Anyone Notice How The FBI Couldn’t Thwart The CO Shooter, Sikh Shooter, & Loughner, But Somehow Managed To Arrest Brandon Raub?

Why is that?  These other shooters all carried out their attacks and murders.  And not only attacks, but multiple eye-witness’s that saw more than 1 shooter.  Start with Nidal Hasan.  He is a Muslim, (Muslims are leftist)-he was able to carry out his attack.  He murdered, what? 12?   13 other fellow soldiers?  There were reports in the beginning that there were 2 shooters in that attack, then that dissolved..  What about Loughner?  Why didnt the FBI see him coming?  He was a leftist that was into the gay lifestyle, Mein Kampf, the Communist Manifesto and was a sicko maniac to boot.  The CO Shooter was part of the “Occupy Black Bloc”, and there was not just 1 shooter, there were 2 pictures of evidence that there were TWO SHOOTERS and eye-witness’s that saw 2 shooters-we ALL saw 2 shooters..     Then, take the Sikh shooter–they painted this dude to be a white supremacist and the media failed to report the multiple witness’s that saw FOUR shooters.    What about the Family Center?   Shooting there, too.   Leftist for LGBT.  But, the FBI didn’t seem to be able to get a grasp on sheer, real violence, terror and murder.

I believe all of the above attacks were staged & perpetrated by the left wing. That’s my opinion.  

However, let’s take the facebook rant of the former Marine, Brandon Raub.  Raub rants on a facebook page and the FBI seems to be right on top of him, although NO violence came from him, just ranting.

Now, you should know that the DHS is serious about catching them a Veteran.  They put out that memo in 2010 and 2011 against retired Vets.  So, it is obvious to me (maybe not to the rest of you) But, I see the FBI and the DHS ignoring REAL violence from the left and censoring ‘not yet’ or NO violence of the ‘right/libertarian’.    Ignoring left-wing terror on purpose.

I received an email this AM that told me to ‘think’ about my posts… Well, why don’t YOU ALL start thinking?

I had lunch with some Libertarians this afternoon.  They said; “When did we all stop being Americans?”   These folks were right.   And there is a massive divide. But who brought it and why is it there..?   Unfortunately, there is one side that chooses left-wing, radical, revolutionary, Bolshevik/Communist tactics and the other side that is trying to be “American.”    

And, the radicals in charge are painting ‘not yet’ or NO violence on the ‘right wing/libertarians’ ONLY, and allowing these leftists to murder and bring radical terror..

Its for the ‘greater good’ in the mind of the Commie-left.

My Take On The Colorado Shooting

Authored by Goldbug

Okay, here’s my take:
1. There were two (2) shooters, as reported by witnesses. They wore masks and body armor, so nobody could identify either individual .. nor could anyone swear that James Holmes was the shooter.
2. The shooters sustained no injuries inside the theater, since guns were not allowed.
3. When they exited the theater through the security door, their “handler’s” assassins were waiting for them.
4. Shooter #1 was shot and killed; shooter #2 was injured.
5. Shooter #2 tried to run away, leaving the trail of blood spurting from his wound (as shown in video taken behind the theater and outside the security door).
5. Shooter #2 was then shot and killed.
6 The assassins then moved the bodies of Shooters #1 and #2 back inside the theater and placed them among the dead, accounting for the blood evidence that showed a return to the door.
7. Then they “placed” the drugged-out, carrot-top, bozo, a.k.a. James Homes, in the parking lot, where he was arrested without incidence.
8. James Holmes was never inside the theater and had no clue what had happened.
9. The second gas mask was discarded in the parking lot, because the assassins had to get the hell outta’ dodge before the Aurora cops became aware of their cover-up activities.
10. The official story is so full of lies, a second grader could refute each of them. It’s black ops, mind control, all about a tyrannical government attempting to rid these pesky American citizens of their guns.
Now, we know why they first reported 14 DEAD .. and then downgraded to 12 DEAD. They could never have explained who these two extra victims were IF James Holmes were, as they claimed, the “lone wolf gunman.” He, indeed, has become the Sirhan-Sirhan, James Earl Ray, and Lee Harvey Oswald of 2012.
Whaddya’ think?