The BLM/ANTIFA 2020 Summer “Protests” Were Communist. This 1968 Film Proves It

The BLM/ANTIFA 2020 “Protests” Were Communists. This 1968 Film Proves It

In order to determine the present situation, one must dig into history to discover the roots of any subversive movement.

The summer riots of 2020 were Communist riots and nothing else. The rioters were not for George Floyd nor were they ‘anti fascist’. It was Communists and you’ll see that in this film. The Communist (Leftists) want to overthrow the United states government and its people. Since the 1960’s. The ‘true’ coup is the Left against America.

The Communist Leftists have been using minorities and poor people for over 50 years to achieve the complete overthrow of our nation, our economic system and government. This is why I pay NO mind to the Leftist taunts of Trump’s supporters being ‘terrorists’. This film shows who the REAL terrorists are: THE LEFTISTS. PERIOD. The few that went into the capitol on June 6th have NO roots in ANY movement–ANYWHERE. There is no history of “Trump supporters” seeking to destroy the USA for the last 50 years. Conservative people are not subversive. Being ‘nationalistic’ is not undermining the nation. Being patriotic is NOT subversive.

NOBODY on the majority of the “Trump side” has sought to overthrow the whole nation. Yes, they hate the house and senate and do do I. But to bring 100 Vietnam’s to America as you will see stated in this film? NO, no and NO. It is the LEFT and has always been the LEFT that is subversive. Because Leftism is a FOREIGN ideology.

#DefendDC: Dont Allow #BLM In DC On 1-6-2021. They Could Burn DC To The Ground

DefendDC: Dont Allow #BLM In DC, 1-6-21. They Could Burn DC To The Ground

I was just reading that the radical, racist, white-hating, terrorist group, #BLM wants DC to not allow any white people in hotels on Jan 6, 2020. They say whites are ‘violent extremists’. Has DC forgotten so quickly what the #BLM did in most of the cities during the summer of 2020 or are they afraid of the fake, non existent, ‘nazi’, white boogeyman?


Let’s take a trip down memory lane. This is what BLM did in Minneapolis:

Burning America: Be Careful What You Wish For | The Iranian
EXPOSED: Ilhan Omar's daughter Isra Hirsi Retweets DSA's ...
Minneapolis Riot... City Burned Down Aftermath 5/28/2020 ...
Minneapolis Manufacturing Company Will Leave City after ...


WATCH: BLM Rioters Leave Chicago In Shambles And 13 Police ...





Image: Mayor celebrates Black Lives Matter riots until her home is targeted, now she is crying about terrorism

2 billion in damage: The 2020 Black Lives Matter Riots Are The Most Damaging …

I could go on and on, all day long. But, as usual, the Communist, radical, Left says the ‘right wing’ is violent: ‘Black Lives Matter DC’ asks more hotels to close ahead of planned pro-Trump demonstration:Are you all going to follow suit and protect Black Lives or welcome white extremists violent gangs into your establishments on January 6? 

Will DC burn regardless?

Because the Left, once again, is projecting what THEY just might do….

And You're Glue (2/5) – je suis

“Refuse Fascism” Are The Violent Terrorist Leftists Who Are Destroying Leftist Lives In Cities:

“Refuse Fascism” Are The Violent Terrorists Who Are Destroying Leftist Cities:

Refuse Fascism Opens the Door to Closing the Book on Trump/Pence ...

It’s interesting that the ‘anti fascists’ ARE the fascists.  Facts are facts:  “Refuse Fascism”, BLM and Antifa destroyed and intimidated Leftist cities and now have Liberals living in fear IN those cities.  Its not Conservative people that are terrorizing the Leftists.  It’s the Communist Leftists that are terrorizing the Leftists.  

The feckless GOP will do nothing.  They only defund middle eastern terrorists.  Neither party cares about you.  GOP is just a little less nefarious than the Communist Democrat party.

Click to watch the video on Project Veritas. 

RefuseFascism Organizer: “…you’ll see, there’s people even in the Hillary campaign worked with RefuseFascism because they see the danger.”

  • Head of the Atlanta Chapter of RefuseFascism, Tee Stern: “We Actually Did
    Get a Grant from Them (Soros) Around – We Started a Thing Called a National Day
    of Appreciation for Abortion Providers.”
  • National Organizer for RefuseFascism, Andy Zee: “…I Believe He
    (Steyer) Has Political Ambitions, and He Might Not Want to Be Directly
  • National Organizer for RefuseFascism, Andy Zee: “…Steyer might not
    want to be connected” “…Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, this at a certain
    point dominates the national news…it’s a very disruptive force.”
  • National Organizer for RefuseFascism, Andy Zee: “…we’re meeting with his (Tom Steyer) main adviser on impeachment. We’ve been talking to his assistant, he first said he was going to meet, he made the announcement…”