Border Agent, Brian Terry’s Mother Royally Tells Off Eric MURDERER Holder

Mr. Holder. How come you can never say my sons name? You never have. All I ever hear you say is ‘I didnt find out or I cant say.’  I’m actually tired of hearing your double-talk in answering questions. What a joke you are. You know my son was a real AMERICAN, a WARRIOR, and a HERO, who was also protecting COWARD POLITICIANS like you.

Good going, Mrs. Terry.  We weep with you, believe me, we do.

What grief this mother must be going through.  Think about it.  Her son comes home from a war, only to be murdered right within the borders of his own country.  The agony this family must feel. Makes me weep every time we put up a post on this horrendous situation.
Dedicated to the family of Brian Terry: