I was listening to the 1st song below and just felt so sad. All the music. The good times. Everything just gone with the wind in a Communist, psychological juggernaut. No hope of recovery. I realize that we all have to look to the Lord… Still, this is not ‘the norm’. The EVIL Leftists don’t seem to mind this present satanic snafu, though.

Anyway…moving on from the rant… I just wanted to give ya’all some memories:

Have a nice weekend.

Shabbat Shalom.

Happy Church day.

Facts About #Communist Leftists And VIOLENT TERRORISM

Facts About #Communist Leftists And VIOLENT TERRORISM

Patriots are NOT terrorists.  Patriots, when backed up against a wall will be forced into SELF-DEFENSE.  We will not sit back while you #Communist agitators and terrorists take this world down.





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(Links are not an ‘endorsement’ of someone elses ideas or political beliefs.  I don’t agree with many people I link. Information is information, and you must be smart enough to sift through it.  We are adults here. I am just tired and lazy right now to research. So, if you see something you don’t like that is linked with this link, just let it go, we need all of the information we can get.  Fact-check things yourself,)

Teen girl who performed at Obama inauguration, killed in Chicago

Where is Obama?  One of his sisters has been murdered in Chi-town.  He’s probably laughing thinking  her parents were dumb enough to have voted for Obama.

Teen girl who performed at Obama inauguration, killed in Chicago

Rahm Emanuel’s CHICAGO: Black Flash Mob Of 25-50 Attack Pedestrians 7 Dead

We’re all equal, diversity is great.

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CHICAGO (Sun-Times Media Wire) August 26, 2012 – About 20 juveniles and four adults were arrested after police responded to reports of people being pushed in the Gold Coast Saturday.

The disturbances occurred at 5:40 p.m. at West Chicago Avenue and North State Street, police News Affairs Officer Laura Kubiak said.

About 20 juveniles and four adults were charged with reckless conduct.

No further details were immediately available.

(Surveillance Video) Mob Of 20 Black Teens Raid Chicago Clothing Store-Steal $3K Of Jeans

Where are the whites?  Hiding under a bed as QV always says.  If you have not concluded that these blacks are organized by Van Jones, [possibly] then you are sleeping at the wheel.

Jul 29, 2012 by 

-David Ben Moshe

CHICAGO (CBS) — A mob of more than 20 teenagers descended on a trendy Wicker Park shop on Saturday and made off with more than $3,000 worth of jeans.

CBS 2′s Derrick Blakley reports the incident was caught on store surveillance cameras, and the owner posted the video on YouTube.

Luke Cho said he hopes the images help police find the robbers, or maybe even shame the parents of the teens enough that they’ll turn the kids in.

From the moment the teens started flooding in the door at Mildblend Supply Co. on Milwaukee Avenue around 6:40 p.m. Saturday, Cho knew something wasn’t right.

“You see a group a group of teenagers walking in — or marching in — one-by-one. As you can see, it looks like it’s some kind of procession,” Cho said while reviewing the surveillance video on Sunday.

To Cho, it looked like a flash mob was about to rob the store, so he immediately locked the door.


 Too Funny


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Rahm Emmanuel’s Chicago: Blacks beat 62 Yr Old Father of 12 to death & post video of murder on Facebook

The Negroes beat a ‘white’ Mexican father.  Was this more justice for Trayvon??  We see this everyday.  The media fails in it’s journalism, mentioning nothing of black on white crime and now, black on ‘white’ Mexican crime.

GCrowdy video

CHICAGO (FOX Chicago News) – Three teenagers are under arrest, charged with beating a Chicago man to death and then posting video of the murder on Facebook.

Delfino Mora, 62, a father of twelve children, was attacked on the 6300 block of North Artesian Avenue early Tuesday morning. He was out collecting cans to make a little extra money to support his family.

A Youtube commenter said:

I know that guy, he went to my school. Geez, seriously he beat up an old man who has 12 kids.    jocelyndj14

-David Ben Moshe

4 More Youths Shot In Rahm Emmanuel’s Chicago Land

4 More Youths Shot In Rahm Emmanuel’s Chicago Land.  This is what Chicago gets for putting in a left-wing kike like Emmanuel.  We have been posting on the violence in Chicago for at least 2 mos.  Finally the media is now picking up on it?? You will find the truth here from me, QV and TMJ.  You may not like it, but we will tell the truth.

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CHICAGO (CBS) July 11, 2012 — Four youngsters are among the latest victims caught in Chicago’s gun violence epidemic, including two middle school-aged girls who were wounded in a neighborhood park on the Far South Side.

As CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports, it was a typical evening for Nakia Turner, 12, and Tishona Polk, 13, as they played in Cooper Park, at 117th and Ada streets on the cusp of the Morgan Park and West Pullman neighborhoods.

Suddenly around 7:45 p.m., shots rang out, and both girls were hit.

-David Ben Moshe