#RESIGNChuck Schumer NOW. Make Him An Example for Cryin’out loud!!! MY GOD!

#DumpChuck Schumer NOW. Make An Example for Cryin’out loud

Chuck Schumer says that his threatening of the SCOTUS was a “NY thing”.  Garbage!  He is supposed to be a Senator.  The SCOTUS is not supposed to be influenced let alone intimidated and threatened by this hideous Communist, wet noodle, dumbass, fake Yid, Schmuck Schumer.

If he was a Republican, the Left would be DEMANDING his resignation over a lot LESS.  Conservatives never win because they don’t know HOW to fight.  Look what the Left did to Kavanaugh…all that hooplah over lies!  They forced out AG John Ashcroft over nothing! AG Alberto Gonzales over accusations, nothing proven! Senate Minority leader Trent Lott for being ‘kind’ to Strom Thurmond as he was sick and dying, AG John Mitchell, Spiro Agnew ETC! 


Eric Holder, AG was held in contempt of Congress. He should have been handcuffed and taken out.  But, nothing happened to that animal and nothing will happen to Schumer because Conservatives are weak Pu$$ies.  Leftists hate this country more than Conservatives love this nation and that’s WHY they win all the time.


DUMP CHUCK NOW. How dare this bottom feeding weasel not resign.


WTF are people waiting for!

Where Are “Gang Of 8” Senators As Illegal Alien Raped A 9 Month Old American Baby To Death

Where Are “Gang Of 8” Senators As An Illegal Alien Raped A Little American Baby To Death

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

Where are McCains tears for this beautiful little baby girl?? Where are Rubio’s fraud speeches?   I just sent MJ to bed, she is weeping.

See this news, asap. Email this, link it everywhere. Stop these rats from giving amnesty to these illegal cucarachas 

On Saturday, police in Barstow arrested Jose Luis Aguilar, 36, at a Greyhound bus station after he reportedly sexually assaulted and beat his girlfriend’s baby daughter to death. A day earlier, the baby’s mother, Jennifer Reedy, 31, awoke to find her daughter lying dead in her crib. Aguilar was gone, as was Reedy’s car and money from her purse. Police were able to find Aguilar using the GPS in his cellphone. At a press conference Benton County prosecutor Andy Miller, told reporters: “It appears that Mr. Aguilar was on his way to flee to Mexico.”

Kike Schmuck Schumer Wants To Grab Guns From Vets Saying; Mentally Unfit? “Incapable To Have Firearms”

The only nut in the box is this kike-

Gun Control: Charles Schumer Makes A Move In The Senate To Deny Veterans The Right To Own Firearms
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