAR.  Stop lying.  Stop saying things like this just to ‘get at’ someone.  You know the truth, so stop the bs, Tommmmyyyy.  I grabbed 2 Beyonce’ songs that are popular…(BARF, gag me..)

NOW: Compare the classless ‘black voice’ noise pollution of Beyonce’ to powerhouse talent, Della Reese in 1959:


Back in the day, none of these current vocalists above would have even made it to the bigtime.   Need proof? Listen to the longing, the unfulfilled belonging in the voices of Jo Stafford 1st and Patsy Cline, 2nd they SING:

There was no reverb or echo enhancers.  They had to sing over and over again until they got it right, sometimes up to 50 takes in one day while recording.

These LADIES were top notch singers.


That’s all…

Has-Been Cher: Don’t Vote Repub Because Women’s Crotches & LGBT Sex More Important Than Country

Here goes stupid, idiotic, moon-bat extraordinaire Cher, again.  OK, she didn’t say what I posted in the subject line, but she and feminist morons feel that they are more important than anything, even God.  That’s the truth.  They care more about LGBT (gag me!) sex and their crotches than the country.  Leftist women are the pox on America.  They are so bad, they have even inflicted themselves on Conservative ladies.  Truly a great cancer in this once great country.  When these Hollywood idiots are done with their careers because they are too old, they move on to the political spectrum to show us all that we should have not bought ONE of their albums or watched any of their god-forsaken movies..  Listen below to this old, has been, pumped up lips, fake, fraud slob:

Make Fun Of A Celebrity Day: CHER

Make Fun Of A Celebrity Day: CHER

Above is what she said on Twitter.  I am no ‘fan’ of Mitt Romney, but we ARE patriotic, American, right wingers here..

So, I had to reply to the old hag..

My reaction to Cher on Twitter:

The Mad Jewess@MadJewessWoman:

@cher  CHER…Your lips are as LARGE as FLORIDA. Seek Lisa Rinna to look HUMAN again.

The Mad Jewess @MadJewessWoman:

@cher ~CHERS says: ‘f’k yrself old c’nt’, >isnt that the pot calling the kettle black….?

CHER, you are a has-been.

And….Your lips are in the WRONG place, dear

If it was not for Sonny (a conservative, hater, right-wing, ‘fascist’ etc..) You would be a *ZERO* and you know it.

Black Swan Trend-2011

Blasphemous Lady Ga Ga on SB-1070, Willing To Live In Sanctuary City

I just saw this on Youtube.. the lawless pig, blasphemous skunk, Lady GERMANOTTA-Ga Ga shithead is willfully admitting that she will live in a sanctuary city in this video. 

  I LOVE how these hypocrite liberal retards are…..they ‘protest’ and demand people to protest, but it would be a cold day in hell before this bitch would live in a sanctuary city.  What a total gasbag slut.  You should admit you are nothing, you useless liberal dipshits, just toys of the Bolshevik establishment of satan. (This is also on Breitbart:Lady Gaga Takes Up Illegal Immigrant Cause in Arizona)

This hag is also UN-ORIGINAL: