VIDEO – Brought To You By #PFIZER! #CNN, #AndersonCooper, #GoodMorningAmerica, #CBS, #Nightline ETC! Stop Buying The BS!!!!!

Brought To You By #PFIZER! #CNN, #AndersonCooper, #GoodMorningAmerica, #CBS, #Nightline ETC! Stop Buying The BS!!!!!

They got you sheep….hook, line and sinker. Your minds are OWNED:

And, you filthy, no good, rotten Communist, Globalist bastards can take it down but you CANT stop the truth:

Brought To You By Pfizer? Progressive Truth Seekers

CNN Don Lemon: “Unvaxxed Should Not Be Able To Buy Food”, Plus More:

CNN Don Lemon: “Unvaxxed Should Not Be Able To Buy Food” Plus More:

In this video, this stupid idiot Lemon bastard even says ‘the tyranny of the minority’ (Unvaxxed) WTH? These below are the tyrants.

People, we are going to have to say to these absolute scumbag nazis:


48-Year-Old Surgeon DEAD 11 Wks After CV19 Shot?! He Mocked “Anti-vaxxers”

48-Year-Old Surgeon DEAD after Mocking “Anti-vaxxers” . He wrote his own obituary after Moderna COVID injections

Here he is mocking ‘anti vaxers’. Which I don’t understand. Why mock people who are not secure with an injection that the FDA has not even approved? Why are we anti vaxers mocked? How can anyone take a ‘vaccine’ when it has not even been tested? In fact, they are testing it on HUMANS. I don’t want to be a human that these psycho’s test.

Dr. Thomas Flanigan received the first dose of experimental Moderna mRNA on January 6, according to his Facebook page. He received the second dose on February 3.

So, he lived about 11 weeks after receiving the killer vax. 48-Year-Old Surgeon DEAD after Mocking “Anti-vaxxers” and Writing His Own Obituary after Moderna COVID Injections OR: Thomas Flanigan: Ohio doctor writes his own obituary after Moderna shots, dead 11 weeks later.

On CNN last night, Sanjay the 4 million a year talking head of CNN says that Tucker Carlson was lying about people dying from the Covid injection:

By the way, Sanjay: Kamrynn Thomas: 16-year-old Wisconsin girl develops blood clots, dead 11 days after experimental Pfizer mRNA shot

Anne VanGeest: 35-year-old Michigan woman dead 11 days after experimental Johnson & Johnson shot

Genene Norris: 48-year-old Australian woman develops blood clots, dead six days after AstraZeneca shot

Francine Boyer: 54-year-old Canadian woman develops blood clots, dead 14 days after experimental AstraZeneca shot

Jack Last: 27-year-old British engineer dead 21 days after experimental AstraZeneca viral vector shot

Dan Kaminsky: 42-year-old cybersecurity expert dead 11 days after second Pfizer “vaxxed” tweet

Kimberly Credit: 44-year-old New Jersey pastor dead 26 days after second Moderna mRNA shot

Bernice Gibb Rhoades: 56-year-old niece of Bee Gees brothers dead days after second Pfizer mRNA shot via: DAILY MAIL UK – Niece of Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb is … –

Get Ready For More Jew-Hatred, Thx To #CNN’s Zucker, His Lies & Manipulation. TY God, He Is Stepping Down.

Get Ready For More Jew-Hatred, Thx To #CNN’s Zucker, His Lies & Manipulation. TY God, He Is Stepping Down

SMH | What Does SMH Mean?

David Ben Moshe and I really hate writing these type posts and we have to counter it with a positive post to keep things balanced.. BUT:

Anytime a Left-wing Jewish person is involved in a very bad political scenario, anyone who identifies as a Jew, online is castigated. James O’keefe’s latest expose pins everything on Jeff Zucker who is Jewish or, the way I see it, a “JINO” = Jew in name only. BREAKING: CNN Director Caught on Hidden Camera Saying The Network is ‘Trying to Help’ BLM By Only Pushing Stories That Implicate White People

Chester really isn’t the issue at CNN, Zucker is. Right on his Wikipedia page, it boldly claims he is from a Jewish family: Jeff Zucker – Wikipedia

This is hurtful to our fellow Jews who work to practice holiness, or are “Conservative/Right wing” or Messianic, J4J, etc.

>CNN President Jeff Zucker to step down at year’s end | Reuters

#CNN’s Blatant Disinformation About #Russia-#Ukraine Activity

CNN’s Blatant Disinformation About #Russia-#Ukraine Activity

Of course we know CNN publishes and parrots lies. James O’Keefe just presented an undercover video of one of their top brass Director’s: Charlie Chester, who admitted that they used COVID scaremongering to drive ratings.  Chester also explained how the CNN network uses “manipulation” to shape public opinion.

So, we know they are absolutely lying about Russia.

Please read what Michael Averko says here:

EXCERPT: ‘Confrontation with Russia is in line with a sensationalist media, influenced by neocons, neolibs and flat-out Russia-haters.

The rest: CNN’s Blatant Disinformation About Russia-Ukraine Activity

In A Push For Unity, Don Lemon Calls All Trump Supporters: “KKK, NAZIS”, ETC.

In A Push For Unity, Don Lemon Calls All Trump Supporters: “KKK, NAZIS”, ETC. generated Image

This is the face of the Democrat party: Accuse and project your own insecurities, ideals, & hate onto Conservatives, Christians, traditionalists and whites.

It is, in fact, a very scary and evil position we are in, people. Granted there are fringe elements in any political and idealistic party. BOTH sides. But, to just keep uttering this stupidity like Lemon is doing is dangerous. In the 30’s, ALL Jews were considered to be: “Anti German”, “Communists”, “Subverters”. So, how is Lemon really any different than the national socialists or the Communists who hated all Christians? Hated all religious Jews and Conservative Russians? It isn’t.

The fascists of today ARE the fascists.

They monitor, censor, demonize, and now – totally destroy. They’re sick in the head. Many times, some so-called Conservative ‘racists’ are just a ‘product of their environment’ (City people who are Conservative and white are a very small minority, now) and many have been beaten, raped, robbed and/or murdered by minorities. One extreme pushes others to another extreme. Dont like that? Well…..It is a REALITY today. I have only seen the Trump people try to defend themselves against the accusatory, radical, shock-jock, offensive Leftists. Ive seen Conservative Trump people break down in tears over being called ‘racist’ because they are intermarried, city people who have minority friends, or just Christians who love everyone regardless..

Everything that the radical, Communist Left is doing to the President, they plan to do to Trump supporters: Throw them off the net, dehumanize them, demonize them, close their bank accounts, cut them off from food, take their land and starve them to death. That is the reality of the horrible situation we are headed into. Eventually, they will make being a Conservative or a white person, ‘illegal’.

This is why Ted Noiz is very righteously indignant: Ted Noiz Analysis: Trump Will Do Zero

I have warned about these murderous, genocidal Communists for 3 decades now and a decade and 1/2, online. They will have us mass murdered. That’s where this is going. I begged Conservatives to NAME the Communists (for YEARS) but they just kept calling them “”Liberals” and “Progressives”. They’re not Liberal and certainly not for progress. They’re Communist, psychopathic murderers and people had better wake the hell up because America is going to become a slaughterhouse.

When confronted on Twitter, Conservatives decry the violence at the capital. When Leftists are confronted with the violence from their ‘side’, they condone it and say it is for ‘racial justice’… Even though the people hurt were small Mom and Pop business owners and many were minority. The projection of the Left is their guilty conscience.

Unity? CNN’s Don Lemon: If You Voted For Trump, You’re With The Klan, The Nazis, & The Rioters

#SanctionSoros: *Admitted* To CNN That He IS Responsible For Ukrainian Coup D’Etat, Etc. Keep Blaming Putin, DUMBSH*TS!

#SanctionSoros: Admitted To CNN That He IS Responsible For Ukrainian Coup D’Etat. Keep Blaming Putin, DUMBSH*TS!

This traitor should be executed for treason.


Soros is the most evil person alive and Americans are content to have this piece of shit live in their country.  We told you that Soros was responsible for this evil: King George Soros Speaks Out On HIS Revolution in Ukraine

Meanwhile…FORBES, Pill O’Reilly, Charles Krauthammer and other idiots are still blaming Putin.  Methinks they ALL get big bucks from Soros.  Biden’s son has a job in Ukraine. Ditto John Kerry’s former SR Campaign adviser and YOU hear nothing about this on the mainstream….!  They’re ALL in it together.

“First on Ukraine, one of the things that many people recognized about you was that you during the revolutions of 1989 funded a lot of dissident activities, civil society groups in eastern Europe and Poland, the Czech Republic. Are you doing similar things in Ukraine?” Zakaria asked Soros.

SOROS to Zakaria:

“Well, I set up a foundation in Ukraine before Ukraine became independent of Russia.  And the foundation has been functioning ever since and played an important part in events now, Soros responded.

