Hagel Warns China (OUR CREDITOR) To Bla Bla Bla With Japan

Hagel Warns China (OUR CREDITOR) To Bla Bla Bla With Japan

So many Americans refuse to see the precarious position we are in.  The US Government has absolutely NO humility.  We are robbing from Peter to pay Paul and now Chuck Hagel is warning China to stop fighting over some disputed land with Japan?  We have no standing.  How much do we OWE China??  Over a trillion?

Let me tell you something about debtors (I was a debt collector in the 1990’s), Debtors never have any intention of paying bills.  If they do not make an effort to pay a bill, they ‘ain’t never gonna pay that bill.’  That’s the facts.  The ONLY thing we should be telling China is:  “How much will you settle this debt out for?”   The reason I say ‘settle’ is because the US Govt will NEVER pay the bill to China in full.

I can’t take the stupidity anymore, its making me want to blow a gasket.  A little less conversation…

Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla


Democrats Should Run David Duke For Pres. In 2016-The Liberal ‘Jews’ Will Vote For Him

Democrats Should Run David Duke For Pres. In 2016-The Liberal Jews Will Vote For Him

Everything is koo koo, Now…Anyone else notice that insane folks seem to hate the people of Israel?

Chuck Hagel got the nod for the SOD, yesterday.  Liberal Jews voted for Obama, 69% in 2012.  Obama is a Muslim, who hates Israel and appoints Jew-hating, anti-Christian jackasses..Samantha Power ring a bell??  So, what’s the real difference between Duke and Hagel?  I see NO difference.  White Supremacists LOVE Chuck Hagel.  Chuck Hagel hates Israel.  So, why would it be any different if Duke ran for Pres on the Dem ticket, 2016?  Liberal Jews would help his campaign—as long as he is a Democrat.

Hell, Why doesn’t Obama just adopt Duke on his staff? They are on the SAME page.

David Duke endorsed Charles Barron for a seat in NYC: (A Jew-hating, white-hating, America-hating, Israel-hating, black bastard) I am sure that more than a few Lib-Jews helped that idiot.  The Neturei Karta are Socialist ‘Jews’ that hate Israel.  Duke hates Israel.  Neturei Kartas hate most true, Torah-abiding Jews, as does Duke.  Duke is always attacking religious, right-wing or conservative Jews….Ditto J-street, Jewish Daily Forward, Mondoweiss, etc..   In fact, Mondoweiss hates Zionists and believe we have “ZOG” (Zionist Occupied government)  So does David Duke!!  Which we don’t & I am right, again…  Hagel is 100% proof that Zionists are not in charge at all.   -By the way; One cannot be Commie/Socialist and Torah abiding, you fool Neturei Karta’s-   Duke hates Christian-Zionists, so do all of these moronic, aforementioned ‘Jews’.   Duke supports Muslim, Islamic Jihadists, as do Lib-Jews & Neturei Karta kisses their ass as well..


David Duke, 2016 on the DEM ticket. Why not?  Makes sense in a world gone insane.  People who hate America’s allies seem to be the “IN” thing, now.


Streisand should sing “Somewhere” at his Inauguration:

Ya Can’t Make This Sh*t Up!

God does not change.  “I will bless them that bless thee (Israel) and curse them that curse thee (Israel).”   True faith individuals love and support the PEOPLE of Israel.  We know their government stinks, but God does not ask us to support government.  He asks us to support PEOPLE and discern if they are holy or righteous.  Most Israeli Jewish & Christian PEOPLE are right-minded.

Israel-Hating “Zionist”, Chuck Hagel Will Be Confirmed, As Senate Clears Filibuster For S.O.D. Position

Israel-Hating “Zionist”, Chuck Hagel Will Be Confirmed, As Senate Clears Filibuster For S.O.D. Position

Click:  Senate Clears Hagel Vote

Jew-hating White Supremacists and Left Wing “Jews”!  Strange Bed-fellows!!

Its hard to be humble when one is ALWAYS right about these things…Which I AM!  I hope Israel-haters are ecstatic about this news… I am sure you are.  But, what can we expect from God hating creeps?  I never expect anything from them, anymore.  Liberal ‘Jews’ voted for this!! I keep telling ya’all: Liberal ‘Jews’ are NAZIs! Sick!!

Keep Voting Democrat, Liberal Jews!

You STUPID Liberal “Jewish” IDIOTS!!!!  You got a BLACK-Muslim-NAZI Hitler in the White House.


This is what Lib-“Jews” voted for…

20 Crazy Things Hagel Believes About Israel


Should It Be Surprising That Hagel Is A “Friend Of Hamas?” Leftist ‘Jews’ Put Palestine First, Before America

Should It Be Surprising That Hagel Is A “Friend Of Hamas?” Leftist ‘Jews’ Put Palestine First, Before America

Chuck Hagel being a friend of Hamas does not surprise me one iota. (I hope against hope that this is not true about Hagel.)  I have told you ‘Jews’ that Obama is a Jew hating jerk-off.  But, you don’t listen to ANYONE.  In AmeriKa, its totally cool to be a friend of Hamas.  Hamas is great, Israel is the ‘terrorist’.    Here’s the deal with Israel:  Just because Israel exists, Israel is hated. If they do good, they will be hated. If they do bad, they will be hated.  That’s just the way it is.  

…And, then we see the “Liberal” Jews, drooling over Obama like the rats they are.  Worshiping this pos, maggot, Jew-hating FREAK.  Who hates America, hates Americans. Hates Israel, hates Christians.

 Real brilliant, “Liberal” ‘Jews’————>NOT.

Yesterday, 25 senators sent a letter to Hagel demanding information on his foreign funding. Hagel has refused all such requests, prompting the senators to state, “in the judgment of the undersigned, a Committee vote on your nomination should not occur unless and until you provide the requested information.”

Leftist ‘Jews’ are NAZI.

Suffering, my ass… This is ‘suffering:’
Gaza Fruit markets.


There are places in AmeriKa that are 10X WORSE!

Commies+Nazis=The SAME. NAZI Chuck Hagel Endorsed By Communist Party Of AmeriKa-Koo koo, Koo koo

You really have to draw a line in the sand, you sub-human, anti-Israel slugs who call yourselves “Conservatives.”  One thing is certain: Modern day Communism and modern day Nazi-ism are in bed together to dump Israel.   If you find yourself agreeing with people that are sick in the head, chances are YOU are sick in the head..

This much I know: There is an Arab world with 295 million Arab Muslim NAZIs.  And there is a small place that everyone calls the ‘aggressor’, Israel (minority to the max) with 6.7 million people. America is the damned aggressor. Everyone everywhere knows this, now. OBAMA IS A TOTAL AGGRESSOR.  Commies, who are for multi-culture insanity have found a GREAT friend with the Nazi, ‘anti multi-culture’ gang.  Whoda thunk?  Kinda destroys their anti-white campaign. In fact, it makes the anti-white campaign look insane, now.  

 That’s why you come to alternative blogs like mine for the truth.  I am not going turn away from what I believe.  Now, Hagel gets a nod from the Commie AND….The Nazis also LOVE Hagel.  Why? To destroy Israel.  Shows me that I have always been right about these 2 fascist groups. REAL Americans support good Jews in Israel with moral support. Anti American, Anti god freaks support murderous Muslims. Nuf Sed.

Communism and Nazi-ism are both ideologies that are 100% ANTI AMERICAN. ANTI GOD. Anti wholesome.

See Hagel who is endorsed by the Commies… Would be laughable if is was fiction… Alas, it isn’t.  There is NOTHING Obama does that is sane. Here is the link.  I keep telling you there is NO difference in NAZI-ism and Communism.

Why Don’t These Republicans Grill Barack Obama Like They’re Grilling Chuck Hagel?

Chuck Hagel is being hammered by the senate and seems to brain freeze with each round of tough questions.   When did the senate get so tough?  They certainly were not tough with the powder puff questions they asked Hillary Clinton about Benghazi and even weaker when it comes to dealing with Barack Obama.  We have 4 more years of Obama, so at this point, it does matter, contrary to what Hillary said and got away with.

We all know why Obama gets away with the perpetual softball questions.  Besides being a Democrat, which the news media sides with, he is black and if you are black its hands off by everyone for fear of being called a racist.

To criticize Obama.