Christians Banned From @HGTV For Their Opinions Of “Gays”. Many American Gays Are #FASCISTS.

Christians Banned From @HGTV For Their Opinions Of “Gays”. Many Americans Gays Are #FASCISTS.

…..Many American ‘gays’ can’t deal with their ugly self.   It’s not enough that they sink themselves into their own depravity, they have to sink the rest of us.  I remember when I was young and how many people treated queers.  Yet, the ‘gays’ in turn, treat people worse than they were ever treated.  I never saw a ‘gay’ fired for being ‘gay’.   But, now we see Christians and others fired from their jobs because they disagree with ‘gay’ fascism.   Fascism does not come with a flag and a cross, it comes from happy horseshit people that want to shove their show up your ass.  And, call it “One love.”

Commenter:I always supported gay rights and abhorred any sort of discrimination or bullying, but now it is the gay activists who are the bullies.

We are being softened up, being prepared for other tyrannies. What’s coming next? If you don’t vote a straight Democratic ticket, you’re not allowed to vote or work for a living? How about if you don’t support climate change? Will you not be allowed to own property? This is truly getting crazy and scary. PS If you are still using firefox, uninstall it (google for details).

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