Cenk Uygar: “Move The F*ck On From #Benghazi.” Yeah, F*ck That Lefty Fag, Chris Stevens

Cenk Uygar: “Move The F*ck On From Benghazi.” Yeah, F*ck That Lefty Fag, Chris Stevens



If this was GW Bush, would Cenk Uygar ‘move on?’  Nope. 

The Democrats lied. They covered up the story.  They lied over and over again when all they had to say was that they failed.  But, they lied to us.  What does that mean?  They will lie to us over and over again just as they have with Egypt, Libya, Syria and Ukraine.  But, I digress.. Let’s do move on.  F*ck that leftist, Chris Stevens who was a faggot.  Let’s move on and allow Obama and company keep lying, expanding government and starting revolutions all over the planet. 

How many of you do not care which party is in there and believe they are ALL liars except maybe 3 or so?  We have to stop all of this and now is a good a time as any.  Or, do the Dems not want to go after Obama because he’s BLACK?! Thats what I think.

Cover Up: Obama Administration Withholds Key #Benghazi Emails

Obama Administration Withholds Key #Benghazi Emails

I thought that the holier than thou left wing said that the Benghazi terrorist attack was a GOP hoax?  Why, then does all this information keep coming out exposing them?

 (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that the Obama administration was seeking to withhold key emails about the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, indicating what it terms “a continued cover-up of the deadly scandal.” The documents, released in December, include multiple emails, which are heavily redacted, about the controversial Benghazi talking points that falsely portray the attack as being the result of a spontaneous protest.

Judicial Watch, click here

Hat tip: MFS News

#Benghazi If Chris Stevens Had Made It Out Alive, Would He Vote Hillary Clinton In 2016?

#Benghazi If Chris Stevens Had Made It Out Alive, Would He Vote Hillary Clinton In 2016?

I certainly would not vote for this witch had this happened to me when I called for help from my ‘friend’, Hillary Clinton.  But, I dont like to be screwed over..

HOWEVER: It’s something to pause and think about.  Most of the Communist “Liberal” pundits are saying that it’s all Steven’s fault he got himself murdered.   While all of this is possible, (because we were in a place we should not have been in because of Obama/Hillary & the left would never bring THAT issue up)   Why did he call for help if he was responsible for his own murder? C.S. pleaded for help .

Hillary is said to have been chummy with Stevens. 

A home decor collage from November 2013

Anyway: This is what I believe-Stevens was a Communist.  So, it was for the cause. He would have voted for her even on pain of death.. What do you think? 

If he had made out out alive, would he have had a change in heart??

Bottom line:  Had we stayed out of the middle east, we would not have the Benghazi issue.  But, American Communists are fascists and cannot leave well enough alone.   Much like their GOP counterparts.

NY Times: Needs To Apologize For LYING About #Benghazi. We All Know It Was Al Qaeda

NY Times:  Needs To Apologize For LYING About #Benghazi.  We All Know It Was Al Qaeda

We all should DEMAND that the NY Times takes that post down, its a stinking LIE.

al qaeda flag benghazi courthouse
Al-Qaeda flag on the Benghazi Courthouse in late 2011, early 2012.

This report that the lying NY Times put out last night re. Benghazi has had me fuming.  I have NO doubt that the Communist Liberals are laughing their collective asses off, but this is outright treachery.  To lie like this about a terrorist attack that was perpetrated, in part by Al Qaeda.   How can they lie like this?    There are pictures all over the internet of the Al Qaeda flag in Benghazi in early 2012.   

Isn’t anyone of the Democrat persuasion tired of the constant mularky?  Aren’t you embarrassed?  Democrats know the Times pulled this stunt to prop up the Bitch of Benghazi, Hillary Clinton.   Their excuse is: “Well, you conservatives did not bitch about the Blackwater agents in 2003, so, why should we?”    If we ALL do not demand accountability  it will just cascade into more scandal, corruption and endless fabrications, division, lack of justice.   When in the sam hell will America stop these f*cking liars??  The whole world is laughing their ass off at AmeriKa.

A home decor collage from November 2013

Gateway Pundit says: 

Ambassador Chris Stevens warned superiors in Washington of increasing violence in Benghazi the day he was murdered. He also wrote a cable about his concerns that the Al-Qaeda flag has been spotted several times flying over government buildings.

