Only A Sick, Demented, Disgusting Commie PIG Thinks Of “Orgy Regulations” For Covid:

Only A Sick, Demented, Disgusting PIG Thinks Of “Orgy Regulations” For Covid:
Rachel Levine is the head of the PA Health Dept.

Who does this? WHO EVEN THINKS OF DISGUSTING CHIT like this? A sexually depraved slob, that’s who.

Why would a stupid hag even submit this stupidity? The world looks at this god forsaken nation and says: ‘Look at their depravity. They are really sickos.” That’s what the world thinks of us.

And, just look at that beast! MY GOD!!! Please strike this thing!! Evil slime. Filthy savage. “Rachel Levine” BARF!

Pennsylvania Health Department Issues Preferred COVID Orgy Regulations: Wear a Face Covering, Avoid Kissing, Wash Hands Often

My friend wrote this. He is disgusted also 😦 This is Why They Hate “The Jews” #3


           The REAL fact is that they are MUSLIM FIRST, NOT American FIRST.

“All the Muslim Americans I know were excited and electrified by him,” says Salman Ahmed, the New York-based guitarist and singer of the Pakistani-American rock band Junoon. He’s dedicated several recent concerts to getting the vote out for Obama. “It was not like ‘Good, Obama gets the Muslim world.’ It was ‘Oh my God!
Here’s a guy who understands the world, us, America.’ Voting for him was a no brainer.”
  America is a THEN, up above. , And a GUY.
 Definition of GUY:   Informal. a man or boy;    
But many Muslims kept their presidential preference a secret in the months leading up to Super Tuesday, fearing that an endorsement from them might in fact work against Obama.
Obama rarely seemed to defend them when the word “Muslim” was used as a slur. Instead, it took others like CNN’s Campbell Brown and, remarkably, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, to say “and so what if he was?”
  Well, TRAITORS, Campbell and Powell, one must be of the CHRISTIAN faith STUPID DUMMIES. Powell is a damned TRAITOR and Brown a pice of white TRASH.