Nasty Pelosi Sings “Wet Azz Dentures”. #LOL

Nancy Pelosi Sings “Wet Azz Dentures”. #LOL

Every once in awhile, ya get lucky on the net and find something hilarious…Here is Nasty Pelosi singing Cardi B’s stupid ‘song’, “Wet A$$ Pu$$y”.

This one is really funny too, LOL

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Yoo-Hoo, Gun-Control NAZIs….Someone’s Looking For You….

I wait for the insurrection with infinite delight when I see GIFs like this…Like a dream to see dumb-leftists scared to death.

Makes my day..  

Here's Johnnnnyyyyy

The Obama-Phone Lady Is In Texas To Have An Interview With Alex Jones

Too Funny

Ya can’t make this stuff up…LOL.  2 People that are off the charts funny, crazy are meeting… This should be semi-hysterical. Maybe?

Join Alex today on The Alex Jones Show as we have in studio live the Obama Phone Lady.
11am to 2pm Central on radio or streamed live at

Remember her?

It’s always good to start off a Monday in fascist AmeriKa with a good LOL.

Pig-Flying Moment: NBC’s Andrea Mitchell-“This Was Not The Time For Obama To Go On “The View”

Whoa….Pigs fly…


The REAL Reason Obama Supports Gay Marriage

Isn’t it obvious?


H/T:Chaim Ben Pesach


The ZnFrankie show….yay! IF YA WANT A GOOD LAUGH, take a listen…=o)


ZnFrankie (joined by Trish) talk about things going on in America and beyond and the false prophets and their PROPHECY SMACK in the Christian community-the far right Christian community, (there are quite a few, believe me)….. This is NOT proselytizing though, it’s a comedy/news/current events/music show…that is what is so good about it……Everyone on here is a free thinker and think outside the box (like me).

Joined by Trish, they insert some humerous rantings and ravings. Frankie discusses his disillusionment of the Americana he once knew…Trish says there is still hope. WHAT DO ALL OF YOU THINK? Zeph chimes in with some music he is working on ALL the music on this show is his, very good…..and how many of us just sit and do nothing, while our country goes into the toilet. Oh, and let’s not forget Frankie’s survival coffee making tip.

Take a listen… might like it…CAUTION: Un-Censored and a few Christianity jargons thrown around, but these guys are great….

Don’t be afraid to laugh, it’s OK!!!!!!!!!!!!


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O….M….G! Was Obama HIGH at the 60 MINUTES INTERVIEW?

Well… know how us crazy-right wingers are….we believe everything we see BAD about Hussein Obama..kind of like the way the leftist BOLSHEVIKS saw Emperor Bush the 43rd.

See, the BAD part about all of this is…we may just be RIGHT , because NOTHING is LEFT!

😉  Enjoyyyy…………..  tee-hee…NO SPAM 

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