Paul Ryan Is An IDIOT. Immigrants Are Supposed To Come TO Us Not The Vc. Versa

P. Ryan Is An IDIOT. Immigrants Are Supposed To Come To US, Not The Vc. Versa

The GOP and the DEM teach non-assimilation. The GOP, like the Dem is just a Communist party…Working hard to destroy America

Every morning I get up and it’s always bad news.  And, thankfully, people like Paul Ryan have made me happy that I left the Republican party years ago.  Ryan says the GOP needs to ‘reach out to immigrants’ (he means wetback illegals from south of the border) to win elections.. Dude, you need to get on the side of AMERICANS who are tired of the illegal occupation OF these criminal invaders.. But, you are probably being paid off by special interests.  

In America, it used to be immigrants who came here were proud to become citizens..  My mothers Grandfather was a Portugee-Crypto/Jew.  He worked hard and owned half of Salinas in California.  He was proud to come to the land of opportunity & become a citizen.  He was dirt poor when he got here and worked like a dog.  Sadly, now immigrants come for a hand out.  Food, housing, healthcare.  That is not what America was supposed to be and Paul Ryan is an…

The former Vice Presidential candidate told the Des Moines register that it was “crucial” for Republicans to deliver on immigration reform.
The Des Moines Register reported.

I Won’t Vote For Chris Christie For Prez, Even On Pain Of Death. Go To A Fat Farm, Not The WH

I Won’t Vote For Chris Christie For Prez, Even On Pain Of Death. Go To A Fat Farm, Not The WH

They say the Porky Pig Schmuck is #1 in the polls…

Many people say I would be ‘throwing away my vote’ for the Democrats.  I say bullshit.  I am so sick of what is happening now and Christie is just another Obama the Bush, 4.0.  Not only that, he is a porker. And, too old to be a lard ass, fatso.  What is he? About 50 or so? 

This idiot is an open-borders wacko.  He loves Obama and helped the Kenyan get elected again. People in NJ sleep in tents because of this high-taxing Commie.  YOU can vote for whoever you wish, but I will write in someone or vote Independent. I will NOT be held responsible before God to have put in another jakobite.  I won’t turn on my founding fathers…and, if I was a man, Christine Christie- I would use for target practice.  (If I was practicing to shoot elephants for their ivory)


Biden & Bloomberg Advise Congress: “Have Courage” (W/ Gun Control), In Other Words; Commit TREASON

Biden & Bloomberg Advise Congress: “Have Courage” (W/ Gun Control), In Other Words; Commit TREASON

This is treason.  It is time to oust these people.  If not now, WHEN? What’s it going to take, men?  What?  Gulags?   Every single day, this administration works to destroy the Constitution.   They can’t even follow the basic tenets of our laws–on either side.


They want our guns.  This means they want to control and murder us.  What the hell other explanation can there be? When they take your guns, you are dead.  Need proof?? Just ask the Russians, Germans and Chinese.  Meanwhile.. Bill O’Reilly is worried that Obama looks like Satan from the movie, “The Bible” (miniseries) THERE IS NO OPPOSITION.

Click:  Biden, Bloomberg urge ‘courage’ to pass gun laws…

‘The Mad Jewess Should Be Executed’ For Saying ‘Obama Is A Curse’

Yep…Ya can’t make this stuff up.  My husband has the very difficult task of emptying spam.  Which is a LOT harder than ya’all think!! Anyway, we used to get about 12 or so spams a day, now we get 300-400.  This little jerk-off was in the spam.  He said “You should be executed for saying this!”    He also admitted that the country is screwed.  So, at least this simple-minded, little putz can see that.

