Prophetic Dream I Had About AMERICA/The Western World, Which IS Hard-Hearted & Stubborn

Prophetic Dream I Had About AMERICA/The Western World, Which IS Hard-Hearted & Stubborn

Joel 2

28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

29 And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.

My dream last night:

All of the Lords prophetic people were dressed up as if they were in a circus. And, they were very, very angry circus clowns, preaching the word of God, angrily – with righteous indignation.

The Lord God showed me: “Even if I dressed up my prophets as circus clowns and they were performing a show, people would still not listen.”


My friend T saw a double edge and said: ‘People are not taking the true prophetic voices seriously. They think they are clowns.’

When we see society get to the point where people laugh and mock at calamities, disasters and the misfortunes of others we are surely crossing a threshold of no return.

Europe is on the verge of collapse. America is in drought and flooded in various areas. California is on fire. We’re in times of tribulation and people give glory to HAARP instead of looking to GOD who has power over ALL these things.

America has become Babylon but ‘believers’ say “NO”, it’s not. They say it’s the Vatican and the Catholic church. How foolish that ‘believing’ people read the news, daily – yet they still cannot see that America has become the most evil, immoral country in the world and instead, blame-shift toward the Catholics instead of observing themselves.

NOTHING is going to save you, America and NOTHING is going to save the western world. It’s cooked. Well done. God is getting ready to ‘clear the plates’ and ‘sweep the lick’ of America. The west is in freefall destruction.


….and strengthen that which remains.

Hurry Up & Create Another Crisis, Leftist Reprobates. Maybe Folks Won’t Notice Gas, High Prices, Baby Formula, ETC

Hurry Up & Create Another Crisis, Leftist Reprobates. Maybe Folks Won’t Notice Gas, High Prices, Baby Formula, ETC

The current situation since Obama slithered back in to the White House thru Old Joe Diapers is like ‘lather, rinse, repeat’. I try to pay no attention to the current Commie-Crat instigated crisis ‘news’.

It’s the same ole chit!

The MSM yells: “A Shooting!”, “GO LOOK OVER THERE!”….Everyone looks ‘over there’ for maybe a week…then we go back to square one.

The Commie-Crats create one disaster after the next. And, if they’re not creating a FUBAR, they make a mountain out of a mole-hill over any news story they think will grab the heartstrings of the nation. The whole object is to keep people focused on something….anything, so that our citizens won’t concentrate on gas. They won’t be upset over everything in the grocery stores going a dollar or two dollars higher.

Ya gotta give the ‘devil his due’. He certainly can keep people going in circles. My advice to journalists and bloggers that frequent here like Breitbart, Gateway, RT, Savage, etc is to stop giving attention to ANY ‘news’ story the Left is pumping up. Report on it one time and leave it alone. Post it a week later as an ‘update’.

Leftists WANT your reaction. They live for your shock. It gives them a high… draining energy from a people/populace is the Left’s way of staying energized. The energy you lose goes somewhere. The Left steals it.

So, stop giving their ‘news’ stories attention until ALL of the facts come out. Learn to be news anchors again. If you give a spoiled brat too much attention…soon that spoiled brat will OWN you.

Stop feeding the beast. Starve it.

It is, after all… evil spirit.

BTW: Los Angeles station charging $8/gallon as gas prices continue to climb nationwide