Story about the Benghazi continuous cover-up @ Dougs: 

New York Times Report Claims ‘No Evidence‘ of al-QaedaRole in Benghazi Consulate Attack


The New York Times’ Benghazi Whitewash

Hell, the slime probably wrote it because the bitch, Hitlery knows her new administration (In 2016) is AL QAEDA:

NY Times #Benghazi Dec 28 Report: More BS For Stupid American Sheeple Because Witness’s Don’t Count

NY Times #Benghazi Dec 28 Report: More BS For Stupid American Sheeple Because Witness’s don’t count:


What REALLY happened in Benghazi? I know what happened and so should any person who is a news junkie.  Obama/Hillary’s Arab spring brought on Benghazi.  Killary Klinton helped assassinate Gadaffi.    Gadaffi loyalists w/ Al Qaeda  had our people murdered for interfering in their country, we aided in assassinating their leader:  Click (in this link is the story).     That’s the bottom line whether you like it or not.   It’s called natures law of cause and effect.   Add the fact that the Al Qaeda flag was flown above the Libyan flag during the revolution:   See it here 

Mr. Hoft also has some pictures, of the Al Qaeda flag in Benghazi:  HERE

At any rate-You can read through the NY Times post (below), but I stop where the BS begins.  I received this news as I was watching Fox… Bottom line: According to the NYTimes, it was the ‘Youtube Video.’   Witness’s don’t count.  Only NYTimes LIES count in our screwed up America.

SEE:  Dec 28th Report: A Deadly Mix in Benghazi

I guess this means nothing:

CIA personnel who testified Tuesday on the Benghazi attack provided new evidence that it was premeditated, telling lawmakers that the deadly mortar strike on the CIA annex began within minutes of a rescue team’s arrival, Fox News has learned.

 More: CIA witnesses offer more evidence Benghazi attack planned.

Nobody can even talk to the witness’s because Obama the pathetic a$$hole fears impeachment… Dec 28th, The DNC sends email defending Obama from impeachment possibility-  DEMS runnin scared…

  This Benghazi mess is just a damned cover-up & they know WE know.    Mediate reported this bs story as well:  Here (Al Qaeda not involved, bs..) 

Why was the Al Qaeda flag hanging in Libya above the Libyan flag, then???

Blood all over Obama’s hands.  I can see lying Obama on the phone to NYT telling them to make up anything to cover up his bloody hands…


By the way, Stevens was gay.  They sent GAY Stevens to a place where they massacre gays.

Hitlery Clinton Hypocrite Says “World Will De-Americanize.” DUH!! She’s The REASON They Will!

Hitlery Clinton Hypocrite Says “World Will De-Americanize.” DUH!! She’s The REASON They Will!

  • She is talking debt and debt is a huge issue, but nothing in comparison to our aggressive, war mongering policies under Obama the Bush.

AND-The bitch is unbelievable…She sends Chris Stevens (HER ‘FRIEND’) to Libya, he gets KIA.   After Hitlery the killer watched the death of Gaddafi, she said: “We came, we saw, he died.” Uh, yeah, you had him killed… The slimey broad demanded Mubarrak step down from his leadership which brought not one, but 2 revolutions in Egypt and she has the damned gall to say the world will de-Americanize?  Talk about projection to the max.  

BITCH: YOU are one of the reasons the planet hates our guts.


Watch this Communist, political whore call everyone who refuses to vote for her a “sexist.”

Is #Communist Obama Crumbling? #Benghazi, IRS, Fraud Birth Certificate, Fast & Furious ETC?

Is #Communist Obama Crumbling? #Benghazi, IRS, Fraud Birth Certificate, Fast & Furious ETC?   

Extra, Extra, read all about it….!!! EXCLUSIVE: HOUSE MAJORITY WHIP: ‘WE WILL INVESTIGATE‘ IRS, BENGHAZI, AP SCANDALS   (Please, utter bullshit) Investigate? Yeah, AND??  Nothing, just talk to shut people up.


