#Communism Sucks: Quinnipiac Poll Finds Obama Worst President Since World War II

#Communism Sucks: Quinnipiac Poll Finds Obama Worst President Since World War II

The ONLY people who approve of this idiot moron are Black Democrats, Latino-Marxists, Communists and left-wing Jews. Period.  And, those 3 groups are the scum of the earth.  The trash of humanity.  Obama desperately needs a war to rally the nation.. Here the moron is sending brass to Ukraine:



Blanche Hudson; Truly A Passive Aggressive Symbol-Story Of An ‘American’ Commie/Liberal

For my friend, “Redeemed hippy”

If you watch the movie “Whatever happened to baby Jane”, you will immediately believe that Baby Jane is the ‘bad guy.’  It’s not that she is ‘good.’  Not by a long shot.  In the beginning of the movie, as a young girl- she acts like a brat.  But, this is to be expected from a little kid in show biz.

Blanche, Jane’s sister is a passive, aggressive, liberal FREAK.  She pushes Jane over the brink.  In the scene I have posted below, you need to really watch it; Baby Jane is crying over lost youth. Lost beauty.   But, Blanche just can’t take that.      In the story…Blanche is getting ready to send Jane to an old folks home (Back in the day, this just meant ‘going to die’.)      ..So, Blanche is getting ready to send Jane, basically to her death.  Blanche only cares about Blanche  and how Blanche must be coddled, taken care of, ass kissed.. Miss Blanche is a liar.  A nasty, evil, destroy-your-life bitch. She won’t even allow Jane to weep over her loss and getting older.   Just like the bastard, lunatic, psychotic left-wingers won’t allow us to mourn our loss of country.

We were beautiful as young America.  Blossomed into patriotism and love for country. The 40’s and 50’s being the most vibrant of times.  The 1980’s, having that patriotism back again, only to have the Commie cabal of liberal progressivism shoved in our face; calling us inbreds, flag waving dummies and all sorts of traitorous bs.  

If you ever watch this movie.. Look at it in a different perspective. I view it as a story of America.   No, we were never perfect.  But we did have a country, just as Jane once had beauty, youth and talent.

At the end of this movie, you will see how Blanche finally owns up to the fact that SHE pushed Jane and made her ugly–pushed her to the point of murder.

THIS IS WHAT SICK “LIBERALISM” TO A PATRIOTIC AMERICAN.  Forcing their debauchery, evil, intolerant filth all over us–inevitably thrusting us to the point of doing have to do something we don’t want to do.