Gilded Christmas-Time At Mills Mansion In Staatsburg, NY On The Hudson

Every year, Mills Mansion on the Hudson has a huge Christmas. I used to go there just to hang out: on the grass, on the water, if I could—at Christmas, or during car shows–whenever I could. Its a gorgeous mansion. All of the furniture is re-furbished in raspberry silks. Its just a beautiful place.

This is the front of the mansion:

The back, which faces the Hudson:

Staatsburgh State Historic Site | Historic Site, State Landmark | Hudson  River Valley National Heritage Area

This is the Dining room during the Holidays:

A Gilded Age Christmas at Staatsburgh State Historic Site | Holiday house  tours, Victorian christmas, Decor

At the front entrance when you walk in:

A Gilded Age Christmas at Staatsburgh State Historic Site
Path to the Past « Explore the Hudson Valley

I can’t remember which room this was.

Gilded Age Christmas starts Nov. 23 at Staatsburgh State Historic Site |  Life and Entertainment |

A nice tour:

I hope you liked it. Here are Vintage Christmas songs from the early 1900’s:

XOXOX, Love,

Your friendly Christmas Tree Jewess 🙂

What To Do On Holidays If Your Family Does Not Invite You To Their Get-togethers

What To Do On Holidays If Your Family Does Not Invite You To Their Get-togethers

More and more people are being ousted by their family because Of Obama. It’s true!  People are not invited for holidays for various reasons as well.. I, personally am not invited to my family’s get-together’s for other reasons.  I won’t delve. It might hurt someone’s feelings in my family.  Never mind my feelings, they don’t matter.  I’m tough, nothing EVER hurts me…… And there are bridges in Brooklyn to sell..

SO, this is what you can do to lift yourself up as well as lift up people in your community:

1. Visit some elderly people.  Bring an instrument, your voice, poems, stories, dress up in costume and be funny.  Take your talents and bring them to the older folks.  Encourage these elderly people to tell THEIR stories.  Bring some candy if you go at Christmas, or if you celebrate Hanukkah, bring a dreidel and sing old Hebrew songs.  Get some Kosher cocktail sausages, or those yummy jelly candies that are delicious–the candies will bring back memories to the elderly Jews.  Download some songs off Youtube from the 40’s/50’s and play them for the folks.  Like Bing Crosby’s White Christmas..etc.. You get the drift.

2.  Visit a fellowship, synagogue, church and ask them if you can help serve food to the poor. If you sing, play an instrument or like poetry, bring that.  Kick in $20- toward the food so that it can be extra special.  Make SURE you are there for the festivities.  The whole key is to be a part so that you will not feel lonely this holiday season.

3. If there is an orphanage in your area, take $50-100 and go to the dollar store-buy brand new toys for these little kids.  Download a few songs from the 60’s, 70’s like “A little white duck” or Alvin &  The Chipmunks and bring it with you.

So, these are at least 3 suggestions.  You understand what I am saying.. You do not have to be alone this holiday season.  You go and do some nice things and the reward in your heart will be great 😀

You may be alone again, naturally, but you don’t have to be lonely..



A White Christmas & Happy Hanukkah

White Ballerina Heaven

White Ballerina Christmas & Hanukkah by TMJ, P. AsheDina  2012/12


I happen to like this time of the year.  I am a renegade, Un-Orthodox Jew-Goy’l. We celebrate the LAST day of Hanukkah and a traditional, America-style Christmas.  WE LOVE IT.  I’m a mix and my hubby puts up with it 😀

 I have heard people say that there is a “Jewish war on Christmas”.  Well, Sorry, I don’t believe this at all.  I believe that atheists and seculars hate Christmas, and it’s true that there are insane Erav-Rav Jews that also do, but not here!!  We love both Holidays..Sorry if this offends people, but it is what it is.  

Most of the Jewish people up here where I live decorate their homes and yards with blue & white lights, its really pretty.  It looks nice next to all the coloring of the Christmas trees and lights.  Fun and festive, in my opinion.  

(For me personally, I happen to like Pesach-Passover the most and it has the most meaning to me.)

I love this Hanukkah song the best:

The best Christmas song of all time, written by Irving Berlin:

The Mad Jew B*tch!

U Want CHRISTMAS Back Instead Of This “Holiday” Mumbo-Jumbo?

Go to fullsize imageThen it is time to take action.  It is time to put your money where your mouth is and stop the blame-game.  We have a solution that will change things, so you can believe in… We will help, but it is time to take action and GET SERIOUS. We want Christians to have their Christmas and it be about their faith.


Christians are destroying Christmas because you lack moral will to do something about it and this time it doesn’t require violence, just a little, or should we say big boycott.   If you want ‘Christmas’ back instead of ‘Holiday’ then every last Christian should boycott ‘Holiday’, no cards, no dinner, no gifts and no lights until the word ‘Christmas’ is back on every ad and every label.  It will not only cause retailers to have little or no profit that year but it will bring the economy to a grinding halt.  In days, the retailers will be on their knees, and the word ‘Christmas’ will be on everything. Unfortunately, Americans lack the will to do even that, let alone march on Washington to do what must be done.  If you are not willing to fight for a Christian America, you certainly dont deserve one.  We cannot keep blaming government and left wingers, if we lack the will to change this forever. This is OUR fault. Time to face the music and make this drastic change this coming year–as a New Years Resolution.
David Ben Moshe & A.D. Bat Saul:The Mad Jewess
My personal favorite Christmas Carol:
MERRY CHRISTMAS, Christians, FIGHT BACK, We WILL fight with you!!!


A Rare Christmas Edition Of The Lampoonist American, DAVE BAKER

By Dave Baker© 2010 ~Happily, the time of year when Christians turn the world into a wonderland of lights, color, music and pageantry, is with us again. Unfortunately, the air electrified with the spirit of good will and brotherhood energizes an evil force to whom the joy and happiness of Christmas trees and colors, American flags, Christian families and our little kids, are an anathema.   

 Last weekend, during their annual fund drive, the president of the Albany, NY chapter of The People’s Commie TV Network, Robert Altman, looked into the camera, with a wooden smile on his face and concluded his shilling for funds with a terse, “Happy New Year.” It was as cold and clammy as Chanukah night in Moscow’s Red Square. And, red lights started flashing and they were not, Christmas lights.  The rest here: