America Has Lost The Most Wonderful American Indian Patriot: David Yeagley

America Has Lost The Most Wonderful American Indian Patriot: David Yeagley

Sioux San posted about this on Free Republic:  It’s A Warrior Thing. You Wouldn’t Understand. [David Yeagley]  Lets pray this is not some damned internet hoax. I have already missed David for many weeks.  

I did send him a last goodbye Tweet:


David Yeagley was battling cancer.  He passed away yesterday, March 11, 2014  DJ informed me of this news: HERE

We have lost a fine patriot and wonderful person.  I loved my brother, David.  He never showed this world that he was in pain.  He has went on to be with God.  Of that I am 100% certain.  He LOVED God and read from the Torah on Youtube: See his videos on that..

I will miss your posts, bravery and courage.

Perhaps a Poetic Moment
Perhaps a Poetic Moment

Be at peace my awesome brother. I wish I had spent more time with you.  I am grieved by this news. This is David below, playing “America the beautiful” On a Piano:

God be with your friends and family.

David Yeagley is the great-great-grandson of Comanche leader Bad Eagle. Read more » – See more at:

David Yeagley is the great-great-grandson of Comanche leader Bad Eagle. Read more » – See more at:
David Yeagley is the great-great-grandson of Comanche leader Bad Eagle. Read more » – See more at:

Obama Screws Native-Americans~Gives Negros Cherokee Sovereignty, Says “Negros Are Cherokee Indians”

Obama is a racist, disaster. This is how he treats the indigenous peoples of America.  Obama HATES America, this is 100% PROOF.

   EXCERPT: The Negroes won, again. No human beings on earth will ever be allowed to deny the Negro anything–even the fact that he’s not Indian. And no Indian nation is sovereign now. Negroes are Indian, by federal court fiat.

READ WHAT Native American Indian, Dr. David Yeagley says, in the orange highlighted link below:

American Indian Sovereignty Is Over: US Government Says Negroes are Cherokee Indians

Diane Humetewa (Hopi), first American Indian woman
appointed as a state Attorney General (Arizona),
December, 2007. Fired by Negro president, Barry
“Obama” Soetoro, August, 2009

Join Mr. Yeagley’s Forum:

America: A Nation That Has Totally Forsaken GOD.

David Yeagley is a man I admire very much.  He SHOULD be the President of the United States. He is super-spiritual. I was reading his website today, and to my dismay, I came across this one picture that left me weeping out of control.  His post sums up what type days are ahead. 

We have refused to repent., (as a whole) We now bless enemies and curse allies.   

This is what is awaiting us, and already happening:

An underweight longhorn stands in a field near Stoneham in Grimes County, Texas, in an area that was part of a 5,000-acre wildfire in June. (Jay Janner/AP)

I wish that I had read Mr. Yeagley’s post on one of  the weekdays, that way more people could see what he has written:  When No Man Can Buy or Sell

Poem “Indians”

Dedicated to My ancestor/G-Grandmother: Hurit of the Seneca, Iroquois- Upstate, NY.

Turquoise, Iroquois,
The beating of the drums.
Dried up corn,
Braided hair,
Feathers aplenty,
Eyes ‘a fair.
Macrame, beads, bandanas,
The Yearly dance,
Spiritual readings,
A hideous mask.
Deathly afraid of new traditions,
Will we get free with Indian intuitions?
AsheDina © 2010
The Mad Jewess

My Native American Blood-Brother LOVES America…..

I Love America

Our adopted son (‘evil’ white man) became the wonder of the world, indeed. So, I’m proud of him. He was exceedingly great. Should we not claim him as our own? Did we not raise him? Was not his development at every stage shaped by his constant encounters with us? Weren’t we the people who actually made him a nation? We were the first “foreign” people he ever made a treaty with. Later, his Declaration of Independence calls us merciless savages (as employed by King George, anyway), but in his Constitution he calls us nations. He made treaties with us from his earliest days among us. Did we not raise him? Is he not what he is because of his time with us?

The rest here: I Love America

We owe our lives to the American Indians. The code-talkers especially during WW2.  We should repent to the Native Americans and tell them we are sorry we screwed up so much and put a foreign enemy into the White mans house. If anyone in this nation deserves the ‘reperations’ it is the American Indian, not black people, at this point- who dump all over America… no not all..

 We should encourage all Native Americans to do war against the left wing destroyers who USE them for political gain, promising a bunch of bs & stabbing our brothers in the back, abusing their patience and tolerance..

Warriors and Heroes – Native Americans in World War II   General George Washington, Indian Scouts, Indian Cavalry Troop, World War I., Iroquois Confederacy, New York, Signal Corps, President Roosevelt.

David A. Yeagley, great, great grandson of Bad Eagle
(quin-ne kish-su-it), a quahada Comanche.

An Excellent Write-Up on “The Hated White Male” By David Yeagley

From “ScorpioRose“~My Dear Male Bloggers, you should read this mans website. This is just what you need. MEN need to take back their nation, I AM SICK of WOMEN.  SICK OF IT!!

The Hated White Male
By David Yeagley
March 31, 2010
VISIT: The Hated White Male 

Excerpt from above: The most hated creature on earth is the white male.  Specifically, the middle-aged, white, Western male, and particularly the American white male, is the most despised, condemned, and denigrated human being in the world.  

He can’t do anything right.  Unless he is praising the poor Negro, or lauding some forlorn “indigenous” people of color somewhere in the world, the white male is universally regarded with moral ostracism.  He is believed to be the inventor of all ills, the abuser of all races, and the war-monger-in-chief across the globe.

David Yeagley, the Grandson of Comanche Leader, Bad Eagle. A Fine man. This is the type man that is needed for the white man to get out of this mess. This nation, on both sides believe that women are more capable than men–this is totally incomprehensible to me.

Visit the- Web site of the Bad Eagle Foundation.

The New Royalty, by Dr. David Yeagley: