Obama & Hillary Are LYING About Syria; CHRISTIANS/Catholics ARE BEING MURDERED BY JIHADISTS  Opposing Assad… Keep believing the LIES that this sick, demented, lying MSM is putting out.  You understand this, America:  Obama is going to HELP the ‘rebels’ murder Christians. Just as this evil, satanic, foreign usurper did in Libya and Egypt.  You wonder why I have NO hope for this country at all?  We are doomed.  You understand this?  God is NOT going to sit by while these Islamic MURDERERS kill Christians.  WE WILL BE KILLED.  And rightly so.  ‘Taking out’ Assad is the WORST thing that can happen to Syria. 

OBAMA is the one that needs to GO and be deported.

You look at this link, yourself.  Then you think.  Just what has Obama done that is truthful, and WHY should you believe him???  I am ashamed of this nation.  We are rotten to the core.  I pray that God would rain judgement on us.  It is deserved. 

Those of you that DO love God, you better weep and pray that GOD will stop an invasion of Syria. 

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2 New TV Sitcoms: “Good Muslim Bitches”, & “Good Jewish Bitches” ~WTF!

Wow, I can hear all of the screaming about these shows from the Muslims-CAIR involved, planning to sue, running to the ACLU.  In the distance… the yelling and ranting from Christians and Jews about “Good Jewish Bitches”.  The phones are ringing off the hook to the ADL, The HRT,  the ADD, PTSD, PMS…..

  Do you hear the ranting and screaming?  Of course you don’t, because there are NO such shows that are going to be on TV. It would be UNTHINKABLE…..Wouldnt it?  Well?

Tell me, then….Why is there a show on TV called “Good Christian Bitches?”  Why is this permissible? Why is this OK?  What in the hell are we? Some 3rd world shithole that persecutes Christians?  Like Egypt? This crap has GOT to stop. 

In my opinion.. If we are going to do a show like this, SORRY-There should be equal time.  Thats right.  If this FREAK, “David Bower”, one of the casting managers is OK with this, then he should not be against a show on the Bitch Muslims. OR the Left wing Jewish bitches.

Fair? The left wing seems to think it fair to attack Christians-DAILY.  So, fair is fair. Lets give these bastards “fair.”

This was a petition to get this “God Christian Bitches” off the AIR in March 2011.

Breaking News - TV SITCOM! "Good Muslim BITCH"~How To Desecrate US Flag-The Muslim Way!
Breaking News - NEW TV SITCOM! BABS, The 'Good Jewish BITCH!'  OY VEY! DISNEY PRODUCTIONS. "Family TV"

Dont like it, HUH?

Well, the GET that f’n show “Good Christian Bitches” OFF the AIR!

Newly “FREE” Egypt~Nearly 4,000 Muslims Attack Christian Homes In Egypt & Torch Church

Go to fullsize imageChalk one of for the American left wingers. You all know they hate Christians.. the same can be said for many Jews in America, which is sad & atrocious, since it was CHRISTIANS that saved remnants of them in the German Holocaust. Are you all happy now? You know….Payback is a b*tch.. And it WILL come back. Justice WILL come to you that hate Christians. It came to the Apostle Paul in the New testament., it will not go so well for you leftists.  You instigated and cheered this on.  Without shame.  God have mercy on you, because I have NONE.

  You keep looking back at things that happened in the PAST to Jews, gypsies, etc. You can’t even see what you are doing.  Anyone know that passage in the New Testament? “Forgive them father, they know not what they do?”  Does anyone really believe at this point that these psychopathic leftists dont know what they are doing?


Nearly 4000 Muslims Attack Christian Homes in Egypt, Torch Church

Bloggers @ Dem Underground Compare Turning To God As Being “NAZI-like”

 These days, Liberal Democrats These people are so stupid @ D.U., it’s totally unbelievable. As usual, the left wing cannot see that it is themselves that are the Nazi-Fascists. They cannot see that the government is the Nazi, with their National/Socialized “Healthcare”. They cannot see the persecutions that they bring TO people of the Christian faith.  They are projecting themselves & their own evil, onto good-meaning people of faith. When you only look for evil in people, you will find it. However, one does not have to look far, when watching the fake ‘tolerence’ of leftist/Marxists.

(I take note that these useless idiots seem to forget that Hitler WAS a SOCIALIST, this is what the LEFT embraces, NOT the right, or Christians.) 

   They cannot see & REFUSE to see that they are the ones that want God removed. The removal of God means COMMUNISM. Communism means genocide and death. These people are so damned blind, I see no hope. 

  I notice that Islam is OK, though.. Islam is fine, Islam is a ‘cool religion’, but Christians are “NAZIS”.  Islam and the ‘tolerent’ leftists…Strange bedfellows? No, just mentally deranged..

(Link:)  The Left is the one that is with radical Islam, with their support for a mosque @ G. Zero. This is what they support down below (“God Bless HITLER”) yet, it is the ‘Right-Wing, Religious who are a Danger’~koo koo, koo koo 


They have not come right out and said it in this article, but the parallels to the rise of the nazi party are striking if you’ve read any history on the movement.
Hitler got his chance when, because of fear of the left and a hatred for socialists (real ones, not imaginary ones like in the US today), greedy conservatives embraced Hitler’s far-right NSDAP and made him acceptable.


Arguments have moved to the appellate court level in a California case in which a man talking to two willing strangers in a shopping mall was arrested because the subject of the conversation was God.

The case developed several years ago when a youth pastor was arrested at the Galleria Mall in Roseville, Calif., for having a conversation about religion with two other people. 

CLICK: Rules challenged as violating
‘principles of free expression’

Christian people How much more are you going to ‘tolerate?’ What are you going to put up with? If they excommunicate the Christian faith entirely from America, we have NOTHING left.  Dont you get that? This WILL leave an open door foor Islamic/Shariah slimes to indoctrinate you, you have already ALLOWED them to propagandize you with feeling sorry for Muslims that are murderers in Fakestine. 



I am serious when I tell you I am SICK and tired of these INSANE Bolshevik/Marxist/leftists attacking all that tries to be good. 

The Mormons are nice people.  Listen to this MARXIST HAG talk as well..This is her Youtube:http://www.youtube.com/user/ZJemptv  This is who she is ‘compared to’:

 * Marilyn Manson
* Maggie Gyllenhaal
* Carl Sagan
* Hillary Clinton
* Noam Chomsky
* Janeane Garofalo
* Jeff Goldblum
* Lilith Sternin
* Daria Morgendorffer
* Meg Griffin


She is also talking about the PAST!!!!!!! GET A GRIP you dumbass BIMBO!

If you want a real good dose of what a Bolshevik pig talks like, catch a wiff:

As an American, how can you NOT love this:

Mormon tabernacle


It has begun.  With it, many will be arrested for standing against MURDER OF BABIES.  Obama – GO TO HELL, MURDERER. 

 Congress: MAY YOU ROT IN HELL.  FASCISTS that are ruling over our lives: May God damn your soul to HELL for ALL eternity.

  God will DESTROY this EVIL, wicked, SATANIC govt in power, and I PRAY that WE WILL SEE IT.