However…let us talk.  “Executed?”  OK.  So, let’s assume I am a Repub, which I am not, but let’s just assume… Does anyone remember the things that the left said about GWB?  Are we kidding, here?  When Communist/leftists were opposing GWB, they hung signs, like this:

This made Republican people very upset.. And signs like this are OK.  But, only if it is against a Republican.  Don’t touch dear leader, Obama…

 But for only saying “Obama is a cursed person”.. We should be executed.    We still have this pesky thing (Which the Commie/Left only likes when they are in power) called the 1st Amendment.  Which gives me freedom of speech and freedom of the press.   My father is Seneca/Iroquois and Christian. I’ll say anything about any damned public official I please.. My father’s  family have dwelled in this land for probably over 1K years.  And this IDIOT tells me I should be executed?

Let me make myself clear.  The only person that should get this type of proper punishment is a traitor who voted in a fraud.  A traitor that puts his COLOR before country (Yes, this KID is only about 20-21 years old and black)  This TRAITOR shall go to Gehenna.  Promptly.  For electing in a DEVIL.  And, not only a devil, but a CURSED DEVIL who attracts the most filthy creatures; rats and flies.

Definition of Shit:  

excrement; feces.  

pretense, lies, exaggeration, or nonsense. 

something inferior or worthless. 

an act of defecating; evacuation.

GOD sends these flies and rats to show us humans what SHIT is.  “Shit” is a condition that is much worse than what we believe. YES!  Shit, in a word – has a picture of Obama next to its definition in the dictionary.



‘Attributes’ Of The Neo-Democrat Party, Who Rule America

This was on my F/B page this AM.

The Democratic Party has become the party of the Anti-Christians, Jew-haters, Israel-haters, Jihad-lovers, War-mongers, Anti-baby, Anti-traditional Marriage, Anti-God, Anti-Caucasians; home of the Racists, the Haters, the Elitists, the Homosexuals, the Tanstesticals, the Pansexuals, the Illegal Aliens, the Ex-Cons, the Ex-Felons, the Moral Relativists, the vote frauders, the Bigots, the Pagans, the hate-America movement, the Marxists, the Communists, the Bolsheviks, the Progressives, the Socialists and the Anarchists.

Hope you leftists are happy.

This is the HELL you created.


Above Scrutiny; Politicians & Rock Star Status

Go to fullsize imageIf you seem to be a conservative and perhaps you are a are not allowed to question the Republican Party of politicians… If you are a Democrat and center ‘liberal’, you are not allowed to question the DNC.. And that is politics in America now. 

  Take myself for ie…. I am not a Sarah Palin supporter.  Why? Because Palin quit her post in Alaska as governor. It is as simple as that.  The excuse?  That she wanted to go to the 48 states and build up the GOP.  She would have been better suited to remain on post and finish the job she started.  Thats MY opinion.. Why does all of this bother me? Because I know the Bolsheviks/Marxists, and am not in the dark how they attack:  ruthlessly, mercilessly, assault peoples characters and lives.  Do I believe that Sarah Palin can handle the attacks? Yes, I do believe that she can. Does this mean I would want her to be the next president? NO. 

  Now, why am I against Sarah Palin as a president? Because I am old-fashioned. I believe that America was great because we had ‘evil’ whitey male in charge, that’s why. When I look at the pictures of past presidents, I see no women, and I see no Muslim men, like who we have now, (Obama). I am not going to change my position, and you will not see The Mad Jewess EVER endorsing a woman for a president, or a minority.  Both have agendas.  I have not EVER voted a Jewish person into office either. Is it because I am an “Israel-hater?” Or a self-hating Jew-hater as Soros is?  No.  It is because Jewish people are predominantly leftists and I cannot ever vote for a leftist.  It is against America.

   Now, let’s take the center of the road liberal/Democrat.  They are seen as an enemy, because they do not like democrats that are in charge. I don’t like all of this ‘labeling’, just trying to get a point across. 

   The people that voted in Hillary Clinton were shoved to the back burner as Obama stole the election from Hillary, who was actually the rightful winner of the DEM. Not that I like Hillary, I hate her.  However, look at the DEMS that are not even allowed to question their own party now, because that is seen as ‘treasonous’ by the leftist machine.  So, often times, debating with these people, I have more in common, because they feel the ‘fascism’ as I do.

