Where Is The PROOF Russia Cyber Attacked Us?

Where Is The PROOF Russia Cyber Attacked Us?

Where is it? All I am seeing is the media blaming Russia for a supposed attack that was an offense like “Pearl Harbor”, digitally speaking.

But, where is the PROOF?

The media blames Russia for anything and everything. Meanwhile, its just the Democrat party who is projecting their plans to possibly close down the country. The Communist Democrat party and the China friendly GOP attacked Russia non-stop for the last 4 years, but all along – they were working with the Chinese and now leaks show who is bought and paid for (or at least very friendly with) the Chinese: Here’s how 20 American Governors are tied to the Chinese.

Axios had an article earlier this year and included the Chinese Communist Party Report [Cloud pdf Here]

Until there is solid proof that Russia cyber attacked us, it is safe to assume it’s just the Democrat party using a smaller hacking to divert attention over recounts in different states like Michigan: Recount Confirms #Trump Won MI County That Reported Biden Win Election Night

False Flag in Vegas Shooting?

Chinese Tycoon May Buy NYTimes. Says NYT Must “Verify All Stories Are TRUTH”. FIRE ALL OF EM, Mr. Guangbiao

Chinese Tycoon May Buy NYTimes. Says NYT Must “Verify All Stories Are TRUTH”. FIRE ALL OF EM, Mr. Guangbiao

Good.  Someone wants to buy the old, washed-up NY Slimes.  And, he (Mr Guangbiao) is demanding that they verify ALL stories and must print the truth.  The creeps that own it say that it’s ‘not for sale.’    Yeah right..They can’t give up the paper, it being a Communist tool for the red Left owners.

Chinese recycling tycoon Chen Guangbiao said on Tuesday he is set to begin negotiations to buy the New York Times.

“If I acquire the Times, the paper will only report the truth and must verify all information,” Chen told Reuters.

BTW, Mr. Guangbiao……Defense Expert Tells WSJ-NY Times Benghazi Piece Backfired on The Paper (In other words, LIED)

I say:


A home decor collage from November 2013

Other lies of the NYSlimes:

New York Times corrects AR-15 Navy Yard story, still misses the mark

Judy Miller Alert! The New York Times Is Lying About Iran’s Nuclear Program

Chinese Zionist Jews Make Aliyah

This vid is from 2009/10…

These Chinese people will make better Jews than anti-American, Israel-hating, left-wing “Jewish” jackasses and Bolsheviks who occupy Israel..    In fact, Israel should allow these Chinese to make their Aliyah every single day and send the left-wing Jews to Ramallah.  Force them to wear a Kippah & the Seal of Solomon…(Star of David)  Let’s test how far the ‘tolerance’ really goes!!!

I guarantee, 100% – that Israel would have warriors in these Chinese Jews… they will have NO problems kicking rocket-throwing, pali-Jihad ass.

It is said that Job from the Bible was an Oriental/Asian man.  These may very well be descendants. Who knows…?

UPDATE: FBI Can’t Even Investigate This!! China Suggests US Cyber-War ‘False Flag’.

China Suggests US Cyber-War ‘False Flag’. 

See the latest: FBI blocked in probe of NASA-China leak…  See?  Bullshite..!!! From OBAMA.  Always, everyday, 100% crap from Barack the bull-shitter.  He wants to be the EMPEROR of the net.. he blames China for his non-situation, power-grab…. 

It could very well be truth.  Anyone else notice how Obama the Marxist, p.o.s., DICTATOR signed an executive order to grab the net?  I did.  I posted on it: On Friday, Obama Signed Another EO: He Controls ALL Communication Systems In USA. WHERE ARE THE STUPID “LIBERALS?”  Maybe the Obama regime trump’d this Chinese ‘cyber war’ up? Who knows, anymore?

I do not trust our government.  Does not mean I trust the Chinese, either.  We do, however, owe China billions and billions–trillions, even “GodZillions”.  

Why do they lend money to a rogue nation (the USSA?)  Maybe they will come onto our land and collect payment in full.   This is what I bet:  The real estate industry/home loan corps will sell-out to China as the dollar will crash.   Say goodbye to your homes in the future.  You will give up your homes to China.. Well, some of you MORONS wanted Communism so bad..You’re gonna get it–with both barrels.. Obama wants to SPEND MORE.  Your mortgages will be owned by your creditor, the Chinese.   So, be nice to these people-they OWN you.  Sad to say, I would trust the Chinese over the friggin “Liberal” American.

Off to the fellowship/Synagogue with Mommy 😀

Prophetic, Horrible Dream I had: Asian (CHINESE) Troop Invasion Of The United States Of America

I believe in dreams, God says in his last days of the end of ages, he will: 

…It shall come to pass afterwards that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.

 Joel 2:28  DARBY Version.

Here is my dream:

This dream was about 1 year ago: I was with my closest friend, we were in Monterey, California. We had been invited to a large party consisting of wealthy people. As we began to walk up the driveway, we looked down into the valley (Carmel Valley) At first we thought we saw an army of ants, it was that large in number. In dreams, at times, you are given x-ray vision.  But, the closer we looked, we saw thousands of troops, with ak-47 type guns, they were running through every field and path in Calif. We began to run up to the house we were going to-(where the party was) the house was on top of a hill. But, as we got to the top of the hill, we realized that even up there, we would not be safe. We prayed. Then God showed us where to run to- (ASIANS) China & N. Korea were invading Calif. & killing everything in their path.

2nd dream:

This dream was about 8 mos ago: I was in a port in San Diego. The day was nice, there were lots of yachts, large boats. It was such a nice day, I was in a speed-boat.  OUT OF NOWHERE, a large Asian (possibly Chinese ship) showed up. I knew it was an enemy ship, that came to the West Coast to start their slaughter.. I saw the flags, they were Communist flags. I looked in the ship that was passing by, it was so large, full of Asian troops coming here to slaughter. I had a gun at my side. All of the sudden, I watched as an “American” jumped on board of the Chinese/Asian ship, then proceeded to come back into my boat. I was grieved. I was so distraught, because this was a supposed “American” that had joined the Chinese, even put on their uniform, then came back into my boat.  I realized that I had to kill him.  He had turned on America, aligning with these Chinese/Asians, who had come to destroy.

Dream Ended.

Arrogant America. Pompous America. Thinking that we are exempt. Well we aren’t. Last Nov. Chinese fired into San Diego. Everyone saw it and ignored it like the sleeping, dead America has become.  Judgement is come and you pay no attention to anything but Anthony’s Weiner.

Here is a vision/dream a Christian lady had: