Breitbart, Commie Slayer Faces Obama-BOTS, & THEY RUN Like the Little Mary’s They Are

Go to fullsize imageJust look at this display of absolute buffoonery on this 2nd link below. I love it, Breitbart stands up to these Commies, that are not even ‘good’ Commies- these Commies are totally stupid. 

   On another note,  this sheepishness of American leftists is really the fault of Media Matters for America, who don’t seem to mind that Sharia Law is a possibility, considering Sharia financing has already been suggested into our money system: At Values Voter Summit, Gingrich Called For Federal Ban On Sharia Law ~Personally, I would LOVE if every member of MMFA, and the Daily KOS were forced to submit to allah, ass up.

  See these poor robots run, (its sad, really) thinking that they are ‘caught in a trap’  HILARIOUS, but totally sad and ironic how the left has massacred these peoples souls and don’t even shed a tear: Breitbart Forces President Obama’s Protesters To Fold Up Shop At Right Nation 2010!

American Churchhill-BREITBART..Hopes to take down the LEFT WING in the next 3 weeks

Click: Breitbart Hopes To Take “Down The Institutional Left” In The “Next Three Weeks”


I pray that God will give you the power and equip you with all that you need in these next upcoming 3 weeks.

Breitbart: “These Decadent BASTARDS are going down” YES! — 3 comments