Commie-CRATS HATE Cawthorn: Dems STOLE The Election & He Knows It

Commie-CRATS HATE Cawthorn. Dems STOLE The Election & He Knows It

Voting is Rigged! - YouTube

If you check out this link, you will see that the treacherous, traitor, filthy, disgusting Democrats are attacking Madison Cawthorn, non-stop: Cawthorn is getting divorced…& Democrat operatives film undercover video of Madison Cawthorn…

When asked if the 2nd Amendment is a solution to a stolen election, Cawthorn basically says “Yes”. Well, Dummycrats, IT IS the solution. You steal elections and get away with it. Even TIME ran a story admitting the election was stolen

The 2020 election was stolen and most people know this. Even the Democrats admit it.

I am NOT a big Trump fan at all. #1. He never drained the swamp & now we are stuck with these Communist bastards because he didn’t do what he said he would do: DRAIN THE SWAMP. #2. He pushes the poison vaccine. SAD!

However, he won that election. I watched it. I watched how they brought in boxes after, watched how they kept counting votes only for Biden. DJT won it fair and square and it was stolen. The 2nd Amendment IS the only solution to this criminal activity-whether by military or citizen militia force.

Liz Harrington: OBAMA, Not Sick, Old Joe “Illegitimately” Took Over The Presidency.

Liz Harrington: OBAMA, Not Sick, Old Joe “Illegitimately” Took Over

Give Us Liberty: BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA: 100% EVIL...

We are in a war and people just wont name the enemy.

They NEVER do here in the states. We pride ourselves in being courageous but we just cant seem to name an enemy. The truth is, corporately, we are COWARDS. That’s the damned facts.

For years on this blog, I have always called the ‘Liberals’ what they are: COMMUNISTS. Yet, for being in the top 2% of political blogs in America in my first 4 years on this website, naming the enemy just never caught on to us witless Americans.

Obama, the EVIL had his ‘legacy’ of filthy, faggy Communist policies tossed in the ashcan by Trump (many of those policies). Anyone with a brain can see this is OBAMA, Holder, Hillary, Jarrett and the God hating pukes running the show.


save a few Conservatives over the last few months.

And ‘saying’ it means repeating it over and over. When you fight, you hit your opponent – over and over. Not here in USA!! NOPE!! We do things one time and expect things to change.

As long as you people will not NAME the real issue–which is OBAMA running this sh’t show…. you remain on defense. And, you friggin deserve it. Liz knows it but won’t say it. That’s like lightly punching Andre the giant. “Joe Biden Illegitimately Took Over” – President Trump’s Spokeswoman Liz Harrington

Monitor, Censor, Ban & Remove: The TRUTH Is Still The Truth

Monitor, Censor, Ban & Remove. The TRUTH Is Still The Truth

I was not the most ‘pro-Trump’ person. I was VERY angry (since Jan 2017) that he did not throw war mongers and the treasonous D’s AND R’s in prison.

There is no defense against the truth. None. The Communist radicals in big tech ban, toss, suspend, etc. Go ahead, ban everyone — but in the end, you don’t win because the truth is still the truth. The Communists can lock us up, they can destroy our lives, they can do whatever it is they wish. But, the truth will still remain.

Facts are the facts. Trump & The Trumpers still won the election no matter what the Communist radicals say. The Communists stole the election and overthrew the government. Thats the facts. After you see a video like this (below) and you still choose to believe the lying Left, then that’s a serious issue you have because you have chosen to believe the lie rather than the truth.

All of the other Christians calling the Trumpers, ‘false prophets’ are not in the truth. Like it or not, Fact is: Trump won the election even though the Communists snuck in and stole it from him. The Trumpers ‘heard from God’ but they underestimated satan. When one gets caught up in the ’emotion’ of it all, one loses focus and perspective and that’s when satan sneaks in to steal, destroy and murder.

A few months back, I had a dream Prophetic Dream I Had Last Night Of A LARGE Elephant On The Horizon. I thought it meant one of two things: #1. Huge problem. OR #2. GOP landslide. This dream came to pass as a double-edged sword, though. There WAS A GOP landslide. There WAS and IS a problem. The GOP Landslide suffered a catastrophic issue: The coup. Now, our troubles will become larger and worse.


