Email I Received From A Ron Paul FOLLOWER: “Treacherous Moses ‘MURDERED’ Hundreds Of His Own People”

Paulans  ask me, possibly 10 or more times a day…. “MJ: Why do you not like Ron Paul?

I answer the same way over and over:

‘It is not Ron Paul that I have the biggest problem with, it is you, his followers. You hate God, you hate Christians, you hate right-minded Jews. You act INSANE. The fish rots from the head down, imo..  I have said a hundred times that I am against ‘gays’ serving openly in the military, and I believe that homosexuality is the downfall of ANY nation, inc America. Ron Paul voted to repeal DADT, and this will send us down, faster.’

This is never enough for a Paulan.  Not even telling a Paulan that I will probably ‘hold my nose and vote Ron Paul’ is enough.  Paulans demand absolute LOYALTY and some type of insane worship of this politician (R. Paul).  I do not worship, nor do I like *ANY* politician.

The link is provided for you (below) to see how these Paulans twist even the Bible around to justify their INSANE, rabid Jew-hatred, & psycho-maddening persecution against Christians.  The link is ‘hyper-linked’ the way it was sent to me in email:

The rest of this Paulans ‘opinion’:
Fast forward to today, and following Moses’ insane, treacherous, mass-murderous and genocidal rule, the Neo-Con/Likudnik traitors infested in America’s government today ALLOWED the terrorist attacks of 9-11 to proceed.
There is more, but the link and webpage has been cut off from the email body.
…So, Moses was ‘insane, treacherous, mass-murderous and genocidal.’  UN-BE-FRIGGIN-LIEVABLE!
  The first time I actually read someone that called himself a ‘neo-con’ was David Horowitz in his book, “The Race Card.” He considers himself a ‘new conservative’. I am not, I am from a family of 500 plus years of American Conservative- Iroquois, Christians and Spiritual Jews…

  GWB was told off royally by a friend of his named “Craig Winn.”   Craig Winn is a born again believer.  This is what he had to say about the Iraq war, which was GEORGE WALKER BUSH’S BABY: Letter to George W. Bush  You can read it yourself, if you want to know the truth about “Bush’s war” in Iraq.
AND: to refute this Paulans stupidity re Israel: Israel warned America, in 2003 to not go into Iraq:

‘The head of the Israeli army has warned of an “earthquake, which will reshape” the Middle East if America goes to war with Iraq.

Lieutenant-General Moshe Yaalon told an Israeli newspaper that while he expected America to launch a strike, he was more concerned about attacks by Palestinian militants than any danger posed to Israel by Iraq.’


Again, with the exception of a few sane Paul followers…this is what I think of most of them:

I have written about these moonbats before: