Townhall Website COWERS To Obama, Disrespects Sheriff Joe Arpaio And Takes Down “Birther” Scandal Post


Sheriff Joe & His Posse told the truth.

I have told ya all that these “Conservative” websites are LIARS, phonies, frauds, basically…full of shit.  Now they totally disrespect the LAW & Sheriff Joe Arpaio. COWARDS. What happened? Did Beck, Drudge and Ann the MAN Coulter all threaten to boycott them if they show the friggin truth? Did they throw an enema party against Joe? I am SICK of these PHONIES.

BAN TOWNHALL. Take them off your favorites.

Townhall took down the very popular article on Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse report on Obama’s fraudulent documents.


Cry and Howl

When I am recovered, look to hear me on radio. I will be telling these people off on a daily basis. And, they cant sue me b/c I aint got nuttin honey 😀

‘After-Birthers’-Beck, Levin, Bachmann, Ann C., O’Reilly-All Being PRAISED By Left Wingers! Bravo Phonies

  Go to fullsize imageLets look at these talkin’ heads… They are the real Looney Tunes.

Go to fullsize image  Bill O’Really, said that Obama has NO Long Form B.C., yet makes fun of ‘birthers’ with his ugly, little, snide looks…Adding insult to injury by mentioning  how Charlie Sheen is a ‘birther’ last night on FAUX news.  You know why he did this?  To make us ‘birthers’ look stupid.  They are the stupid ones.  The pig in the W.H. is not NATURAL BORN.  If they don’t believe what we are saying, (Usually because they are too lazy to investigate) At least they could look at the CONSTITUTIONAL REQUIREMENTS to be a POTUS.

 Go to fullsize image Then we have Bachmann who says ‘Birthers, leave us Republicans alone about Obamas birth certificate’.  (Reminds me of that bratty Pink Floyd song, “Leave us kids alone)  So, Bachmann was with us, before she was against us. Same with Palin (Sorry that the left is picking on Trig, Palin (but get a grip and keep a grip) Now, Palin is with Trump. Hopefully, she wont turn on Trump. (The ONLY one knocking Hussein O in the teeth, lately.)

 Go to fullsize image Mark Levin called Trump a ‘clown’ on his radio show.  That means he is calling US CLOWNS.  Ann Coulter  says that all ‘sane conservatives don’t take these ‘birther’ people serious’.  (Something to this effect) Really, Ann?  Really… How ’bout we just put out a BOYCOTT on your new book, “Demonic?”  -Maybe YOU are being the demon by enabling the monster in the White House, because YOU are too lazy to research what has been going on.

Go to fullsize imageBeck….Mr. Sanity told us ‘birthers’ to ‘shut up about it’  It was called a ‘serious message’ on his website.  This is the man that demands that we have ‘open debate’. But….he is telling us, basically to STFUP.

So, these animals are being praised by left wingers now…. Yes they are.  Look at this one site, (look through it)

  But…. we have people (actually sub-humans) that know Obama is a FRAUD…. Media Matters.  They are worried sick that Fox is  ‘full birther’.  Sooooo- Slobbermann, Matthews, O’Donnell etc.. are all attacking Trump, NON STOP.  Why? They know Obama is a damned fraud.  Remember Chris Matthews knowing that Obama has NO L.F.B.C.?? They have to protect this evil, wild, insane, jokerman, FREAK because ‘The ends justify the means’.
I, personally stand with Gov Bill Richardson:
“My father came from Kenya, that’s where I get my name.” – Barack H. Obama Jr.
“Barack is a son of this village.” – Habiba Akuma Obama
“Barack Obama is the best candidate for the Hispanic community because our community wants a united country. Obama is an immigrant. When he speaks to Latinos, he doesn’t just speak about immigration and civil rights…” ~ Gov. Bill Richardson
Fellhauer: “One more quick question, President-elect Obama’s birthplace over in Kenya, is that going to be a national spot to go visit, where he was born?”
Ogego: “It’s already an attraction. His paternal grandmother is still alive.”
Fellhauer: “His birthplace, they’ll put up a marker there?”
Ogego: “It would depend on the government. It’s already well known.”