The truth is still the truth. The truth cannot be taken away. The Communists have foisted O’Biden into office against the will of the people. Against the voters and against the republic. That is the truth. They can ban us from everything and NOTHING will change this truth. NOTHING. Hell or high-water won’t change it. The media cannot change it. God, himself won’t change it.

All we can do now is plead with God to have mercy. Repent and turn to God. Ask him, implore him to have mercy on us. As it is now a time of great delusion. When the Liars and thieves ‘win’ by fraud, it is because God has allowed us to be turned over completely to enemies.

2 Thessalonians 2

11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

The 2014 Ukraine Revolution Against Yanukovych Led By The US Now Comes To DC Against Trump

The 2014 Ukraine Revolution Against Yanukovych Led By The US Now Comes To DC Against Trump

In 2014, John McCain, Victoria Nuland, Sen Chris Murhpy and George Soros with the European Maidan overthrew the parliament in Kiev, Ukraine. There were horrible riots, the capital of Ukraine burned to the ground. Priests came out to calm the rioters, (who were mostly from the European countries and were paid to riot). Our government was completely involved in overthrowing a legitimately elected President, namely Yanukovych. I covered that catastrophe for 3 years: See the posts on Ukraine here.

McCain and Murphy fomenting revolution in Kiev, Ukraine in 2013.

I warned many American people not to root for the rioters but to speak out against this. There were reasons to speak out:

1. Our government had NO business being in Ukraine. None, let alone overthrowing their government.

2. The opposition party who replaced the Yanukovych cabinet were National Socialists (Nazis).

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is the only rep that drilled one of the US Government op’s for their support of Nazis in Ukraine:

Below is former John McCain photo’d with Svoboda party Neo Nazi, Oleh Yaroslavovych Tyahnybok. Here he is ‘Heiling Hitler‘.

WaPo Uses Photo of John McCain Next to Nazi to Praise His ...

But, people refused to believe this and often times named me and other bloggers, “Paid Moscow trolls”. No. We wanted our nation OUT of another country we had no business being in.

I tried to tell Trump to arrest these people before a Kiev overthrow came here: Oct 2019 – Hey @realDonaldTrump, Dems Attempting #Coup Just Like They Did In #Ukraine, Egypt, Libya and Tried in Syria! ARREST THEM. Stop The Madness!

Trump didnt listen and here we are today. Twitter has the President’s tweets completely censored: Twitter Removes ‘Like,’ ‘Reply’ and Retweet Count Functions From Multiple Trump Tweets About the Election

So, are we going to see a Kiev style overthrow? Yes. I believe so. If Trump does not arrest the people performing this coup, we will see the overthrow of Trump and maybe many Republicans. We will possibly see much death and DC on fire. The people that are opposing Trump have successfully carried out Coup’s in many countries. They WILL do it here also.



Brennan KNOWS What He Says Is TREASON & SEDITION. We Don’t “Remove” Presidents:

Brennan KNOWS What He Says Is TREASON & SEDITION. We Don’t “Remove” Presidents:

We don’t ‘remove’ President’s by force in this nation–we never have. Not ever. Why is Brennan committing OPEN treason and sedition? Why? Why does the Communist Democrat party get away with EVERYTHING?

The GOP is the weakest party I have ever seen and I follow the issues of foreign governments and parliaments. I have never seen such a feckless bunch of toothless tigers.

Treason: the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.

Sedition: incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.

As much as the Communist Democrats and the Pinko GOP says “Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist”, they sure like making his predictions true!!!!!

‘Protesters’, Black (COMMUNIST TERRORISTS) Outside The White House Attempting To Declare A “Black House Autonomous Zone”

‘Protesters’, Black (COMMUNIST TERRORISTS) Outside The White House Attempting To Declare A “Black House Autonomous Zone”

I find it very interesting that these miscreants all of the sudden have fences and barricades…

I don’t know why Trump and the ‘fascists’ don’t just shoot these people dead.  Some fascists they turned out to be.  So disappointing…

Shoot them, what the FK are you idiots waiting on??? (Communists are destroying the Andrew Jackson statue)

New Possible FAKE ‘Impeachment’ Probe. Why? Bec Trump REFUSES To Arrest These Traitors.

New Possible FAKE ‘Impeachment’ Probe. Why? Bec Trump REFUSES To Arrest These Traitors.

The CommieCrats are just attempting a coup.  Thats all they’ve done since the moderate-to-Liberal POTUS Trump got into office on Jan 20, 2017.

First it was “Russia interfered in the election”, “Ukraine Collusion”, then ‘impeach Trump’, ‘shut it down’,  then, they tried to impeach him & remove him.  Then, back to the “Russia Collusion”, then they used the Bio-Virus, locked down the whole economy, worldwide and succeeded to thrust us into a depression.  Now, it’s back to the phony impeachment again.


They have sat back and terrorized this country, broken our backs, put many in food-bank lines, made us sick and Trump did nothing.  Today, “AG” Barr said: NO investigation into “Obamagate”.

So, the CommieCrat fascists are at it again because they know they can get away with anything.  Ya’all may love Trump.  But, a REAL leader arrests traitors who attempt coups.  NO leader would put up with this $hit.  Im sick of reading Trump’s Twitter page how these aholes ‘should’ be arrested.    Since Trump does nothing about it:  


This blogger says:

Authored by Tom Luongo via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

If Donald Trump wants to get re-elected as President of the U.S. he’s going to have to take out former President Barack Obama. At this point Obama is the person who most stands in his path for a second term.

#COUP #SavageNation Said It: Dems Want To Remove Pence Also To Put Pelosi In Power

Image result for stop the coup"

Michael Savage claimed about 2 mos ago, when this impeachment garbage started that the whole goal of the Bolshevik, fake impeachment was to get BOTH Trump AND Pence out of power to place Nazi Pelosi in office…Here is Commie-Schiff pushing just that:  Adam Schiff Sets Eyes on Pence – Tells MSNBC He’s “Acquired Evidence” from Vice President’s Office on Ukrainian Investigation


This is not an impeachment.  Its a Coup. Period.  


I bet money that Soros has thousands of radical leftists ready to tear DC apart.  Love or hate Trump, if the Communists are successful in doing this, its OVER.  The fat lady will be singing.  People better pray.  HARD.  Because if they carry this out:  They’ll be coming after everyone who has spoken out against the Communist party, aka: Democrats.  

This is not a joke.  This is serious shit.  This is a coup.  Ive watched US GOVT led Coups in Egypt, Libya and Ukraine.  You have NO idea what will happen to this country.  Total chaos worse than you can imagine.  Possibilities: Think Stalin’s Russia. Hitler’s Germany. Think of churches burning in your future.  Re-education camps.  Possible Gulags. 

Ken Starr: ‘Pelosi Is Not Running Watergate, But A ‘#Coup’’

CommunistCrats have performed Coups in Ukraine, Libya and Egypt.  They’re doing it here also. OR attempting it.  


Other Posts:


In other news:  Amid Impeachment Circus, Dems Sneak PATRIOT Act Renewal Past The American People

By the way:

EXACTLY: Putin Says “UnConstitutional Coup In Ukraine” When Confronting John Kerry

EXACTLY: Putin Says “UnConstitutional Coup In Ukraine”  When Confronting John Kerry

Putin is exactly right. The EU/USA lead coup has totally backfired. He should go protect his Russians in Ukraine. Why not? Why should he leave the country in the hands of a bunch of renegades, Nazis and fascists?  In fact, they are so fascistic, they took down statues, straightaway.  That was their first priority.

The EU/US lead Euromaidan, Neo Nazis and radical leftists turned Kiev into a war zone.  They intimidated the civilians, murdered police and blew up buses.  This is not how we are supposed to conduct ourselves if we don’t get our way.  Ukraine has an election and people vote.  Good leader or bad leader, they vote-just as we do.


The problem with a coup is you never know what is going to happen.  Soros, McCain and all of the other idiots thought their left-wing pigs were going to take over.  They underestimated the neo Nazis, who they also possibly trained.  They didn’t expect their undermining to go so wrong. I expected it, but they didn’t.  We can see from present history that nothing these politicians do brings fruit.  Just look at Egypt, Libya and Syria.  There’s your answer.

Admission of this coup by yours truly, Victoria Nuland said USA spent 5 billion bux on her coup: here 

Or listen for yourself:

An art collage from November 2013