SSDI says Adam Lanza died a day before Sandy Hook massacre?!

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Curiouser & Curiouser….. I am really ashamed of ‘conservatives’ that have not had the guts to look into this, pretending that all of this information is some hoax… Even more ashamed that you have labeled REAL Americans (like the left does) that ARE looking into this as ‘conspiracy wackos’)  The only conspiracy, is the conspiracy to take our GUNS which is happening in NY, now.

What if this has all been a false flag dupe?  Do not Ms. Lanza and Adam Lanza deserve to lay at rest?

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Leftists Ranting On & On About Sandy Hook “Hero”, Gene Rosen-But, Nothing About Benghazi-gate & Chris Stevens

Yesterday, we were linked up at the Huffington-Whore website.  I have not written anything about Gene Rosen.  He is not a ‘hero’.  Rosen did not put his life on the line to save anyone. A hero is someone who puts his life in deaths path or under fire for someone elses life-a selfless act.   Most AmeriKans do not know the meaning of a hero..

 The ‘story’ is that Rosen opened his home to some kids from the Sandy Hook event.  Ok, so?  Did he put his life on the line for another life? NO.  He is not a hero.   The Salon is also ranting on and on about Rosen, here is one of their posts about Sandy Hook ‘truthers.’ here.  They can rant all day long, but they seem to have no explanations to the questions people are asking like this: What’s with about Robbie Parker’s laughing and smiling?

What I find amazing right now is the fact that the left-wing cares nothing about what happened to THEIR man, Chris Stevens in Benghazi-they hardly talked about it.   No big news posts about Stevens, who DID put his life in harms way, & was ignored by the state department even though he requested help time and time again, and was murdered despite his requests.  

Chris Stevens is not important.  Only these Sandy Hook children are important.  Chris Stevens is someone’s child, is he not?  Did he not have parents as well?  

The left-wing is always full of crap.  Phoney outrage. I can’t stand B.S., and the left is full of it.  55 million murdered babies by abortion – at the hand of leftists, but they pretend to cry over these kids at Sandy Hook…???

‘Progressives’ have totally exploited the event at Newtown.  The end justifies the means, doesn’t it?  Anything to further their dear leader’s position.  Whatever it takes to get the guns out of the hands of the ‘right-wing’. What a joke.  How long has it been since righteous, God-fearing Americans have been in charge of their own country? 100 years? Koo koo, koo koo…Paranoia, self destroya… Talk about MENTAL.  Leftists define what being mental is ALL about.

So, let me understand… This is a hero:

This is nobody:


Has Fox News Interviewed ONE Sandy Hook Family Member In Person? Why Only CBS, ABC, NBC Interviewing Family?

This website does NOT believe in ‘conspiracy theories’.  We just don’t believe the left wing. (We dont believe Faux News all that much either)
Megyn Kelly Talked to someone ‘involved in the incident’ on the PHONE:
Let me tell you something:  The “Tin Foil” hat wearers are the ones that just believe whatever the leftist media puts out there.  End of story.  If you can find ONE story where Faux News has interviewed ANY family members from Sandy Hook, lets see it. If NOT, do NOT make fun of us that totally believe that actors were involved in this situation-and for what? I do not know.  If you show me one video or anything of FOX interviewing ONE family member IN person, I will eat some crow, so what.
I believe something happened, of course. How many shot? DID people get shot??  I don’t know. I noticed the left immediately started going after the guns…Feinstein, the NAZI-Jew and other Judenrat filth pushing for gun-control, expeditiously…  Come on.. Why all this cover up, bad acting and FOX news not reporting ONE family member, yet, CBS, ABC, NBC did???  
What? Are ALL of the families at Sandy Hook a bunch of leftists??  I notice they all seemed to LOVE “Prez Obama”.
WHATEVER… I am moving on from this story, because I discovered that some people probably think we are nutty here–that is because NONE OF YOU took the time to watch those ACTORS in those videos.

Shame on you.  Sacred to find out the truth. It may hurt you… Dummies..

Raise Your Hands If You Believe Sandy Hook Is Some Type “Set-Up”

I have watched all of GoldbugGal (Our other blogger’s) Youtubes re. S.H., CT and I must raise my hand. Something is wrong.  Plus the fact that I also blogged myself – on the other ‘mass’ shootings which were screwy as well, but nothing is as screwy as this Sandy Hook thing.  Why did they have all of that acting going on during S.H.?  I have never been into ‘conspiracies theories’, but after having watched many videos that show something is wrong with the ‘mass shooting’ at Sandy Hook; I believe the US Govt IS THE top-conspirator of all evil.

 No wonder Cass Sunstein wants to BAN ‘conspiracy’ theories.. He probably is the stager of these events.  Who knows.. (BTW: This link is the Bolshevik leftist rag, the SALON) So, even those asses believe the govt has the potential of evil…

My hand is raised re. Sandy Hook, CT.. I believe that there is some set-up, of which I don’t know, except Obama (FOREIGNER, posing as prez) WANTS all of our guns.

“Absolute Proof Sandy Hook Was Staged”, Say Youtubers. What Do You Believe?

Contributed by GoldBugGal:

Although she does not appear in any of the class photos, the media claims that 6-year-old Emilie Parker on the right was shot in the Sandy Hook massacre. Here she is shown with her parents along with her 3 and 4-year-old sisters. But the story that she was killed at Sandy Hook is not possible because here she is sitting on the president’s lap after the shooting.

  • The only Photoshopping was overlaying the photos to prove that Emilie was sitting on the president’s lap after the shooting. The pictures were published in the mainstream media. See the link to the Daily Mail in the end of the video description for the original pictures.

See here for yourself, the pictures.

See this video as well:
Was this set up to grab all of our guns??
Think sheeple.

What REALLY Happened At Sandy Hook? Watch This Video And Discern For Yourself

Contributed by GoldBugGal

Maybe after you watch this video, you will see why Obama was faking crocodile tears after Sandy Hook..


EDIT: The Youtuber took the video down. Watch this one:

‘Daughter Of Obama’ Bites Off Biceps Of Wig Shop Owner & Spits Flesh Out! Took 4 Officers To Detain Her!

‘Daughter Of Obama’ Bites Off Biceps Of Wig Shop Owner & Spits Flesh Out! Took 4 Officers To Detain Her!