No, I don’t believe the Commie creep, Obama is crumbling.  There is no humility in the Communist/Democrat party OR their fearless leader.   And NO balls in the GOP..   I do not believe Obama & his cohorts will be impeached and tossed out of office.  In fact, the IRS scandal is nothing to these Dems. Ok? Besides the fact that Tea-Party groups closed shop after being threatened with the IRS and intimidated instead of fighting back..(Plus, the FACT that they kicked out people like me and Pastor Manning & many others from their tea-party) People that have been fighting these Commies for many years in NYC and Cali)    

4 dead in Benghazi. So? No biggie, its for the ‘greater good’.  Fast and furious?? The price Brian Terry & Jaime Zapata had to pay for the collective (Mexican & South American) illegals.  

If the GOP and the SCOTUS didn’t even take the birth certificate serious…. Hell, many ‘patriotic’ conservatives did not take this situation serious like Michelle Malkin  who called ‘birthers’ a circus, even though Obama’s 1990’s pamphlet was found by Breitbart’s people (Bio he would have had to approve of) If Malkin really believed this was a ‘circus’, why has she not stood up to call Sheriff Joe out? Is HE a ‘circus?’

The truth was right in the faces of people and still they did not believe it!!!!! 

Sorry, people.  NOTHING will happen.  Nothing. The way to win a fight and a war is to humiliate and totally obliterate your opponent while he is going down. Which is something that many ‘conservatives’ are not capable of doing because they are more scared of being labeled racist then beating the shit out of these Communists until they are bloody and DEAD.

IF you want him/them to go down…

NOW is the time to kick the dog UNTIL IT IS DOWN.

……Because Obama has brought a gun to the knife fight.


Was Chris Stevens A Martyr For Communist/Islamic Cause? VOGUE Mag Glorifies Islamic Militant Tahir Square

Was Chris Stevens A Martyr For Communist/Islamic Cause? VOGUE Mag Glorifies Islamic Militant Tahir Square

In fact, the Communist/left is very angry with Americans for even having the audacity to bring the Benghazi attack to investigation. We should all be Communazi’s, like them…  You have to try to get into the minds of these reprobate, Marxist animals to understand how they think.  You must read their rag mags and newspapers.  

I just read an article in Vogue Magazine (MAY ISSUE) glorifying the Islamic militant revolt in Tahir Square.  The article is about an ‘artist’, @JulieMehretu, who has displayed very ugly paintings in the Guggenheim & Carnegie.  Mehretu fled a Communist repressed country…Yet,  is painting pictures about how wonderful the revolt in Tahir Square was.  The whole world knows, now (At least educated people know) that Tahir Square & Egypt have turned into a major SNAFU with a Jew-hating, Sharia-enforcing dictator in charge: Morsi.. You know..’Jews are apes and pigs’.    But, don’t let this get in the way of your own Communism, Julie.  Just because you ‘fled’ a Commie repressed country does not mean you’re not brainwashed with it’s murderous ways.  You are. Proof in this is your glorification of anti-female, Islamic NAZI ism.  Modern Communism and modern Islamic Nazi-ism are basically the same thing. Submission.

This article in VOGUE Magazine shows me that “American” Communists are on the same page as Islamic, radical, sharia-enforcing militants.  They believe in Martyrdom for their causes.  The article PROVES me.

The truth about Stevens (whether you want to hear it or not), is that he was helping the Muslim bro’hood in Libya.  That’s the facts. Debbie Schlussel reported on this as did I. (People dont like to link me because I am angry and rude, as if I don’t have a right to be) Schlussel is much more brilliant than I am, so read her post:


It should be noted that the late Ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered by the very extremists he helped put in power. Stevens wasn’t just an Islamo-pandering cheerleader, he dedicated his career to romanticizing, whitewashing, aiding, abetting, and enabling Islamic extremism.

The rest: Chris Stevens, Friend of HAMAS


Of course, we all want justice served because of the families pain, but it is what it is…Sure, It is entirely possible that they are trying to also keep this undercover because of Stevens affiliation with these miscreants, but I doubt it.  It’s all for the radical ends.  The ‘greater good’ of mankind.   Even though the Islamic radicals hang gays in their countries.. And you lefty ‘gays’ support this, then call my friends on Twitter, who are patriotic fruits:  ‘Self loathing?’

Honestly…Ya can’t make this shit up.

I have enclosed photos of the article from VOGUE mag featuring ‘artist’ @JulieMehretu read it for yourself.

Nothing makes sense, anymore. Click on the pics, make them larger to read it.



This type of writing & “Art” should be OUTLAWED for subversion to America AND the whole world.