Dear God: 30% Of Dems Believe Election Was Stolen But Don’t Care. Why Do They Hate Our Country?

Dear God: 30% Of Dems Believe Election Was Stolen But Don’t Care. Why Do They Hate Our Country?

Dear God… – Kurt Michael Brundage

I have given up and now turn to you because I see NO real godly hope for this nation. When a country is so far gone that they no longer care about their voting system, this means they don’t care about their basic rights: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. God: If they are willing to just ax a whole election, they will bring massive chaos to the rest of us. And, that is my chief concern.

It’s not about Donald Trump for me, Lord because you know I have ranted about some of his policies. You know that I am not ‘ra ra ra Trump’. I don’t see him as ‘the greatest President we’ve ever had’. I like the way he made the Leftist reprobates cry, I admit that. But, I believe he should have hanged most of our government for treason and proxy wars. That is my beef with Trump. He didn’t deal with the traitors and now the traitors ‘win’ and will rule over us.

I don’t get the Democrat party as a people, Lord. They just don’t give a damn about their founders or their government. They just don’t care if we are free or not. In my opinion, Lord.. All they care about is murdering babies, homosexual sex, bombing countries and spreading our income to foreign minorities. They care NOTHING for elections. If they care nothing for elections, any ol tyrant can take the seat by force.

So, God, my friend, my father: I ask you to please wake the people up who worship the Democrat party (MANY Republicans in the GOP also) or DESTROY them. Yes, I ask you to destroy them. To the max. Level them. I ask you this for the sake of remnants around the country who do NOT want to be ruled by tyrants. Thank you, Lord. Baruch HaShem, In Jesus name.


Your Humble Mad Jewess

Whoa: Nearly a Third of Democrats Believe the Election Was Stolen From Trump

Questions I found on the net:

1. Why did multiple Democrat cities in swing states stop counting on Nov 3 when Trump was ahead only to report in the morning that Trump was behind? 
2. Is it credible that 150000 votes showed up for Joe Biden in Michigan in the wee hours of the morning when they told the public to go to sleep and “literally all” of those 150000 ballots were for Joe Biden? 
3. A young man produced data from the PA website that showed 23000 ballots were returned before they were mailed out. What is the explanation for that? 
4. The PA Supreme Court allowed PA to change the election law from the legislature and permitted ballots 3 days after the legislature said. Was that collusion by the PA Supreme Court? 
5. Are dominion machines associated with sor os, feinstein, pelosi, or venezuela? Why in the world would our election be calculated by a machine associated with communists and partisans? 
6. Did democrats go into nursing homes and mental wards and harvest ballots? 
7. Why did Detroit board up their windows so no one can see in?