SOHO, NYC Leftists Are Angry W/ The Violent Crimes.. They’re Reaping What They’ve Sewn. They Called Us “Racists”, So, Let The Good Crimes Roll:

SOHO, NYC Leftists Are Angry W/ The Violent Crimes.. They’re Reaping What They’ve Sewn. They Called Us “Racists”, So, Let The Good Crimes Roll:

Islamic Danger to Americans: January 2009

The Leftists in Manhattan had my husband’s TV show kicked off of NY Public access Television on cable in 2007. His show talked almost exclusively about violent crimes in NYC. The Commies called my husband’s show: “Must Hate TV”… Now, the Leftists are crying in Manhattan? BOO HOO. Ya reap what ya sow, suckers! Dummies! RACISTS! Fat bigots! HATERS!

Check it out: At the NY Post

In the 1st Precinct, which covers Soho, crime has soared 52.6 percent over the last 28 days compared to last year, and year to date, it’s up 48.4 percent, NYPD data show. 


WORLD: Stay OUT Of Leftist American Cities. US Cities Are Under Judgment, Destruction & Lawlessness:

WORLD: Stay OUT Of Leftist American Cities. US Cities Are Under Judgment, Destruction & Lawlessness:

There is NO reason to visit an American city. None. Unless you want to visit hell’s sister. The Leftists have completely destroyed just about every city in the United States.


Obama Admin Wants Edward #Snowden REAL Bad. B.O. Had Russian F.M.’s Son Kidnapped

Obama Administration Wants Edward #Snowden REAL Bad. BO Had Russian F.M.’s Son Kidnapped

About 10 days ago, Snowden was to release some information about our beloved Obama administration.. People keep saying it is Russia that is the aggressor.. Really?   What American did Russia kidnap? None.  They gave safe haven to a whistle blower who is revealing NSA secrets.  Some people consider Snowden to be a traitor, others believe he is a patriot.  At any rate; Looks like the paranoid, insane Obama admin can’t sleep at night if they don’t capture Snowden. 

It is not Russia that started this ‘cold war.’ It was John McCain, Obama, Murphy, & Nuland.  That’s the facts.

Moscow considers the kidnapping “a new hostile move by Washington,” and accused the US of ignoring proper procedure in dealing with foreign nationals suspected of crimes.

Obama is playing a dangerous game.  One which he has not mastered the skill.  Russians & Asians play chess, not checkers.

Thought For The Week Regarding Black On White Race Crimes & The MSM


I was on Twitter this morning and some moron told me that black males DO get the exposure on the MSM… Where?  Where? I don’t see it.  In fact, we never see it because the left wing websites say that ‘knock out games’ and black on white crimes are fictitious.  There are areas in USA where black on white crime is out of control.   There are also areas where Latino on black & white crime  is bad, also..  There are some areas where there IS white on black crime but it is not nearly close to the numbers of black on white crimes that are rampant across the nation.

Then, on Twitter, a black person (I believe) started attacking some evil “Jews”..As if this would bother us. We talk about that here, too.  We, on this blog want this racial insanity to stop.  We want the media to do its job.  The ONLY way to stop violence is to expose it.  So, we shall continue even though this is a tough subject.  It would not be so hard if the news would report it instead of hiding it, making them genocidal.

#WhitePrivilege: Bastard Son Of Obama Rapes White Woman Leaving Her Unrecognizable

#WhitePrivilege: Bastard Son Of Obama Rapes White Woman Leaving Her Unrecognizable

Putting this Nigga in prison is too good, he should be lynched.  If the races were reversed, it would be front page news. Although white men don’t go out of their way to rape black women.

Read the whole story at American Renaissance.

Hat tip:  S 365 


Anonymous victim of rape--she's afraid he will come after her again; if Obama and Holder have their way, he'll walk; after all the white victim deserved her beating as payback for slavery


Christopher Anthony Brown--smirk away you piece of shit; if my ancestors had gotten my hands on you, you'd be dangling from a tree

Young white males are too busy suffering from fake white guilt to avenge this poor young woman.



While The INSANE Left Worries About NON-Violent Cliven Bundy, An Anti-Gun Liberal Murdered 6 People

While The INSANE Left Was Worried About NON-Violent Bundy, Anti-Gun Liberal Murdered 7 People

In America, a man who says that “Negroes are better working, not living off of welfare” is treated as if he is more dangerous than a Liberal with an AK.

SO, I’m confused:

California has some of the toughest gun restrictions in the nation, heck, the world.. Yet this LIBERAL was able to get a gun? Have we learned whether the gun is legally registered? Of course, he’s he son of a Hollywood big wig, so it was probably easy.  This is proof, 100% – that gun control does not work–in the least bit.

Even though a leftist murderer killed this man’s son, he is blaming the NRA: Richard Martinez, Father of #UCSB Student Murdered in #IslaVista Rampage, Blames #NRA for Son’s Death

Liberalism is terror and murder.  Stop trying to pass the buck saying he was mentally ill.  We all know that most Liberals are mental and insane but at least they take their prescription meds.. This young man was reared in Liberal home and this is the ramifications of growing up LIBERAL in America.

Add another LIBERAL murderer to this picture:

A home decor collage from November 2013

NYC ‘Civil Rights Activist’ Sent A White Man To Prison. Anti-White Racism Made Him Do It

‘Civil Rights Activist’ Sent A White Man To Prison. Now Regrets It Because He Was Innocent

This is one evil, white-hating nation.  “Liberals” are just white-hating bastards.  Sending people to prison for defending themselves against the royal, liberal-black Americans who attack them.  By the way..Take notice that this mans name is Donald Kagan.  Who is probably Jewish.  I guess all of this insane worship of people does not work, eh, fellow Erav Rav “Jews?”

But Barbaro told a court that, because of his viewpoint as a civil-rights activist, he didn’t consider a justification defense by Kagan in the nonjury trial.


“Mr. Kagan had no intent to kill that man . . . I believe now that I was seeing this young white fellow as a bigot, as someone who assassinated an African-American”


Austell, Georgia~Race Crimes: 3 Whites Beaten By Blacks “Beaten Because They’re White”

Austell, Georgia~Race Crimes: 3 Whites Beaten By Blacks “Beaten Because They’re White”

Imagine if this was 3 blacks?  It would take precedence over all national news for a month or more.  We would hear the rantings of Sharpton on MSNBC and Jesse Hi’Jackson would be calling for life in prison or worse.

Click: 3 whites attacked in hate crime mob assaults in Georgia

It’s ‘racist’ to report black on white crime.

-David Ben Moshe