MUST READ: David Horowitz New Book: “The Black Book of the American Left”

MUST READ: David Horowitz New Book: “The Black Book of the American Left”

 Horowitz has a new book out, The Black Book of the American Left.  He said, “Look, it’s time. We gotta stop. They’re not liberals, they’re not progressives, they’re Communists. They’re bigots, they’re racists, they’re sexists. It’s their religion. They don’t care. We gotta take the gloves off on these people.

All of his books here:  David Horowitz 

David Horowitz had the misfortune of growing up in a Communist family.  He exposes ALL of the dirty deeds of the radical revolutionaries.

If Patriotic Americans Cannot Name “Libtards”, Communists, They Will Just Keep Losing

If Patriotic Americans Cannot Name “Libtards”, Communists, They Will Just Keep Losing

Americans lose every day.  Why do they lose?  Because they cannot name this enemy within, Communists.  They have NO problem naming the Islamics but refuse to call these ‘progressives’, Communists.  They will say Socialist or Marxist but refuse to name this evil, anti-redemptive, enemy – COMMUNIST.

Sen Joe McCarthy was taken through the mud in the 1950’s because he was right.  He pegged the traitor of the country, Communists because that’s what  they were and still are.   The “Liberals” (Commies)  psychologically beat McCarthy black and blue because he was onto them.  Even David Horowitz, who is an x-radical was scared to death of McCarthy.  Why?  Because McCarthy knew about the anti-Americans.  They were paralyzed by fear of being exposed as the Communists they were because that meant loss of jobs, reputation and even death.  Communism in America was & still is- treachery of the highest sort.  Evil always HATES being exposed: Think Julius & Ethel Rosenberg who were both executed.  

The first step in defeating your enemy is NAMING THEM. If you cannot name the enemy, YOU LOSE.

Listen up to this video put out by Beck, which will probably come to pass in our lifetime:


X-Communist Radical Warning Of Leftist Infiltration Into CONservative Movment-DUH

If you have not read Horowitz’s book, “The Radical Son”, then you really have NO clue of what you are up against.  David Duke, with his “Zionist” propaganda, taking the ball off of the Commies is sick too..  With his blaming Christians- what an IDIOT. But, I am right, Nazis, Commies, all the same: attacking Christians.. Nevermind the Jews, they need to repent, and anyone with a brain knows this. Thank heavens there are some that are right wing, maybe not as right as me, but right nonetheless…

Go to fullsize imageHe (Horowitz) is warning, in this Youtube of Bolsheviks/Progressives/Leftists/Liberals/Communists/Progressives (whatever the hell they call themselves THIS week) that is invading the CONservative movement.  Dont say I didnt warn you. I have been talking about this for over a year.  Now, Palin, Coulter, Breitbart and an array of other NEO-CON JOBS with their new found love for ‘gay’- “GoProud”, {gay-pride} should have sent little red lights up in Conservatives and Christians brains, but it didnt. They STILL worship these jerks. NOT ME, not a CHANCE. This JEW aint gonna die in a Holocaust… I aint THAT dumb, thank heavens for a non-Jew Iroquois father as a kid,  & patriot Grandma..or I could have ended up like Henry Waxman, God forbid.

Liberty or friggin death for me, NO RINOS, NO NEO CON JOBS.

O-M-G! Dr. Laura Used The Holy Grail “N” Word! “BLASPHEMY!”

Why Did Satan Get Kicked Out“Thou Shalt Not Use The “N” Word!”

Lucifer, The Left Wing god.

Left wing satans kids cannot handle this word. What is super funny, is that left wing militant blacks use this word on each-other.  What is even more ironic, is that Dr. Laura apologized to satan, and satan still is not happy- See: 

LISTEN: Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s N-Word Rant

Read Dr. Laura’s Apology Radio Stations Broadcasting Dr. Laura’s Show Media Matters Demands Advertisers Immediately Drop Dr. Laura WATCH: Olbermann Names Dr. Laura “Worst Person” Martin: “Way Over The Line”Sharpton: Rant Was “Extremely Disturbing” Dr. Laura’s History Of Incendiary Remarks

  Liberals, and the god they worship, have their own set of rules as they go. They make up rules, as it fits for the day. Dr Lauras use of the “N” word has made these people sick with insane joy. They see this as some battle that has been won.  Even more humorous, is that they want Fox to say something about this….I didnt know that Dr. Laura worked for Fox.. Media Matters accuse the moderate right wing of being race-baiters, (a term they coined from me, The Mad Jewess), yet, this is what they do all day long: race bait.

