Proof Riots Were Planned In APRIL? Or Before? Rioter ‘Confidential’ Instruction Page FOUND:

Proof Riots Were Planned In APRIL? Rioter Instruction Note FOUND

This page was found. Where? I dont know. This is page 13 of 26 pages on how to. On the bottom of this page, 4/16 is written:

also…CLICK here: To see this ‘accidentally’ dropped  photo on Twimg


Why is it written, ‘confidential?’ If a group is acting in good faith, there is no reason for confidentiality in a protest. America is not a closed society. If a group has to hide Instructions, then it is illegal political activism and, worse…they KNOW it. 




Communist Revolutionary, Obama Calls Ted Cruz’s “GOP” “Radical” To Divert Attn Off Obama-Care

Communist Revolutionary, Obama Calls Ted Cruz’s “GOP” “Radical” To Divert Attn Off Obama-Care

Totalitarian Hussein says that the GOP/(CRUZ) are not moving the nation forward.. We know what forward means:

The Communist Revolutionary, Obama has some damned nerve.  This demented lunatic calls Ted Cruz’s “GOP” ‘radicals’ after HE (Obama) shut down the government.  The house/senate has NO power to shut down the govt, only to defund it.  Make no mistake:  Obama shut the government down.  Why?  To take focus off of the FUBAR Obama-care website, plus millions losing their health insurance including me.  It is projected that close to 100 million people will be dropped from existing plans and possibly forced into Communist healthcare.

Obama has purged the military of many high ranking officials and he calls Ted Cruz “radical?”  Please..  Look at the man in the mirror, Obama.  The radical is you.  YOU change your ways, evil demoniac man.

“Right now there’s a group that – and a few of them are from Texas – who just aren’t willing to do the hard work and compromise necessary to move the country forward,” the president said. Keep Reading