Russia Exiting From All US Dollar Assets: Investing In Yuan, Gold & Euro Instead

Russia Exiting From All US Dollar Assets: Investing In Yuan, Gold & Euro Instead

That’s stupid Joe-Bama for ya…Starting chit with Russia by threatening to sanction them for the latest cyber attacks… Most of us know that it’s not Russia attacking…it’s probably just US CIA getting us all ready for the biggest crash ever.

This didnt happen under Trump. This stupidity only happens when the Commie-Crats are in charge.

YAY!! Kudo’s EU! Beetle Larvae Food! Fabulous!

YAY!! Beetle Larvae Food! Fabulous!

I can’t wait to eat the new delicacy. Tasty bugs for dinner. Imagine if one is not thoroughly cooked? All those little legs crawling down your throat. Mm Mm Good!

The insect can be used to make burgers, protein shakes and biscuits .“The use of insects as an alternate source of protein is not new and insects are regularly eaten in many parts of the world,” the commission noted, announcing the decision.

Isn’t that great? Monkey see, Monkey do.

More at France 24

More insects are on their way to dinner plates in Europe under an agreement between EU countries to label them “innovative food” that is safe to eat, the European Commission said Tuesday.

Why is this happening? Because the ‘powers that be’ in EU are Communists. Communists starve people to death.

Satan’s Son, Obama Is Crying Some Garbage About “Democracy”. All The Talking Heads Are Hissing Like The Demons They ARE

Satan’s Son, Obama Is Whining Some Garbage About “Democracy”. All The Talking Heads Are Nagging

Ezekiel38Rapture: OBAMA is STILL in charge of the US on ...

Obama’s favorite son is screaming and crying about Democracy and Trump something. I can’t listen to him because it’s like hearing the devil crying. Here he is, Beelzebub, the anti Christ hissing and foaming at the mouth: Obama: Trump’s Claims of Widespread Fraud Another Step in ‘Delegitimizing’ Democracy

Amanpour, the Jihadist propagandist is snarling: …She LIKENS TRUMP’S TENURE TO NAZI GERMANY..

Tapper, the conniving Luciferian is ranting about some “Conspiracy” crap. TRUMP TWEETING ‘DERANGED’ CONSPIRACIES…


A bunch of demons dressed up as people if you ask me..Look how evil they are. They never stop. That energy comes straight from the pits of hell. The way they never stop the attack is totally demonic.

These above creatures are filled with the power of satan. Don’t listen to them. They have a green light from the devil. We are fighting evil, wicked spirits. Put the armor of GOD on!

Hell, Obama….he was IN on the steal for months: Every State W/ Major #VoterFraud, Obama & Holder Call “Target” States On their Website: “All On The Line”

RIP Margaret Thatcher. TY 4 Dealing With The Socialist Scourge Which Had Infested England

This was Tweeted to me:

‘Stand in line RT @ffsshutup RIP Maggie, thank you for dealing with the socialist scourge which had infested this country. #IronLady

We’re losing the generation of greatness. And stuck with old hippy/Communist bastards. Terribly sad day for normal people in England

Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first female PM, dead at 87

There is definitely NO England now.