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People are dropping dead at a fast pace:

LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA — A heartbreaking Facebook post went viral describing the sudden death of a cancer survivor’s mother.

5 Black Male Youth Beat One 67 Yr Old White Man

5 Black Male Youth Beat One 67 Yr Old White Man

By David Ben Moshe:

Here we have America’s best beating on an old white man who is 67 yrs old:

A group of (edit; BLACK) teens, including one wielding a hammer, beat up a 67-year-old man after a confrontation that started on a Brooklyn bus, according to video and the NYPD.

Don’t say the N word… It’s ok to beat an old white man up—just don’t say the “N” word.

Iraq–We Warned You


After 9/11, President Bush had many options in Afghanistan and chose the worst option out of all of his choices.  The Jewish Task Force (JTF) was screaming from our little TV studio that Neutron Bombs should be employed in the hills of Tora Bora. The radiation would have sealed Bin Laden’s fate, but instead he fled over the border to Pakistan, due to our weak response, which ended up killing and maiming many American soldiers.

While the police action was going on in Afghanistan, the president looked around for other problem areas to strike out at. Iraq seemed like a possible choice thinking people would see that having Iraq and Afghanistan under our military control, would have the crazies in Iran surrounded. That wasn’t the reason at all. President Bush saw Iraq as a safe haven for terrorists and while true, they were not Al qaeda terrorists. Using the excuse that Saddam Hussein had WMD and an active WMD program, we sold the idea to the rest of the world that Iraq was the next ‘best place’ to hit.  After all, Saddam surely acted like he was building WMD of all types, and he did have 500-550 tons of Yellow Cake, known to the west in the Gulf War of 1991 which were all moved to Canada in June, 2008.

The BIG problem here is that Saddam Hussein/Iraq were definite blusterers and you might say pains in the ass, but he was no real threat to anyone. More than that, he was a check on the nuts in Iran, who were deathly afraid of him, because of the almost 2 million lives lost on both sides in the Iraq/Iran war of the 1980s. We removed that check which let Iran concentrate on their military buildup and their years upon years of trying to obtain nuclear weapons.

On our weekly TV shows we not only warned over and over that Iraq was a mistake, that Saddam Hussein was no threat but also had Islamic expert, Craig Winn, on as a guest who confirmed what we said, that if we stay there for 100 years, a Shiite/Sunni civil war will break out almost as soon as we leave.  Now, its worse than that, with an insane Sunni terrorist group, who learned their trade from Al qaeda, attacking, killing and mutilating Shiites, bringing of all states, Iran into the fight. This could end up really bad with a Muslim terrorist state in the heart of that insane part of the globe.

Like us or not, all regular viewers of the JTF TV shows remember that every prediction we made over the years, came to fruition and unfortunately so did this one.   None of this would be happening had Saddam Hussein, a brutal butcher in his own right, remained in power.

How many Americans were lost or injured for life, how much treasure was spent on the so called war in Iraq just to make things far worse than they already were?

David Ben Moshe

Memorial Day Salute From David Ben Moshe

Memorial Day Salute From David Ben Moshe

With a name like David Ben Moshe, you probably realize that I am Jewish, and if you don’t, there is no point in reading any further.

When WWII broke out, my father who was an immigrant from Russia, a family escape during the Communist Revolution in 1917, was a little too old for combat so he did what he could to serve his country.  Keeping in line with his business, my father was expert in the Quarter Master, handing out the clothing.  I always joke that he had the toughest job of all. He handed out the underwear.

He is gone now, buried in a Jewish cemetery in NYC, but right next to him are the graves, surely empty, of Morris Levy and Harry Atchison, one killed Nov. 1944 and the other Jan 1945. Their bodies probably lie in France, Italy or maybe the Philippines. Like the cartoon says-‘They gave up their tomorrows so that we could have ours’.

Memorial Day is their day along with 280,000 others who gave all.

David Ben Moshe



How Long Are Your White Children Going To Listen To #JAYZ, The Ugliest Negro In The Planet?

How Long Are Your White Children Going To Listen To #JAYZ, The Ugliest Negro In The Planet?

Contributed by David Ben Moshe:


Shouldn’t this boy go back to shining shoes?  The Negro can’t sing and makes money off of screaming into a microphone & your white children are stupid enough to buy this crap.  White kids made this no-talent bum a mega-millionaire.

Free Republic reports that JayZ is wearing a necklace that is from the nation of Islam, it says that ‘whites are weak and wicked.’

One of the core tenants of the Five Percent Nation – an off-shoot of the Nation of Islam – is that white people are ‘wicked and inferior’ to black men. The Five Percent Nation was founded in 1963 by Clarence Smith, a former student of Malcolm X.

Really?  What have they invented?

As JayZ is stuck on this black supremacist kick, let’s see what his brothas are good at:

1 black arrested, police search for 2 others after day-long crime spree – White female pistol-whipped and robbed

Police: Black Suspect Sought In Rape At Delaware County Church

(Black) Tusculum College student charged with rape

That is what black males are ‘good’ at.

Good News For A Change: New Migraine Medication Covered Under ObamaCare

Good News For A Change: New Migraine Medication Covered Under ObamaCare

-David Ben Moshe

Sons Of Obama Murder White Man In Memphis, TN For “Thrill”

Sons Of Obama Murder White Man In Memphis, TN “For Thrill”

The media is saying this was a only a robbery.  However, he handed possessions over and they acquired very little.  The savages murdered him for the fun of it.  Why are people ‘looking’ for a race war?  We’re already in it.  If you are not armed and shooting back, you’re dead.

Click-Hate crime/thrill killing of Memphis father

Murderous savages:

Our prayers are with his family.