NYers – Piss Off Communist Dictator, #Cuomo – Buy A Confederate Flag. Links Here:

Piss Of Commie #Cuomo, Buy A Confederate Flag. Links Here:

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The Communist dictator of NY has banned the sales of Confederate flags: Read more at Reason.com I see this as somewhat comical. I lived in NY until I was 17 and then lived there again later in my life. I never saw a Confederate flag there–EVER. Cuomo is an idiot.

Time to buy a Confederate flag and HANG IT HIGH!! Links:

Confederate Shop – Confederate Shop

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(Removing Statues) Cultural Genocide Is Being Perpetrated Against Southern Americans

Cultural Genocide Is Being Perpetrated Against Southern Americans

Everyone that is American should be OUTRAGED by the removal of the Confederate statues and the Confederate flag. This is the removal of the whole culture in the south.  What makes the rest of Americans think they’re not next?   When cultural genocide starts, its just a matter of time before they start murdering humans. 

Nobody is doing a damned thing to stop this.  The President is not recognizing this cultural genocide which is very frightening.  Whats next? The American flag must go? The Communists have already disrespected the national anthem by kneeling in a gesture meant to bring attention to Police officers who have nothing to do with the price that MILITARY has had to pay.  Of course  idiot, young, radical Communists don’t know this because they are stupid, dumb and violent. 

#Culturalgenocide  Cultural genocide or cultural cleansing is a concept that lawyer Raphael Lemkin distinguished in 1944 as a component of genocide.   The precise definition of “cultural genocide” remains contested.  However, The Armenian Genocide Museum defines cultural genocide as “acts and measures undertaken to destroy nations’ or ethnic groups’ culture through spiritual, national, and cultural destruction.   Cultural genocide involves the eradication and destruction of cultural artifacts, such as books, artworks, and structures, and the suppression of cultural activities that do not conform to the destroyer’s notion of what is appropriate.

See it here.

Allowing this to continue is allowing the future genocide of Southern Americans.

Raw: Confederate Statue Vandalized in Columbus - YouTube

Protesters in North Carolina topple Confederate soldier statue

Links To Buy Confederate Flag Memorabilia/Collectibles:

Links To Buy Confederate Flag Memorabilia/Collectibles:

The Communist Left is telling us that the Confederate flag is bad and the statues are wrong.  Anything the Left tells me..I do the opposite.  Because they’re fascist a$$holes.

So.. I am standing by Dixie.  

Confederate Flag GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Confederate Shop – Confederate Shop

Confederate Store | Rebel Flag Attire | Dixie Republic

Rebel Nation | The #1 Rebel Flag Store In The USA

Confederate Novelties | Civil War Stuff – Online Store

Rebel Flags & Confederate Flag for Sale. Mix n Match: Buy …

Confederate Metal Signs – CootersPlace

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God Bless the people in Dixie.  

College Wants To Remove Black Mans Confederate Flag In His Window..& Young Girl SUSUPENDED For Wearing Confederate Flag

This is what he says:

My college wants me to remove my Confederate Flag from my window. It will not go down without a FIGHT!!!

He is also tired of the constant Communist, race-hustling bullshit.


Here is a young lady who got SUSPENDED for wearing her Confederate Flag:

Here in Amerika, WE IS OK with the foreign, ugly WETBACK flag, but not the Confederate flag…We is OK with that…It is perfectly OK with America-hating Americans to disrespect our national identity:

If you wonder why people hate the hell out of the USA, it is because of the Communist “Liberal” TRAITORS & back-stabbers. Period.

NOBODY respects a sell-out.

UPDATE! LINK REMOVED!COMMUNIST NAACP: Boycotting Kid Rock-Confederate Flag!

Funny.. I think it is.. The way these Communist DEVIL fascists hate the Confederate flag.  Love it. Its the main reason we have a few in our house now.  Now, they are boycotting Kid Rock. I guess Kid Rock must be doing something right!  Most southerners I know are into their heritage. These COMMUNISTS act like THEY were slaves! Just like so many Jewish people pretend that they had parents in the Holocaust.  And they DO pretend this. I had a left wing “Jew” on this site who is 22 years old tell me her MOTHER AND FATHER survived the Holocaust.  Unbelievable. So, they happened to give birth to her when they were in their 60’s? Come on.

As far as this Confederate flag nonsense: GET OVER IT, NAACP





Even Though We Have a BLACK Prez, Some Black People Still NUTS Over Confederate Flag

Go to fullsize imagePeople act like this is not 2011, and there is no black president.

Well, HELLO people-a pretty large majority of WHITE CRACKERS voted in a BLACK guy (who is also a Kenyan and a Muslim/Marxist to boot)- but people are insane over a little Confederacy at a L.I. F.D.

Whahhhh, the Confederate flag is baaaaaad, tell your Dad.

Go to fullsize imageWHAHHHHHHHHHHH

L.I. Fire Dept. Logos Seem to Bear Confederate Flag

Islamic Flag OK In America; CONFEDERATE FLAG No good: ARE WE INSANE?!

View Image Some people are REAL morons; They have ZERO clue that the Confederate flag is a HERITAGE, not some ‘white supremist’ crap, so I added a few pics of black people with it, because it IS their history as well.BRING IT ON GOD.

This is the height of total insanity. This nation has lost ALL reason, and you can thank the LIBERALS/Progressives, Marxists- WHATEVER they call themselves THIS week.

  Tell ya what…. We allow this?  Then we deserve to be bombed by enemies, we deserve anything that is coming our way.  As for me and MY house? We will hang the CONFEDERATE flag now, and hang it HIGH! F-k YOU LEFTISTS. You have been weighed in the balances and found wanting, judgement is on the horizon, and already happening- when God allows his wrath all over America, I will not shed a tear for your treachery. Not ONE tear.  I pray now that we get it bad. We deserve it- turning our backs on our forefathers, forsaking our Christian roots, and throwing out Gods laws:



Prepare your wrath-We deserve the fate.

View Image






Dumb Liberal: “We’ve Defeated You Before, We Will again”

This is just too funny.. These leftist moonbat people totally believe that this is ‘south vs north’ all over again.  That is how delusional the left is.  This guy says here on this post at Breitbarts:

 StevieRules -41p · 10 hours ago

 I actually believe conservatives would lose any war against the other side, so I’m not worried. We defeated the South in the past and we can do it again.
Here is my response;

 Stevie, howya gonna win a war against fully locked and loaded people, while you dumb left wingers scream:


You cant ‘win a war with words’ as Rhett Butler said in Gone with the Wind.  

You’ll be gone in a flash, But I have to admit, you ARE entertaining, funny as shit….    


 BTW, if you ever really want to flip out a left-wing crazy; Just buy a Confederate Flag, it works like a charm …… Sunshine



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