FLASHBACK, 2011: “If You Try To Take Our Firearms, We Will Kill You.”

FLASHBACK, 2011: “If You Try To Take Our Firearms, We Will Kill You.”

If you carry guns or not (it’s your choice). But, I know for a fact that an armed society is a polite society. I lived in Salinas, Central CA. And, I lived in NYC. Both states are gun-controlled and the crime is chaotic. Where I live now in Northern AZ, everyone carries and there is hardly any crime. It’s simple: The criminals and the violent know they can be shot if they cause criminal issues. It’s really that simple. We don’t walk around worried here. In NYC and in Cali, you are worried all the time because the criminals have guns and you do not and you could be murdered in a drive by, or robbed, raped, etc.

At any rate:

This was written in 2011 on “Coach is right” and linked by the “Free Republic” “If you try to take our firearmswe will kill you.”

I posted this again because the CommieCrats need to understand that they are pushing men over the edge and many people could be killed if they don’t stop their insanity.



1960s Edward G. Griffin On Commie Smear Tactics: ‘Call Em Fascist, Nazi, etc’

1960s Edward G. Griffin On Commie Smear Tactics: ‘Call Em Fascist, Nazi, etc

Stop calling the COMMUNISTS, ‘Liberals’. They’re no good, dirty, rotten Communist devils. Anytime you don’t name this thing by its name, the monster gets bigger.

Hat tip, Nicholas.

Yapping Yid, Blumenthal & Marxist Markey Introduce Face Muzzle Legislation

Yapping Yid, Blumenthal & Marxist Markey Introduce Face Muzzle Legislation

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb are seeking to shove the face mask on all Americans. When I go out, I see more sheep WITH the masks on than without a mask on. We don’t need a friggin bill telling us what to wear.

My Mother’s friends wore masks ALL the time and got Covid anyway. My husband’s friends at the gym wore their masks ALL the time and came down with the Covid regardless. If you are susceptible to Covid, you will get it. Just like a flu.

Could the issue be that the masks are just not effective? Well, DUH….. According to the box the ‘strongest’ masks come in, (I-95), it plainly says that the masks won’t protect.

This is the ONLY mask that works for filthy-rat, Democrat, Communist Senators:

* Democratic Senators Announce National Face Mask Legislation


Obama’s Dr. of Death, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel Is BACK, Thanks To Bolshevik #Biden

Obama’s Dr. of Death, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel Is BACK, Thanks To #Biden

Remember this video below from 2010? One Jewish Dr calling out Bolshevik, “Dr” Emmanuel? Can you believe we are back to this insanity again? Well, we are because Biden (If he ‘wins’ after the recounts and court decisions) will be appointing all of the same murderers that Obama appointed. Turncoat traitor John Kerry is back, too. Don’t be surprised if Hillary is given a seat as high priestess of the DC temple of doom.

Emanuel, 63, wrote that “by 75, creativity, originality and productivity are pretty much gone for the vast, vast majority of us” in his 2014 essay “Why I Hope to Die at 75.”

Biden is 77 by the way….

The ONLY Reason Dem “Jews” Are Obsessed With “Nazis” Is Bcz They’re Stinkin’ Communists.

The ONLY Reason Dem “Jews” Are Obsessed With “Nazis” Is Bcz They’re Stinkin’ Communists.

The “Jewish” (actually ANTI Orthodox Jewish Left) is scared to death IF America turns super patriotic and nationalistic. Why? Because they know their repulsive, sickening, anus-sucking, baby-murdering, pedophile supporting ideals are NOT wanted by sane society. They scream “Nazi” at every chance they get because they KNOW their insane politics cause backlash.

In this case, the “Jewish” Democrats (Communist worshipers) have created this idiot video. Adding insult to injury. If ANYONE is ‘Nazi’, its Left Wing Jews. Anyone who supports the bully, fascist ‘antifa’ is a pro violent lunatic who should be deported.

We should re institute some old customs.….

The story behind the execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg - New York  Daily News

#WhiteHouseSiege – This Group Plans to “Lay Siege” & “Occupy” The White House Sept. 17-Nov. 3

#WhiteHouseSiege – This Group Plans to “Lay Siege” & “Occupy” The White House Sept. 17-Nov. 3

Communists do not understand that we have a voting process.  You dont ‘lay siege‘ to the Commander in Chief unless he has gone full blown fascist or totalitarian Communist.  They don’t understand because they were not spanked and they had ideological College professors teaching them Marxist regurgitation.

 Trump AINT a fascist and he is NOT a Communist.  But,  he has coddled with the Communist Left (maybe not in words..)  AND the phony right for the last year and a half.  This has thoroughly pissed off the Independent Right and the Center Indep’s  who wanted people in both parties behind bars for crimes against humanity and treason.  

I AM sorry but I must tell it as it is:

Trump did absolutely ZERO as this nation was burning to the ground & statues and war memorials were defaced and vandalized.    A lot of talk but no action.  He signed an executive order about online censorship and promised strong police, ‘very strong‘ but the big tech Communists, & the Leftist street terrorists just ignored the executive orders and snuffed off his mouthy police show.      Trump’s mantle has been ripped.   It was ripped in January 2020.  He was given a prophetic word by a female prophetess to ‘rid the nation of enemies within‘ but, he did nothing just like ancient King Saul of Israel.    It is what it is.    I feel bad that he is dumped on day in and day out – but when GOD puts his gavel down and says RID THE NATION OF ITS ENEMIES and you do nothing—-its over.   The fat lady is singing.    We are open to ANY evil that comes our way and we ARE on our own.  Lord, have mercy. Please.

This is what the Communist street terrorists are planning:


The Communists AD:


#Portland ‘Protestors’ (Terrorists) Surround & Violently Threaten Christian Preachers

#Portland ‘Protestors’ (Terrorists) Surround & Violently Threaten Christian Preachers

The Left calls us ‘fascist’ but they can’t even take a couple of street preachers without threatening them and intimidating them.  Leftists ARE the fascist pigs.