Philippine City: No Vaxx Card? NO Shopping Anywhere. COMPLIANT #COVID #COWARDS Are Doing To This World:

Philippines: No Vaxx Card? NO Shopping Anywhere. COMPLIANT COWARDS Are Doing To This World:

You who got the shot: You are COVID COWARDS. You have brought HELL upon ALL of us. You made yourselves slaves. I’m not joining you in your cowardice. By God, I will NOT be your slave, you god damned cowardly bastards. And, YES, you ARE damned by God. You trusted in a genetic RNA Vaccine over the the Almighty God. You trusted in a shot that has murdered over 11,000 people at least and has wounded over a million.


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In a PHILIPPINES city, Ya cant buy or sell without your vaxx card. COMPLIANT people are bringing in this hell. People have let the FEAR of a virus rule their lives. Bunch of COWARDS. This WILL be in every single country. The ‘666’ is here. Many of you are waiting for it… You just dont GET that it is HERE. Hollywood has made you think that life is in ‘scenes. A ‘big bang’. An ‘announcement’


So, help me God.

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Think it cant happen here? The Communist and Globalists STOLE the White House. Without firing a shot. On EITHER ‘side.

Nearly 3 in 4 Voters (MOSTLY Fascist Dem’s) Support Mask Mandate W/ Penalties 4 Those Who Don’t Comply:

Nearly 3 in 4 Voters Support State Face Mask Mandate W/ Penalties 4 Those Who Don’t Comply

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I’m saying it as it is:   I’m so used to Americans being cowards that this doesn’t even surprise me.  I understand where people over 60 are at:   They are the ones that have suffered the most but the majority of them wear masks.  

So, either,  1. your mask works or,   2.  you’re just a damned bully.

Well, come and get me.  I cant wear the thing.  Makes me get migraines.  I’ve suffered from migraines for many years and recently have gotten them under better control.   But, I have also had sleep apnea most of my life and have a loss of oxygen, which puts me in a pickle with my high blood pressure.  The other day, while forced to wear the ‘mask’, (face diaper), I almost passed out.  

So, I will have to get very aggressive with my Dr for a ‘kosher’ badge to not wear it.  Its making me miserable.

  • 86% of Democrats support a mandate in their state that could result in a fine or jail time for people who don’t wear masks.
  • 58% of Republicans also back such a measure, with 35 percent opposing it.

The rest of the nonsense here: Morning Consult.


PS: They’ve barely started arresting the violent, psychopathic rioters….

And, now this:   A New Jersey gym was boarded up and its two owners arrested on Monday as a result of the men’s refusal to comply with Gov. Phil Murphy’s coronavirus shutdown orders.

GOP Will “Impeach Obama” Ha Ha Ha…Nice JOKE~Option: Deportation

Below here, in this link, New Republic believes that the GOP will impeach the foreign Muslim from Kenya, or Indonesia, where-ever this alien is from. I tell you; NO THEY WILL NOT. They are COWARDS.  If they were going to do something, they would have done it long ago.  They totally ignored the vetting process that a candidate MUST go through, and now America is stuck with some foriegner that nobody in congress has the gutts to just kick out. Impeachment is a laugh, a cruel joke.  IF he were a natural born citizen,  which I, and many others have doubted since 06/2008, impeachement would have been the American thing to do.  But, there is NOTHING “American” about Obama, therefore impeachment is not necessary-deporting his ass IS the only option.


SEE: New Republic: GOP Will Impeach Obama


THROW THE BUM OUT. HE IS NOT EVEN AN AMERICAN, and we have the testimony of his WIFE, Manchelle- to prove it.

Mrs. Obama says his ‘home‘ country is KENYA. NUF SED.

#NOAMNESTY NBC DELETES American Opinion Poll THEY Ran On The AZ SB 1070 LAW

#NOAMNESTY NBC DELETES American Opinion Poll THEY Ran On The AZ SB 1070 LAW

The MAD Jewess, 3 years ago 27 September, 2010 @ 16:55:55

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July 2010:  MSNBC ran this poll in 2010. Over 3 million agreed with AZ LAW: SB 1070.  The facts are:  Americans do not want amnesty. Americans are tired of the illegal occupation of Hispanics & other law-breaking criminals.

UPDATE: SURVEY GONE AND LINK DELETED BY MSNBC.  This article was deleted by the author of the poll.

NBC Link Below, Deleted BY NBC SEE:

Media Matters; The ONLY dumbbells taking up for Reid the Racist & Botox-Pelosi

They Decide: Fox Calls For Firing Of Obama Administration Officials

Fox News personalities have suggested that at least 19 Obama administration officials and nominees should resign, be fired, or have their nominations blocked. They have also called for both Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to step down **********O-M-G! Cry me a FKN RIVER you stupid jackasses.

Media Matters Journalists are FKN TRAITORS and should be hung on the yardarms of the highest fleet of the US NAVY… These people are sick beyond belief!  Even talking heads such as Cafferty, a LIBERAL is telling Nasty Nancy whats what;