Communist Party Leader Jarvis Tyner: ‘Keep Pressure On Obama To Take The Offensive’

Communist Party Leader Jarvis Tyner: ‘Keep Pressure On Obama To Take The Offensive’

This is a complete moron in this video.. “Electing Obama was a huge blow to racism?”  Bullsh*t.  The nation is MORE racist than it’s ever been. Idiot!!  In fact, that is ALL ‘liberals’ talk about; racist this and racist that.  Anytime I get a post that talks about racism, I just spam it.  It has zero to do with this Commu-NAZI power grab.  Ditto blogging on Islam, day and night.  Islam sucks, we all know it, & hate it- but it is the COMMUNIST filth that have completely hijacked this god-forsaken nation.

This video just means the leftists are still not happy.  They will never get enough destruction to be fulfilled.

H/T: The Conservative Monster.


Commies+Nazis=The SAME. NAZI Chuck Hagel Endorsed By Communist Party Of AmeriKa-Koo koo, Koo koo

You really have to draw a line in the sand, you sub-human, anti-Israel slugs who call yourselves “Conservatives.”  One thing is certain: Modern day Communism and modern day Nazi-ism are in bed together to dump Israel.   If you find yourself agreeing with people that are sick in the head, chances are YOU are sick in the head..

This much I know: There is an Arab world with 295 million Arab Muslim NAZIs.  And there is a small place that everyone calls the ‘aggressor’, Israel (minority to the max) with 6.7 million people. America is the damned aggressor. Everyone everywhere knows this, now. OBAMA IS A TOTAL AGGRESSOR.  Commies, who are for multi-culture insanity have found a GREAT friend with the Nazi, ‘anti multi-culture’ gang.  Whoda thunk?  Kinda destroys their anti-white campaign. In fact, it makes the anti-white campaign look insane, now.  

 That’s why you come to alternative blogs like mine for the truth.  I am not going turn away from what I believe.  Now, Hagel gets a nod from the Commie AND….The Nazis also LOVE Hagel.  Why? To destroy Israel.  Shows me that I have always been right about these 2 fascist groups. REAL Americans support good Jews in Israel with moral support. Anti American, Anti god freaks support murderous Muslims. Nuf Sed.

Communism and Nazi-ism are both ideologies that are 100% ANTI AMERICAN. ANTI GOD. Anti wholesome.

See Hagel who is endorsed by the Commies… Would be laughable if is was fiction… Alas, it isn’t.  There is NOTHING Obama does that is sane. Here is the link.  I keep telling you there is NO difference in NAZI-ism and Communism.