  Recently, an article was put out by Salon, a liberal rag, that had a truth about Sarah Palins constituent (A Soros paid ‘neo-con’, as they phrased it)  in a lobbying report that Becks people are calling ‘spin.’  It is not ‘spin’, it is a lobbying report.  It is one thing to call spin, spin, when it is spin, but another to hit back when the facts cannot be refuted.   Since I put this lobbying report up, I have had an array of emails from people that are angry. They are thinking I am ‘attacking’ Sarah Palin.  Sarah Palin is a politician who gets paid a couple million a year, plus she has a reality TV show. The Mad Jewess is an unpaid blogger with hard right wing values.  Sarah Palin may want to think of firing a person that works for Soros instead of justifying the phoney, pseudo-con Sheunemann.

  Either way, I am sick and tired of the fascism. And it IS on both sides of the spectrum, because the Bolsheviks have infiltrated into the once Grand Old Party.  This is why people call them ‘RINOS’.   I don’t like the rock-star status of politicians now. I don’t like how pseudo-conservatives are angry because I am questioning one of their people.  I don’t like how I was rejected at the T-party for being ‘too right wing’.  In my opinion, America should go back to being America, without the labels, without the attacks of people demanding loyalty that is a false loyalty to parties that have screwed up America to the max.

This is a Savage video, who I also don’t agree with 100%, but I agree with this:


Kim On Breitbart, a little blogger:

Kim · 38 weeks ago  

This is why I don’t let anyone tell me who to vote for.

I don’t think anyone should vote for a candidate just because they’re “electable” how about someone who represents you and your values.

That’s part of the reason we ended up with Bush ’41 and John McCain, no freakin’ thanks.


Here @ The Mad Jewess, We Believe That MASSIVE Voter Fraud WILL Take Place In Nov. Courtesy: DNC

All of the talking heads, Rove, Morris, etc are getting America geared up for a ‘landslide’ GOP avalanche.. Even the Nazi “Jew” George Soros said that. But, we believe different.  We believe that the DEMS are planning a major voting fraud deception, to keep themselves in the house, ILLEGALLY, because they cannot win fair; they ARE crooks. The GOP is no better, but at least we can slow down this ‘progressive’ push to Communism, which is mass death and genocide.  Read this link:

  They have every intention of turning America into a 3rd world banana republic dump.   They have every intention of making YOU slaves, submitting to a huge Marxist/NAZI takeover.  Call us crazy, or conspiracy nuts, we don’t care.  Most of us have lived in city areas, the metro NYC, Cali, Philly, etc.. Vote Fraud is common in the inner cities. So, you have to go out, to the polls and stop the bastards. 

  In NYC, there was a woman, she said “When I came here this morning to vote, the police were not here, but when I returned this evening, to vote again, the P.D. was there”.    In another instance, in NYC, a man came to vote—FORTY-TWO times.  42, people.  Stalin, the Progressive/Commies hero said: “It does not matter who votes, it matters who COUNTS the votes”….. Hopefully we are wrong. We Pray we are wrong, but they are already messing with Military votes. 

 So, DO NOT trust these people, they ARE ENEMIES within.

Watch some of the evidence of voter fraud, ILLEGALS inc:




Pelosi Has Taken 85 “Trips” In ONE YR. On Americas Dime~ WAKE THE HELL UP CALIF!

  I thank GOD everyday that I have not lived in Calif. for 3 years.  Calif. used to be beautiful and free, now it is illegals out of control, gangs, sanctuary cities.  If you want to visit a nice place in CA, you better make sure you know exactly where you are going, because it is not the CA of the 1980’s, and before.

EXCERPT: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and members of her family and staff took 85 tax-paid trips on military aircraft between March 2, 2009, and June 7, 2010, according to new documents uncovered by Judicial Watch.

The rest: