Ménage à Trois: Palestinians In USA Are Nazi’s. Neo-Nazi’s LOVE Them, As Do Leftists

Ménage à Trois: Palestinians In USA Are Nazi’s. Neo-Nazi’s LOVE Them, As Do Leftists

Ive been saying this for many, many years on this blog: Nazis, Commie/Leftists and Palestinians are a f’ck buddy menage a trois. They will all unite in their sick love for Jew hatred.



Zechariah 14 1-4. Read it.

Go to ANY modern forum where Jew-haters are and you will see the Palestinians from Gaza, Ramallah, Chicago, NYC, etc making sweet talk with German first Nazi’s and Communist, America-hating troglodytes. The 3 are, in fact, a menage a trois.

In the end of time which I believe will be in our lifetime, these 3 aforementioned satanic groups will be the ones fighting Israel, true Christians and true religious Jews.

I just visited Gateway Pundit and there are the Nazi’s, fighting against the Christians, trying to persuade Christian people to hate all Jews and Israel, too. Beware Christians, these people will ‘wear you out’. I dont understand why people exist that just hate Jews. I realize there are big globalist/Communist/Left Jews that are evil…. But, to attack the average Joe Jew on the street is Christ like? HOW SO?

At any rate… pick your side. I will choose the Lord and Israel. I know that God loves all people but God plainly states in Zechariah 14 what he is going to do to the Israel haters and I BELIEVE it.

Communist (Liberals) Announce Their Plans To Purge Christians & Traditional Marriage Enforcers

Communist (Liberals) Announce Their Plans To Purge Christians & Traditional Marriage Enforcers

These freaks no longer try to hide their intentions now that they’ve seen few Americans fighting back. They want to toss all Christians, Jews, dissidents and nonconformists into the lion’s den …


  The Communist, pro-homosexual fascists are ecstatic that Mozilla CEO, Mr. Eich  has been released from his company which he founded & they are not going to stop pushing their agenda on we the people with him.   They want to continue to punish all CEO’s & people in general that are for traditional marriage or donate to traditional marriage causes.     Of course you all know that ‘gay’ marriage has never been part of our lives until the American and European Gay Nazis decided that they would now demand God to marry & accept them.     And, you will embrace gay militancy or lose your job.   And, if you don’t accept that:  Bend over–you will be forced to accept their homosexuality in the name of ‘tolerance.’    This is not your regular ‘ol, average fruity gay that just wants to be left alone, these are fascistic pagans with no regard for decency, peace, liberty or life.

In an article titled, “Purge the Bigots,” Slate writer William Saletan wrote these words: “Some of my colleagues are celebrating. They call Mozilla’s Eich a bigot who got what he deserved. I agree. But let’s not stop here. If we’re serious about enforcing the new standard, thousands of other employees who donated to the same anti-gay ballot measure must be punished.

“More than 35,000 people gave money to the campaign for Proposition 8, the 2008 ballot measure that declared, ‘Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California,’” he continued. “Why do these bigots still have jobs? Let’s go get them.

Let’s go get them. 

Kinda like, “Lets go get those JEWS!”

Read more from “American daily herald” Hat Tip, GoldbugGal

We will NOT accept homosexual fascism or gay militancy. Ever.

Mr. Putin Calls On World Leaders To Unite To End The Persecution Of Christians

Mr. Putin Calls on World Leaders to Unite to End the Persecution of Christians

There is an evil spirit that is taunting people who admire Putin and Russia–I even had a dream about it last year–that Russian propaganda would be ‘in ya face’ daily – and it is.

  • Mr. Putin wants to HELP Christians. It’s not a ‘schtick.’  And “Christians” in America are against that? HUH!?  They are judging Mr. Putin just *BECAUSE* he is a leader.  Many leaders through the Torah, Tanakh and even New Testament were not evil and did not do evil in the sight of the LORD.
  • Those who do right in Gods sight must be prayed for and respected.
  • ‘Vladimir Putin Calls on World Leaders to Unite to End the Persecution of Christians’
  • Putins fruits, actions, deeds are showing him to be an individual that cares about the Christian people. In my opinion, caring about Christians is the SAME as caring about the Jewish people because the Christians have been ADOPTED into Judaism’s roots.

I dont see Obama, the Muslim, Communist drek helping out Christians, anywhere.

Of course Putin is not “G”od but he is a good leader.  He is even supporting a decent Egyptian as president into the Egyptian govt after the colossal mess that Obama/McCain perpetrated:  The cabal of insane US politicians destroyed their country.  And, America has NO repentance or remorse about that, none.


Twitter Inquisition: WHY Are “Christians” Harassing Right-Minded Jewish People On Twitter?



Twitter Inquisition: WHY Are “Christians” Harassing Right-Minded Jewish People On Twitter?  Of course this post is not meant for Christians that love me and follow me and I follow them in cyber space.


This is an example of an American religious moron with his 15K Twitter followers, changing the world on Twitter where nobody knows anybody, spiritually speaking…This is an example of how to make friends and influence people on first meeting…

Now, here are my questions:

#1.  If a person says; “Yes, I believe!”  On Twitter.. How do you know if this person is an axe murderer in real life? A wife beater? A Feminist crazy who undermines men? A slut? A drug user? A Pimp? Etc.. Answer: You don’t know because Twitter is not a place where you can determine a persons character in real life.   Doesn’t even the New Testament say in James 2:19  “You believe in God, that’s good.  Even the demons believe and tremble”  So, what does this tell you?  Even if you DO believe in God, you could be a demon from the pit of hell.

#2.  Is this how “Christians” are taught to talk to the Jews, let alone non-Jews in their Twit-Churches in cyber space?

#3.  Is this not what we call judgmental?  What if I am a ‘political’ Zionist?  What if I am or not an Orthodox Jew? As Hillary says:  “At this point, what difference does it make?”  Why is this YOUR business?  As long as I am a patriot, love God and have loved my country, why is this YOUR affair since you do not know me?  And, probably will never know me in ‘real time’?

#4.  NO Jew should have to be confronted in such a fashion.  And, not just a Jew for that matter, but anyone.

Lastly, it is THE RELIGIOUS JEWISH PEOPLE who know God, understand God, keep his laws, do not worship idols or celebrate pagan holidays.  They understand how to WORSHIP God.  True, there are evil, Leftist Jews who are not close to God, etc.. BUT- It is the JEWISH PEOPLE who even Jesus proclaimed:

You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews.  John 4:22

A Samaritan was a non Jew/gentile.  Non-Jews do not know God.  Even many Christians know nothing about God, Elohim, Jehovah, HaShem, El Shaddhi because they do not know the Torah/Tanakh at all.   Many Christians in America read the New Testament and don’t even know IT very well.  You CANNOT know God’s word without knowing the Torah/Tanakh.  Its impossible.  The Torah/Tanakh is the character OF God.

So, I end with this:  Leave the Jewish people alone on twitter. And,

1 Corinthians 13:2

If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.

You, sir- your words & inquisitive attitude means nothing.


I am probably myself so standoffish because I am a Crypto-Sephardic, Portugee-Jew.  My family suffered forceful indoctrinations, but how would this mishugunah know this? ITS TWITTER!

Brown-Nose, Jihad-Ass Kissing John McCain Throws Tantrum @ Syrian Christians.

Brown-Nose, Jihad-Ass Kissing John McCain Throws Tantrum @ Syrian Christians.

Juan McCain, the illegal-loving, Jihad ass kissing, vomitous Commie is siding with Jihad rebels in Syria against Christians there.  McCain was so out of order that Lindsey Graham, the dirt-bag – had to apologize to the Syrians for the senile, old windbag:

Hell-bent on arming opposition forces in Syria—despite strong evidence that they’re run by Islamic terrorists—John McCain displayed behavior unbecoming of a United States Senator during a recent meeting with Syrian Christian leaders touring Capitol Hill.  See it:  GOP Senator Apologizes for McCain Tantrum at Syrian Christian Leader Meeting

I’m sick of these pieces of garbage.  These poor Christians in Syria have been through hell and this sob does this to them?  May God damn his soul to outer darkness.



I am so sorry, Syrian Christians, I am so sick and sorry.  God will pay these pigs back, I promise he will:  God Is With A Remnant In #Syria, Protecting Them From Obama the Insane & M bro’hood. Scripture Proof

I Never Thought I Would See This Day…

I Never Thought I Would See This Day…

  It seems there is nothing we the sheeple can do to stop Obama and the McCain-Kerry War machine insanity.  I don’t know what will stop all of this. I truly don’t.  Men should be offing every last one of these blood-thirsty nuts, but they aren’t.   I never thought I would see the day where my own country would BE the terrorist, but I was naive enough to believe the American mantra.  I can see this was just a dream.  Truly, we have not been AMERICA for 40 plus years.

I never thought I would see the day where illegals would walk all over state reps and take pride in that, but I saw it yesterday (KS SOS, Kobach).  I never thought I would see a day where a Sec of War would actually push for women to be in combat-but that happened yesterday (MARINE combat) Good riddance, let the feminist filth go die against Muslims who they take up for & kiss ass.

I never though I would see the day where men would completely forsake their natural love for women and have sex with men–AND, then marry each other.  Men marrying men. Insanity.

I never thought I would see the day where minorities would rule the majority, but they do and they do it while saying “F*CK YOU”

I never thought I would see the day where a heathen female would beat a Christian person in America, but I saw that today.

Last, but certainly NOT least (there is so much more)

I never thought I would see the day where America would engage in WW3, helping Al Qaeda and apologizing to the Taliban, but I saw it today.

Hope you are happy, Commie liberals.  I know you are ecstatic.  Why do you stay here? Why not leave?  It is the American patriot that will eventually have to handle the fall-out and fight with our hands and DIE for what YOU have done with your neo con enablers.

It is American patriots vs Communists with European ideologies. Which is what our ancestors fled, they (the Commie “Americans”) embrace this ideology.  People tell me there is no ‘left-right’….lies.  Bs. If there wasn’t, we would not have an MSM who BUILDS up Barack Hussein Obama, COMMUNIST……So, even YOU were had.  The only thing that can bring some unity at this point is to STOP THE SYRIAN WW3.

UPDATE: Over 30K Christians Have Fled Aleppo, Syria. But-Most Americans Are WITH The Syrian, Muslim ‘Rebels’

Over 30,000 Christians Have Fled Aleppo, Syria. But-Most Americans Are WITH The Syrian, Muslim ‘Rebels’ 

UPDATE:  (Video) Open Message to Obama from the Head of the Syria Evangelical Church

Everyone is concerned about Assad using chem-weapons against these wacko, Islamic-Jihadists that Obama is arming.  America was (not anymore) a Christian nation.  In fact, America is more pro-Muslim, now.  Most definitely.  We do, after all, have a Muslim/Marxist for a ‘prez.’  Don’t we??    Check out all of the blogs on the net that feel sorry for the Syrian-Jihad rebels.  Its disgusting.  These are pro-Muslim, anti Christian blogs… YET, they tout being Christian.  Koo koo, koo koo. 

The war-drums are beating to destroy Syria from our Muslim/Marxist loving govt.  No outrage for these 30K plus Christians fleeing their homes in Syria (Except here and QV, one of our authors & a few other on the net).    So, you see,  Hussein Osama is right; “America is not a Christian nation, anymore.”  He has cushy pals, too… Like David Duke, who worries about Israel, day in and day out & is pro-Islamic-Jihad himself, just like Furor, “Prez” Obama… See  for yourself! HERE  

{David Duke is pro-Jihad in Pali and against Jews and Christians in Israel.  Israel has close to 600K Christians living there, by the way.}

This is what these poor Christians in Syria have had to contend with BECAUSE Obama arms their enemies… I can’t ask God to have mercy on us.  Why should he? This was probably a nice neighborhood at one time.  It resembles Brooklyn:


By the way:

Homs, SYRIA: Obama-backed Syrian Muslim “Rebels” Behead Christian Man & Feed Him To The Dogs

CLICK, h/t  QV  Here is the new USSA version of ‘democracy’ Read it.  Most American idiots are sympathetic to the ‘rebels.’  Even the very astute, Mr Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit is had by the pro-Jihad propaganda & seems to be sympathetic to the ‘rebels’.

What in the f is up with Americans?  They say they are Christian (or Jewish), yet have the upmost sympathy for murderers.  This blog stands with the citizens of Syria that are either Christian or sane.  We deplore Obama’s Al Qaeda in Syria. We say that Obama is treasonous and an Al Qaeda terrorist.  We believe Obama to be a mass murderer of the middle east and now Africa. We believe that Obama is the butcher of Benghazi.  We believe that Obama should be charged for crimes against humanity and dealt with accordingly.

I am so sorry Syrian Christians. I am so sorry. Please, Lord of heaven and earth, please deal with the USA the way we have been dealing with the world.


It’s Righteous To Pray For An End To The Now Evil America Even If You Get Hurt Or Die In The Process

I think of Lot from the Torah in these past couple days.  Lot was perplexed with the evil around him; the men that shoved their sodomite ways all over Sodom & Gomorrah.  Men who even wanted to force themselves upon angels of the Lord who came to Lot’s rescue.  The women who tasted of each other and desired the unnatural.  The self-indulgence & sin of that evil, dual city.  A City who also probably aborted/murdered their babies by putting them through fire.  This is also what modern day America is.  A sick, depraved society of abominable and detestable evils that are so filthy that the only release we shall ever experience is Gods wrath on us.  Yes, I mean us.  

People have told me; “But, there are ‘good’ people.”  No, there is only one that is good.  His name is Elohim, YahVeh, HaShem, GOD.  Even Christians know that Jesus said in Mark 10:18; “Do not call me good, there is no one that is good, except God”  In Ecclesiastes 7:20 : For there is not a righteous man upon earth, that doeth good, and sinneth not.

So, why pray for America to survive and be blessed?  Why would someone that truly fears the Lord with a healthy fear want such an evil place to exist?  A true believer in God would be perplexed and hurt, sad and sick in their soul that they inhabit such a wicked place.  A TRUE believer would pray for an end to their own land because they know it hurts God-he blessed this country, and this country spit in his face for over 50 years.  There IS a prayer for America, on behalf of a loving, kind & just God.  Pray for it’s end.  Even if you die or get hurt in the process.  Believers in God know that they may go to sleep, (die) but God will meet them again in eternity/hereafter.  Every real Jew knows this and every real Christian knows it.

I have gotten rebuked by people that think this is mean. I say you are totally wrong.  It is mean AND hateful to WANT evil to survive.  It is inhumane.  YOU are inhumane.  All of you that have rebuked me for feeling the way I believe: The way I believe is based on the dictates of my heart that is inspired by the infallible word of GOD.  

YOUR inspiration comes from within your self which means nothing. Inspired by zero.

 There have been many of you who take joy in rebuking me.  Many who hate QV, my personal friend and confidante’ because he also wants an end to this present evil. HE and I are humane, you are not.

So, think upon this, you who truly fear the Lord and his wrath: It’s Righteous To Pray For An End To The Now Evil America Even If You Get Hurt Or Die In The Process. 

We are all but dust, my friends.  And dust we shall return. Why be afraid if you believe in the ONE who controls the physical and the spiritual? The ONE who determines the eternal of your soul?  Don’t be afraid.  Righteous people of God are not afraid of death.  God, give those of us who love you – the courage to not be afraid of death.

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