SO? Statue Of Saddam Hussein Came Down, Were Is Iraq Today? (Statues Of Lenin Fall In #Ukraine)

SO? Statue Of Saddam Hussein Came Down, Were Is Iraq Today? (Statues Of Lenin Fall In Ukraine)

People are making a big deal out of some statues coming down in Ukraine.  Big deal, some statues of Lenin came down.  Its not the statues of Lenin that were the issue and problem, it is the IDEOLOGY that is evil.  Statues also came down in Iraq, and how do the Iraqi’s live now??  How will the Ukrainians live? And, what fascist will we install to turn their lives upside down?

Ukraine, today (Statue of Lenin)

Iraq, 2003 (Statue of Saddam Hussein)

How do the Iraqi’s live now? Iraq violence: Almost 50 killed in car bomb wave Feb 18, 2014
Iraq: Jihadists murder at least 15 people with bombs … – Dec 2013

Jihad in Iraq: 66 people killed & over 120 wounded … November 2013


Emotions destroy logic and reason.

My husband has a friend that lives in Iraq and travels back and forth.  He says Iraq is a disaster zone, very unsafe since America invaded.

You Know Why Obama Has To Monitor The News Rooms With The FCC?

An art collage from November 2013

That’s why.

And, I bet that the Liberals (Communists) love this.  You know that inside of every “Liberal” is a totalitarian screaming to get out?  Imagine if this was a Repub Prez doing this?  What say David Brock from Media Matters, who pretended to be outraged when Fox news didn’t cover the issues HE wanted covered? Heh, Brock?

Obama is a thin-skinned little pu$$y who can’t take ANY criticism.  And, this will be bad for people at home who do not have access to the net: They will hear non-stop propaganda.

Bill DeBlasio Should Be ARRESTED For Illegal Communism Not Made Mayor Of NYC

Bill DeBlasio Should Be ARRESTED For Illegal Communism Not Made Mayor Of NYC

I have absolutely NO qualms about calling a traitor by his/her name and neither should you.

First of all:  I really have NO sympathy for NYC. In my opinion, it deserves what it gets. However, I do have friends stuck in the gulags there and for them, I must speak out.

Bill DeBlasio is not just a “Socialist”, he is a straight up Communist.  If you listened to his very boring speech, you could hear that for yourself.  NOTHING he said was American. Everything he spoke of was pure, unadulterated Communism.

Communism is illegal in America.  I am shocked that more people have not linked this fact: Cornell University Law School #Communism Is Illegal

He should be arrested and deported along with his hideous wife.

This is what a Communist looks like.  Communism should be shamed, daily. Spoken of in the most derogatory way.

#Communist, Obama Takes Exec Action: Background Checks for Gun Purchases

Communist, Obama Takes Exec Action: Background Checks for Gun Purchases

“Today, the Administration is announcing two new executive actions that will help strengthen the federal background check system and keep guns out of the wrong hands.”


Real brilliant, Obama, you asshole.. the wrong hands already have them, YOUR hands.

Don’t worry, just trust the US Government….Ask a Ukranian how governments are soooooooo trust-worthy…

How will this work…all of this gun control when the right wing fascists come into power, you stupid Communist, “Liberals?”

@SenJohnMcCain Supporting Communist/Che Guevara “Protesters” (Opposition) Undermining Ukraine Govt.

@SENJohnMcCain Supporting Communist/Che Guevara “Protesters” (Opposition)  Undermining Ukraine Govt.

This seems to be the “American” thing to do anymore: Undermine governments and cause chaos around the world. Like Syria, Libya, Egypt.. Now, Ukraine.

The Ukrainian situation in a nutshell:  Really radical Communists & NAZIS are trying to undermine the Ukranian government and bring it into submission to the colossal failure, the European Union.  The Ukrainian patriots do not ‘love’ Russia, but want to stay with the Russian govt as ally and resume trading in Russian currency which is steady.

You can read for yourself who these protesters (opposition) really are:  CLICK (Read with discretion, its foreign)

McCain, (being his natural self) is supporting Marxist, Che Guevara radicals:

John McCain  Oleh Tyahnybok

AND Nazis: U.S. Senator John McCain, right, meets Ukrainian opposition leaders Arseniy Yatsenyuk, left, and Oleh Tyahnybok (SVOBODA) in Kiev, Ukraine, Saturday, Dec. 14, 2013.


Picture from his Twitter page:  Details    Hat tip, Gateway.  I hope you will get on the right side, Mr. Hoft.

This conservative Bahranian asks McCain:

@SenJohnMcCain you visited #Bahrain twice since the uprising but only met with Alkhalifah – Monarchy that killed protesters incl. children


Hard-Up Obama Robots Posting Pro-Obama Communism On “Before Its News” #ROFL!

Hard-Up Obama Robots Now Posting Pro-Obama Communism On “Before Its News” #ROFL!

First time I have seen this insanity on BIN.  Had not seen it before…

Really… No joke!  HA HA HA…!! Look, Obama morons.. you suck.  Your “Prez” is an idiot & a Communist asshole..  Anything he touches turns to mush.

More Pro-Obama crap here…. on BIN..  Poor “Before Its News”

He is just rotten to the core.  A huge experimental failure in modern day politics.  Majority should not ever put in a minority to rule over them.  For obvious reasons.  IT DOES NOT WORK.

The Three Failed Promises of Obamacare – Tevi Troy, Commentary
Young People Aren’t Buying Obama’s Sales Pitch – John Fund, Natl Review
Obama’s Shallow Inequality Message – Ben Domenech, The Federalist

Commie-Liberal Chatters In Paltalk: “Kill All Right Wingers, ‘Tea-Baggers’ & Republicans”

Commie-Liberal chatters: “Kill All Right Wingers, ‘Tea-Baggers’ & Republicans”

This was the conversation in a paltalk chatroom.  The “Liberal” version of “debating” ~They don’t want to debate, they want you DEAD. This is how they are allowed to talk in a public chatroom.

This is how totalitarians talk.  They would rather kill patriotic Americans instead of deporting those here illegally.  They (The “Liberals”) want to just kill Americans if they oppose Obama-care, even though Obama-care does not even work, literally..   They endorse the murder of Americans.  They just want people who oppose Obama, dead.  This is evil.  This is Nazi-ism.  This is Communism.   If you cannot understand why I am totally intolerant of the radical Communist-left, you should understand, now.  This is the totalitarian mindset; Murder.  Take what we have worked for and give it to illegals from Mexico or themselves.  ‘Accept gay marriage or we will force it on you.’  This is how they think.  I have been fighting these type ‘humans’ most of my adult life.  Another chatter said on the microphone: “We will tax you to death, if you do not pay, we will take it from you, by force.”  That is how a “Liberal” thinks & this is their mindset.  So, just keep calling them ‘libtards’ as they kill you & your families, eventually.

This is the message I left the room owner of ‘2 way street politics’ in Paltalk chat:  (I am Pookie-Gin, the room owner is S_Link90)

S_LINK90 is currently chatting in, 2Way Street Politics
pookie_gin: Link: I have always liked you. But, I probably cannot come to your room anymore. The “Liberals” in your room would rather ‘kill right wingers, republicans and tea baggers” and keep illegals. Its not a chatroom of debate anymore, it is Communism to speak this way. It is treason. That is not called ‘free speech’, it is murder.  pookie_gin: They just want to kill us.  Its not funny.  Its murder.

This is their blog: 2 Way Street Politics | Hard hitting political chat.

2 WAY STREET POLITICS CHATROOM – LIBERAL BS FILTER 100  (“Liberal BS filter also posts there)


When they try to tell you they are non-violent, you tell them right to their face that they are liars and full of Shit.  They are MURDERERS, period.

Robin Leach: American People Can’t See Obama Leading America Into Communism

Robin Leach: American People Can’t See Obama Leading America Into Communism

We’ve been telling you this for almost 5 years.  It’s time to wake up and call the ‘liberals’ by their right name:  Communists.  Stop pussy-footin around. If you don’t NAME an enemy, you will *never* win.

Video by:  Birther Report.


STOP CALLING THESE SOBs “Liberals”  Cultural Marxism, Totalitarianism and the Death of Belief

StalinObama- Another General Is Purged-Air Force General In charge Of ICBMs To Be Fired

StalinObama- Another General Is Purged-Air Force General In charge Of ICBMs To Be Fired

MUST READ about The Threat We Face »

The Obama Insane Administration says that this General has personal behavior issues.  Since when did the Communist “Liberals” care about morals..? Did they care about these things when their CIC was getting a blow job from a “Jewish” slut, wearing a blue dress? Or when Kennedy was sexing it up with Marilyn Monroe?  Bullshit.  Lies. 24/7.

These generals are being fired because either they are plotting to overthrow Obama–Or, they are refusing to fire when the time comes.   What do you think?  That’s my thoughts…  It’s Communism, stupid.  He has to have generals that go along with his plans and he certainly cannot have any that are disobedient to our dear Uncle StalinObama.

DO ANY OF YOU REALIZE THE DANGER WE ARE IN?  This means you, too, useful ‘liberal’ (Communist) idiots.


“20th AF continues to execute its mission of around-the-clock nuclear deterrence in a safe, secure and effective manner,” Kowalski said in a statement. “It’s unfortunate that I’ve had to relieve an officer who’s had an otherwise distinctive career spanning 35 years of commendable service.” Can’t happen to us? 

Click-Purge of the Red Army in 1941 

DEATH TO LIBERALS-We Will All Be Forced Into Communist “Health-Care” Against Our Will.

DEATH TO LIBERALS-We Will All Be Forced Into Communist “Health-Care” Against Our Will.

I am devastated and crushed today because of this ‘health-care’ discontinuance shit. Being forced into something against my will has made me violently sick

Some of you know that I have been discontinued from my healthcare come Jan 2014.   My personal fear is that I will look into a different plan this week that Blue cross provides and it will be $700- or more a month.  I can’t afford $700- a month health care.  I pay $325-a mon and can afford that.   I’m a little above middle class, self-employed and hired to sing and entertain elderly, WW2 vets, restaurants, lounges, meetings, balls, etc.   So, what I pay is out of pocket.  I have not minded paying out of pocket because I (David and I) work for it.  We pay what we can afford..

The way I grew up….. 

 Never be a drain on fellow Americans. Do not EVER take welfare, food-stamps, disability or unemployment.  Unless sick and even then, VERY sick.  This is how I was raised.  Don’t borrow from Mom, Nana, my Father-nobody. You are an adult, you pay for yourself.  True, that my mother has helped me when I went through surgery, when I had my first apartment and one time when I was sick in 2005.  This, my mother did for me voluntarily. I did NOT ask my own mother to help me because I was raised to not ever ask for help.  Do not borrow, etc.  I have borrowed money 3x in my life.

It is making me violently ill today thinking that we will be a drain on each-other.  

What about really poor people that cannot even pay, say, $90- a month, individually?  Who will foot their bill?  Oh, the rich will do that.. Right?  

F*CK these Liberals, death to them.  They destroy the spirit of a person and are still not happy.  Death is not good enough–they should be tortured.  But, good men do nothing, so just deal with this Commie shit, you idiots.  You ‘men’ make me sick.   I have always tried to lift men up, but they allow this evil to continue and expect ME, a female – to take care of DC..  F’n mary’s.


Ty for the link, Doug: Blue Cross Dumps Mad Jewess Woman