A video and transcript of the interview are available after the jump.


You all sound like a bunch of little mary’s:  ‘Putin swallowed up Crimea, Putin annexed Crimea’… Go snivvel to Mommy.

CNN’s Prez Jeff Zucker Refuses To Cover #Benghazi. So? Don’t Cover The Murder Of The Fag, Chris Stevens, Etc

CNN’s Prez Jeff Zucker Refuses To Cover #Benghazi. So? Don’t Cover The Murder Of The Fag, Chris Stevens, Etc


So, is this what Jeff Zucker believes is Tikkun olam? (Kabbalah term for ‘healing the world’ For who, exactly? Mrs. Smith?  The mother of slain Sean Smith?  Are they refusing to cover it because poor ‘ol Hillary’s campaign might be in danger if they DO cover it?  Oh the pain…Boo hoo..       Or, is Zucker sucking Obama’s noodle?  Who knows.. The way us evil, right-wingers see it:    So what if they leave the ambassador out to dry and not investigate this murder.. So what if some emails were found that accuse this administration of lies.  Stevens was a fag.  Good riddance to the drek.. Is that how you liberals are gonna roll?  Well, I must say….we finally have something in common..

CNN President: ‘We’re Not Going To Be Shamed’ Into Covering Benghazi

Read more: here

The slime got what he deserved..

And, this man was a friend of Hillary Clinton… And, with friends like this, who needs an enemies……

I hope you all realize this post was sarcasm…But, since this administration is supporting Nazis in Ukraine, it only sounds natural that they wouldn’t give a shit for Chris Stevens and the other 3 slain… 

CNN Interview W/ Former Polish Pres Walesa: Obama Dangerous Disappointment & America, Immoral

CNN Interview W/ Former Polish Pres Walesa: Obama Dangerous Disappointment America Immoral

Nah…just more bs from some leader who does not know what wonderful, moral, righteous folks we are! He’s just jealous because America is very FREE with our reinstatement of the patriotic act, new NDAA which is worse than the last one, NSA spying, domestic drone program, leftists on their march to ‘progress’ as they try to take our guns so that we will be left at the hands of the trusty Feds, ObamaCare forced onto us, many of us discontinued from our health insurance…getting called a bigot, nazi, homophobe, hater when we disagree with radical, Communist, ‘attack the individual’ politics… ETC.

I rarely link “Info Wars” unless I believe it is Kosher.  I like Paul Watson.  This is a CNN Interview I have linked in the video below:

During an interview with CNN, anti-Communist icon and former Polish President Lech Walesa said that America no longer leads the world and that President Obama has proven to be a dangerous disappointment.

See- Anti-Communist Icon: America No Longer Leads the World

CNN Outraged By 1 White On Black Hate Crime. FAIL To Report HUNDREDS Of Black On White Race Crimes, Inc “Knock-Out”

CNN Outraged By 1 White On Black Hate Crime. FAIL To Report HUNDREDS Of Black On White Race Crimes, Inc “Knock-Out”


I had the distinct displeasure of having to watch Ashleigh Banfield at the YMCA this AM. She was ranting and raving about this hate crime, below.  Where has Ashleigh Banfield been?  Why does she not cover the hundreds of thousands of racial crimes perp’d against white Americans, Jews, Asians & some Hispanics at the hands of sons of Obama every year?  Why is she OK with calling this a ‘white on black crime’, but NOT OK with reporting a ‘black on white crime?’  She is a racist against whites and wants to see more dead. Period.

AND, that’s the left-wing for you–they care nothing for ALL of us, only black people.  That’s all.  Only black people matter in America.  They are royalty.  Don’t say the N word, don’t ever touch the holy grail.   But, its OK to rape, rob, beat and murder whites or those who look white.  ‘Knock out’ crimes are happening all over this nation and the blacks are the perpetrators, but you won’t EVER hear the Communist main stream media touch that.  Just: “Some teens acting badly.”   Further proof of their genocide against white people.  These miscreants are NO different than Germany with the NAZIs who also HID their crimes.  Leftists are evil and genocidal

See the phony outrage here (Yes, this young, black man’s life also matters, but that isn’t the point.)

The Truth Revolt shows us that the MSM reported nothing about ‘knock out’  CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC Ignore Blacks Targeting Whites and Jews in ‘Knockout Game’

To the rest of you who are waking up…. Look up this man & read about him: 


(Of course I’m not talking about patriotic American blacks.)