Dumba$$ Kid: “Boomers Bought Homes, & Went To College On Minimum Wage Jobs”

Dumba$$ Kid: “Boomers Bought Homes, & Went To College On Minimum Wage Jobs”

The kids today are always nagging about the boomers.  Boomer this and boomer that.  Most of these idiots think people in their 80’s are Boomers, also.  They cant do math.  But, the comment I’ll post below takes the cake.. I’m an after Boomer (cusp Gen X).. So, I made what other boomers made if they worked minimum wage jobs in my late teens:   $2.85 an hour.   However, I was a waitress.  So, I made good money before the MAN decided to tax us servers.  I would make over $100- a day.  $100-   a day was very good money in the 80’s before they taxed us.  But I had to work 6 days a week, 4-5 double-shifts.

People just making minimum wage definitely could NOT buy a home AND go to college on $2.85-$3.35 an hour.  IMPOSSIBLE.  And, it wasnt like now:   $2.85 went up to $3.10 in 1984.  By 1985 or ’86, it was $3.35 and it stayed there for the longest time.  If you only have a minimum wage job, you worked 2 jobs, believe me.  You did what you could. Some worked 3 jobs.  We worked all the friggin time.  My back is SHOT because of lifting heavy trays for quite a few years working doubles.  We worked our asses off.  Work, work, work and then some and more work.

The kids today are living in a fantasy land.  They think it was some easy life.  They can’t even work a PT job effectively..  They are poor customer service agents and lousy wait people now.  NO personalities.  They get paid 10X what we were paid

Another thing:  We didnt have “Dollar Trees”.  Things were much more expensive than now.  There wasnt all this crap from China and we didnt have many Walmarts.   Kmart was NOT cheap!  Nothing was cheap.  Most was made here in the USA.   Clothes were SUPER expensive! Yeah, gas and cars-cheaper but hard to acquire on a job that pays $3.35 an hr!!! Let alone college!

Stupid ass kid:


NYC: Plague Of RATS. CA: 1000’s Of Dead Fish. Lake Turns Red In Paraguay. HORRIBLE Flooding In Japan & China, Economic Mess In USA..

NYC: Plague Of RATS. CA: 1000’s Of Dead Fish. Lake Turns Red In Paraguay. HORRIBLE Flooding In Japan & China, Economic Mess In USA..

The bowls of wrath are poured out.  The world is upside down.  The evil ‘man of perdition‘ will arise on the scene at any time, promising things will be better: “hope and change”…  MANY will believe him because he will have supernatural, satanic power and they will crave peace.  

NYC Rats:


Fish dying by the thousands:  A Never-Before-Seen Bacteria Is Killing Tens of Thousands of Fish in Victorville, California

Lake Turns Red in Paraguay

Japanese flooding 😦


CHINA flooding:


Economic MESS in the USA:

The “Biblical” Default Wave Arrives: Here Is The Avalanche Of Bankruptcies Unleashed By Coronavirus

Especially watch this last video.  

#CardiB For President, Interview

This is who we need for President according to Alicia Keys: CardiB.  Yep.  We need CardiB to be the leader of USA. Im convinced that she will be grrreat..

Here is an ‘interview/rant’

Great confrontation, yes?   Fabulous.  And, here ‘singing’.. Just like an opera songbird.

Cardi for Prez.  ASAP.

BLOOMBERG: Abortion Slaughter Factories Closing All Over America. This Probably Makes Leftists Sad

BLOOMBERG: Abortion Slaughter Factories Closing All Over America. This Probably Makes Leftists Sad

I know that left-wing bitches are very miserable hearing this type of news.  They are in a rush to murder babies. But, their evil is failing because of people that are for human rights, babies and life…  I am so happy about this news.  The lies that the Communist left has told for 4 decades in order to make money murdering babies is very dastardly.  All good and evil has a 40 year reign it seems.. HOWEVER: God will judge this horrific atrocity. He is not mocked. He is a rewarder of justice.

Click: Did You Know Abortion Clinics Are Closing Like Crazy?

Let all the babies rejoice! Their fellow American babies will live and not die!

I do NOT like this song, but the toddlers are CUTE!

#BlackPrivilege ‘Is My Burger Done Yet?’

#BlackPrivilege ‘Is My Burger Done Yet?’

Just another day of chimping out.  After the savages wrecked the restaurant, one of Obama’s sons wants to know if his burger is done yet.  These people (people in the loosest sense) are too dumb to know how dumb they are.

Click: Thugs trash restaurant then cry racism when they are banned from returning

I forgot to mention that I am racist for telling you this.

-David Ben Moshe

SC: 400 Sons Of Obama Riot & Zimmerman Verdict Not Even Out Yet.

SC: 400 Sons Of Obama Riot: Zimmerman Verdict Not Even Out Yet.

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

Looking like fools with their pants on the ground, hat turned sideways.. If they riot before Zimmerman, think what they would do after the verdict if he’s found not guilty.  Get guns. Load them up, be ready to shoot.