   Prince Harry Reid made reference to Obamas lack of NEGRO dialect, and Media Matters said zero, as they didn’t with Jimmy Carter and Obama being a black BOY, but now are demanding to end Dr. Laura’s life, by having all of her advertisers dropped.  These are the ramifications if you do not serve satan.

  In Leviticus 18:22 it says;  ‘Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind; it is abomination.’ -But this does not count. Because if you follow this kosher rule, you are a bigot.


 -Saul Alinsky, and Lucifer.

Media Matters don’t give a rats ass about the use of the “N” word. The issue is never the issue-remember this.

To find out what really goes on in the minds of left wing Lucifers kids, you must have required reading;

 Racism, Schmacism: How Liberals Use the “R” Word to Push the Obama Agenda. &

  Radical Son: A Generational Odyssey  This is a great read for the day on how the left wing uses ‘black gangstas’: The Left’s Lust for Black Gangstas »

I notice that black people dont seem to mind using this word:


Amy Goodman-Democracy Now: “Where Are All Of The DEM Anti-War Protestors Now?”

I was watching the very boring, “Free Speech” Democracy Now Commie T.V. this AM.  Amy Goodman, who totally reminds me of one of those mind-numbing therapists from Monterey, CA with their hearts and flowers bologna asks the question:


 Amy Goodman, how utterly ridiculous. You leftists filled our universities up with Marxist, anti-American professors since the 1960’s. You wanted to relive the 1960’s anti-Viet Nam War rallies.  You even had these kids wearing the ‘peace’ signs- it was disgusting. It was NEVER for the war in Afghanistan OR Iraq, it was to protest “Bush the NAZI” -What a joke, what a laugh.  Now, you are angry, because the problem is REAL, Bush was not a NAZI or a fascist, he is not even in the picture, and now you want people to ‘take action!’ but-IT IS OVER.   The PRETEND ‘enemy’ GW is gone…the hype you have created has left these college kids empty with zero substance on WHY anybody would protest war to begin with, when it is UNITY of a nation that “Brings the Troops home.”   Face it, Amy Goodman, the hype you leftists built up was against GEORGE W. BUSH, nothing else. In fact, it was “Bush’s War” in Iraq, not Afghanistan- Craig Winn, a close associate of G.W. Bush, confronted Bush with this letter: Letter to George W. Bush

  Onward:  The professors jacked up the college kids to go out and protest the war. You called it Viet Nam, which is so out of league with what has happened. You told these college kids that they would be doing something great for the ‘greater good’ of the global community.  But, now these same kids voted Obama. The hype is over. You left wing lunatics run on emotion, never logic.  Why? The left is infiltrated with WOMEN, feminists.  Many of these feminists never married. So, they have nothing to do with themselves but destroy, because they are miserable.  Amy Goodman, whether married or not, is one of these miserable creatures.

  David Horowitz explains all of the left wing hatred of America and the “New Left” :  Radical Son: A Generational Odyssey But, instead of listening to a man who has the way out of this mess that the “New Left” created, he is outcast, and even hunted for the killing.  But, the left will continue to do what it is doing;



  Recently, I have been reading a lot of scriptures in the Christian Bible (I realize this is not kosher to Jewish readers, however, it is a free country the last time I looked, I will read what I damned well please, no disrespect, but tired of the censoring in EVERY direction. I LOVE Christians and love my own half Christian family as well.) 

  Onward. In the book of Revelations, it says: “They continued to ‘raise their fists at God, refuse to repent as sores were all over their bodies’ ” Meaning that they are shaking their fist UP at God, who sits on the throne. How many times do you all see this now? Lets refresh:  This signs below, like most of the New Left insignia is fists to God.  Our fight is NOT ‘political’ people- it is a fight of GOOD vs. evil.  Read an excellent piece by Michael Savage on “Obama the Destroyer”  >> OBAMA THE DESTROYER



How The Left Has WON

I stood yonder from where the Tea Party was happening in my town, where they rejected me and my husband, to sing and speak, one week before the event. They rejected us, because the Tea Party has been de-balled, and we are very right wing and patriotic.  How did they de-ball, you say?  With “Thats Racist”, “You’re a Hater”, “You Are Nazis” Etc. So, the left wing Progressive, mind-f-cking machine sent out psychological pharmacia to Americans to take out the fire, the bite, the anger, at the Town Hall Protests–because that is what really kicked this whole thing off–The Town Hall people.  The DNC called them “The Mob”, “Angry, irrational” people.  Which is exactly what the spontaneous Town Hall Protests were=Angry Americans.  Which is needed now, desperately.

  So, what did the left wing psycho-mind f-ckers do?  Brilliant plan.. Paint these people out to be horrible, racists, haters, angry, Nazis-etc.. And we fell for it, hook, line and sinker.  At least I know I did…for a short time. But, I am at my end with it all.  See, if you have never been around these evil tyrants and soul assassins, you do not know how to fight them.  One thing about the left wing; they are good on offense and defense. Why?  Most of them are in the psychiatric field.  They know how to play mind games.  They have won, unless you wake the hell up to their game. They are not afriad to ‘offend’ anyone. They, thousands of them, stood on the Bay Bridge in Oakland, CA, stopped up traffic for hours. They have been responsible for starting riots and race riots for 4 decades. You really should not give a damn what they call you. You are losing your country, people. When Savage, Beck, Horowitz, etc tell you what is happening and you brush it off, you are just not listening.

  I have been politically active for over 20 years in the city I lived.  I shook down a Newspaper in a town of 500,000, painted the Mayor out to be the passive/agressive bitch she was, she was allowing murders, too many to count print on the back pages of the Newspaper. *Letter to the Editor- 2000

   I have stood in City Halls and had streets closed down, streets infested with MS-13, Nortenos, Sorrenos, and illegal gangs that were terrorizing my city.  I have had my car shotgunned and rocks thrown through my apartment windows. You name it. You must get in the face of these people and fight fire with fire. Who gives a damn what they call you? WHO CARES?  “Racist?”  Are they kidding? Please.. We were taught in the Marxist/Bolshevik brainwashing schools that ‘racism is the worst thing’ even before murder. Which enabled the scum of the earth, white trash, black miscreants and etc to act like the pigs they are.


WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP, before your country is GONE forever. 

Shut Up, Americans! you Racists, You Haters, You Angry People. NAZIS!


 Seriously.  Over at: NewsReal Sunday: Using Bible Verses for Jokes or Jihad by Paul Cooper  It seems as if the left wing, moonbattish, satanists are starting to dictate to Christians how to ‘pray’ for Obama, what to pray and what NOT to pray.. Imagine the gall..   Now, these serious demented idiots, are saying that there is a ‘hidden death threat’ read at Psalms 109 on your dear leader, Hussein Obama, AS IF we need any more worship of this unrepentent reprobate scumbag. (  See:  )

   These people are gone.  You can’t talk about Obama, ‘pray’ for Obama without the left wing fringe going absolutely nuts.  I think the demons are foaming at the mouth, and are in need of an exorcism. 

 My friend Linda writes:  Again the fringe left (who consider themselves mainstream) amaze me.  Insanity must be something in the water they drink.  They are not just buffoons anymore, they are very very dangerous in their zeal and hysteria. 

G'D you AMERICANS, you pray how WE tell you to!

“STOLEN LAND!” Americas “PALESTINE” Update

Click here: Immigration bill is promoted for 2010  This traitor needs to be drug through the streets of America.

Well, Israel-haters, what has happened here, that you fail to realize, is that Gods words are true, and mankind is a liar.  God indeed said “I will bless those that bless you, and curse those that curse you”  America is now being cursed, for it’s Jew-hating, Israel hating ways. 

 People can ramble on and on about the “ZOG” and “Zionists are the problem”, but “Zionists” are not in this administration, and have not been any REAL “Zionists” in ANY administration. Obama is covered with Communists and Bolsheviks, and this is worse than it EVER was.

  This is all getting us nowhere fast, but it is indeed cursing our nation.  Just as the FAKEstinians scream that Israel has ‘stolen’ their land, we are losing OUR land to illegals, minorities, etc.  You cannot deny this.  Ever since we have turned to curse what belongs to GOD, we have been cursed WORSE.  The way we demanded over 10,000 Israeli Jews to leave their homes in Gaza after 40 years, the SAME thing WILL happen in America, it already is, FORECLOSURE…Soon you will be kicked out of your homes as well, for standing with murdering enemies of USA,  FAKEstinians and HAMAS. 

 The words of the anti-Christian, white hating pig, Wright said it best… “YOUR CHICKENS HAVE COME HOME TO ROOST!”


Just so you anti-born/again Christians, and anti-semites know, YOU ARE ON THE SIDE OF ILLEGAL ALIENS!

If you ask me, you people are sleeping. Totally, BIGTIME, and you get what you deserve.