Military Insider: White House AND Military Big Brass Are Communists & Commie Sympathizers


This is what we have been saying without talking to an insider.  Republicans and Democrats; both are enemies in the house.  Every single one of them must be gone. 

(BTW: For all of you moron Israel haters that call this a “Zionist” plot.. You need to shut the hell up.  These are NOT Zionists.  They are COMMUNISTS.  Commies have always hated Zionists.  Zion means God, Gods favorite place on earth.  Communism hates God.  What in the hell do you think is going on in the M.E.?  Muslim/Marxism=COMMUNISM.)

From the Ulsterman:

Communists. Communist supporters. Sympathizers. Or socialists. Or globalists might be the right…a more accurate term. Big government…One World…that whole concept. It’s real. As real these chairs. That wall. The air in your lungs.