Click: 400 blacks riot in downtown Greensboro, NC

Dog Crap Is Better Than Obama

Dog Crap Is Better Than Obama

My friend is really upset with the Muslim slime occupying the White House.  Here are her feelings:

He disgusts me more than the dog crap in my backyard. More than the grossest vomit.  If I had to choose between crap or Obama, I would take the crap.  It does not stink half as much as that pig.  At least with dog crap, you can scrape it off your shoe, but you’re stuck with Obama.’


#Senseless: It Is Only A Race/Hate Crime When It Is Perpetrated Against A Black Person. Why?

It Is Only A Race/Hate Crime When It Is Perpetrated Against A Black Person. Why?

I just got into it with a moronic, anti-white people, race-calling scumbag on Twitter.  Evidently, my husband is a racist because he has had victims in his family who suffered race crimes, ditto myself.   My David Ben Moshe admits not being pro-black. So? Who cares. Its his prerogative to not like someone.  As long as he does not hurt anyone.   I like all people…UNTIL they give me a reason to NOT like them. Their race does not matter as much to me, personally-as it does my husband. (I am more angry at illegals of the Hispanic origin.)  I daresay they bother me more than Russians or Chinese (immigrants) I have come across. Probably because you don’t see Chinese or Russians as Secretary of state homes screaming “SI SI PUEDA!”  ALL illegals are bad in my book, but the Hispanic ones are SICKENING to me.  This is no offense to Hispanic patriots, but it is what it is..

I don’t know how many people have been victims of racial crimes (black on white) in America but my guess (by Davids posts here-which are many) It is out of control.  I follow government fascism & post on that- but my husband chooses to post race crimes against white people.  It is his passion.  I suppose he is partial because of his family member who was a beautiful, young, virgin girl who was to be married.  She was raped, beaten, & sodomized.  After the race crime, she suffered abortion, something that she was against, being Orthodox/Jewish.  The perpetrator was black..  I know I have posted this before, but this idiot on Twitter made me so sick, I am talking about it again.

There is a serious NAZI-type supremacist element in the air in America.  (A mix of NAZI and Commie)  And, it is not coming from the white faction.  It is coming from the minorities. Who claim victim-hood, 24-7.  Who are usually NOT victims of racial crimes.

..I am first.. American.  My ethnicities are: Seneca/Iroquois Christian, Portugee/Jew, Scottish & Austrian.  The Iroquois didn’t have slaves. The Portugee Jews were busy being chased the hell out of Spain. The Scots were busy fighting the English.  So what in the HELL are my ancestors guilty of? Nothing. We had NO slaves on the Iroquois ‘plantation.’  NO slaves in the ghettos of Portugal.

At any rate: I must advise you white people; you are the ‘neo-nigger.’ I don’t use this word, without quotes- but, some of our bloggers do.  And, they can, because many of our bloggers/posters have been victims of race crimes. Plus it is their 1st Amendment right.   I don’t the word because I was taught that it is a ‘holy’ word.  The N word is just about as holy as God, himself. That is what I was taught.  I can’t help this because I was brainwashed to believe that this word is even worse than “fuck”.  Don’t ask me why.  I don’t know.   My opinion now – is that it was a farce.  

Most blacks I know, good or bad – call each other ‘nigger’ without any problems.  BUT-Jews don’t just call each-other kikes unless a Jew really IS being a kike. American Indians don’t call each other ‘reds’.  I don’t hear any Scots calling each other “MCCs”. I don’t hear Portugees calling each other ‘brownies.’

So what the issue? I don’t know. Why would a black call another black a “Nigger?” Why? If it is such a holy word, why use it in a derogatory way, yet freak out if someone other than yourselves uses it?

Back to the American race crime problem (against whites) which is an issue of epic proportions:  SARC-There is NO such thing as a race issue in America against white people.  Whites deserve what they’ve got coming. This is the “Liberal” mantra in America.  If a white person is beaten, raped, robbed or, God forbid, murdered–its no biggie. Plenty of whites to go around.  But, you touch the BLACK holy grail and you are OVER.  Case in point, Paula Deen.  Even jokes are made now because of the HOLIER than thou word she used, TWENTY SEVEN YEARS AGO..

If someone does not start covering these crimes, and I mean bigtime in the main stream media, I fear white people will become like the South Africans, who are murdered all the time, day after day.  And if someone does NOT cover these crimes, you fake reporters will be guilty of their murders and GOD WILL require the blood of American whites at your hands.  You being supposed ‘watchmen’- who say nothing ARE NAZIS. And just as the NAZIS tried to cover their crimes, you are guilty of the same.  To black patriots, I have to say: WHY ARE YOU COVERING THIS UP? Why? White people came to bat for you in the 1960’s. And I hate to remind you, but:  ‘No good deed goes unpunished.’


[See this post as well,  from EFT, my Jew bro: Racism hypocrisy- When Rachel Jeantel says ‘cracker,’ it’s a cultural thing; but when Paula Deen says the ‘n’ word, it’s racism..Learn more: here ]