Obama Science Czar GIVING China US Technology~Obama Is HELPING China Invasion Of America

You cant make this stuff up.  We are sitting ducks. I am telling you…we WILL be invaded, but not to worry, folks.. Obama is helping the Chinese invade us. What is astounding to me is that NO Generals, Colonels (except Col Lakin) have the guts to stand up with an army of men and stop the madness. So, in my opinion, we deserve what we’ve got coming.

If the Chinese ever get an upper hand and were to occupy us, these “helpers” like Holdren (below in post) would be killed immediately – my experience, is the Chinese love to get traitors to betray their enemies, then kill the traitors when they win. See the war against Chiang Kai Shek – in one battle, 3/4 of his Army deserted after their leaders had been bribed by the Communists. Of course those leaders were promptly executed by Mao – and the troops were killed also.

See this, unbelievable:

‘Following law not voluntary for administration officials’

China officially put the United States on notice that Washington’s planned attack on Pakistan will be interpreted as an act of aggression against Beijing:
2. If You Mess With Pakistan You Will Be Messing With China
3. “Any Attack on Pakistan Would be Construed as an Attack on China”

China Cyber Attacks USA~Soon, They WILL Attack With DEADLY Force

China cyber-attacks America, and Americans–are, as usual–asleep.

Forget the “Muslim” threat, folks.  The biggest threat is China-China and Leftists.

McAfee points finger at China for cyber attacks « bdnews24.com blog


MELBOURNE, Australia – The United States plans to expand its military presence in Australia as the two nations manoeuvr to rein in an increasingly assertive China.

Things To Think About Re. Chinese Invasion Written By An Outsider Looking In

Written by QV:

For two decades China has been adding large numbers of warships, submarines, fighter jets and — more
significantly — developing offensive missiles capable of knocking out US. stealth aircraft and the biggest US naval ships including aircraft carriers.

It has installed more than 1,000 ballistic missiles aimed at Taiwan, a democratic island nation and US ally. Taiwan whines that China has an edge with ground combat capability, sea combat capability, air combat capability with its 2.3 million military personnel against Taiwan’s 270,000. The US is battle fatigued. And if it goes to war, not much good combat material is to be found in its cocaine addicted young generation . Furthermore, China has strike capability, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capability, and electronic warfarecapability.
 China has already deployed some DF-21D “carrier killer” ballistic missiles, which are assessed as the PLA’s key weapon platform to prevent the US Navy from intervening in a cross-strait conflict; significantly strengthened air defense and anti-ship bases along its coast, which makes it less likely that retaliation strikes could pressure China into halting attacks against Taiwan.

To attack Taiwan’s command-and-control bases, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and high-speed anti-radiation missiles are deployed and the PLA’s main naval and air platforms are gradually being equipped with electronic warfare capabilities, aiming at enabling the jamming of enemy forces’ weapon control systems.
So why is the US, the world’s biggest HYPOCRITE and Terrorist nation’s Pentagon taking the view that China
should NOT develop defensive weapons and protect its interests while the US spreads its hegemonic tentacles around the globe?

Blame yourself American stupidos. China today is in a strong position because it turned away from
Marxist economic policies in the 1980s and toward capitalism. You dungheads elect leaders that sell you out and incorporate Marxism in your daily life. Your leaders are not to blame. Its you dungheads. Keep burying your head in the Bog
of Denial and Ignorance . Makes you feel so good, no?  Better start learning Mandarin.