@dbarrett: LEFTISTS Were Burning The Nation B4 Nov/2020 Election-Tell THEM To STOP Screwing Our “Democracy.”

David Barrett:

LEFTISTS Were Burning The Nation B4 Nov 2020 Election. Tell THEM To STOP Screwing Our “Democracy”

TYPICAL Left wing moonbat.

People like this CEO, David Barrett infuriate me. First off, he sends out an email from his CEO account, suppressing 10 million potential voters into voting for Biden. Then he rants about “Voter suppression”. Which he is actually guilty of by coercion through email. People are going to vote for who they want to vote for: Biden OR Trump. Its not up to you to sway opinion in that regard.

Then, this Yo-yo claims that “Democracy is in danger if Trump wins”. NO. Your friends, the Leftists (who, like you –insist that USA is a democracy) are the ones that are putting this nation in danger of violence and Civil war because they can’t accept defeat–since 2016. They cannot accept that people are sick and tired of their name-calling, blaming and shaming politics of psychological, human bondage and totalitarianism.


What don’t you get, Barrett?

YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Your friends, the Leftists and YOU are the problem.

This moonbat is basically telling people to ‘vote for Biden’…so that his friends won’t riot. He wants people to bow down to these terrorist, Left wing scumbags.

*San Francisco Tech CEO Emails 10 Million Customers Urging Them To Vote For Biden

THIS is what your friends, the Leftists do when they get upset, you simp, Barrett:

Do the Riots in Minneapolis Forebode Greater Civil Unrest for the US?
How Portland Became a Nightmare for Democrats - POLITICO
Rioting after protest leads to curfew for Seattle - NEWS 1130


Now-‘Gay US Militants Should Focus On Russia’ – NO, Mind Their Own Biz Like They USED TO

Gay Americans Should Focus On Russia. NO, They Should Mind Their Own Biz Like They USED TO

Any fruit I ever knew wanted to be left alone.  They didn’t want to be bothered. Now, militant jerks who are FAGS are pushing for ‘gay’ in Russia.  You don’t THRUST YOUR way on a nation that is not friendly to you, you stay the hell out.   You militants should move to Frisco or NYC.  Then we can beg God to rid the earth of you for shoving your militancy on people.  

It is not gay itself that destroys nations, it is MILITANCY. Feminist militancy, Abortion militancy and GAY militancy.

Daily Caller has far left wing radicals on it now: Gay Americans should be focused on Russia

This Is What “Democracy” Looks Like: Endless US Backed Sieges All Over Libya

People wonder why we were attacked in Libya. Many Americans still believe that we are awesome, wonderful, sweet, kind, loving.  We just want to bring ‘democracy’ to these poor, misguided Jihadists and then wonder why we get attacked.  

Of course, many ‘conservatives’ will say; HOW DARE THEY BLAME AMERICA!  & Liberals will continue to push for their ‘democracy’ bullshit.

Many Conservatives: You are all living in the past.  You are living in circa Eisenhower or Reagan’s 1980’s. Wake up out of your slumber, We ARE the worlds leading super-power terrorists because of Obama.  I didn’t want to believe it, either.  But, I do now.  A true patriot will call out the evil in their country as Marlene Deitrich did against the Nazi dictatorship in the 1930’s.  Alas, too many of you are stuck in “America is great and exceptional” so bad that YOU are now the blind leading the blind into a ditch.

This is what a Youtuber says:

america wont be satisfied until they destroy the whole world, and whats worse, is that milions of retards in europe love america more than their own country, so i would not epext any resistance from them, russia, and china, is the only hope.

plante rota 

Hillary’s New “Democrats” In Egypt Show Christian Beheading On National TV

Hillary’s new “democrats” show Christian beheading on national tv


This is typical behavior when Muslim extremists take charge of a country.

Hillary Clinton Wants Syria’s Assad To “Step Down”~WE THE PEOPLE Want Her To GET LOST


Hillary Clinton Wants Syria’s Assad To “Step Down”~WE THE PEOPLE Want Her To GET LOST.  Make no mistake.  Just as Samantha Powers, Susan Rice and that other bitch marched into Libya last year, they will do the same thing with Syria.  Let me tell you something about Syria… There are militant Jihadists in the streets that are wanting to take over the government, the same clusterfuck that happened in Egypt and Libya, courtesy of “Western Democracy” is on its way to SYRIA.  The bitch, Hillary cant take NO for an answer.  She & Obama WANT to start WW3. Russia and China, BOTH are WITH Syria.  They have sent ships TO Syria to attack US if these war-mongering, Bolsheviks attack the govt of Syria.

GO AHEAD BITCH.  DO IT.  You did it to Serbia, remember??  SOME of us DO remember.. You g’damned DEMOCRATS have f’cked up the whole damned world.  When these countries bomb the living shit out of America….I am sorry.. I will not shed a tear.   I will duck and cover and kiss my ass goodbye.  And that’s not all…Let me tell ya…Obama will probably take Biden off the VP payroll…And just guess who the SOB will put in as his VP? HILLARY EVITA CLINTON.

And even worse….American women are PATHETIC. They will vote OBAMA to get Hillary just for a VP.

DUMB BIMBOS ALL OVER AMERICA. That’s what you MEN get for allowing women the right to vote.



Putin: ‘America~Stop Lecturing Russia On Democracy, The USA Is A Republic, NOT A Democracy’

H/T’s to QV re. Putin (vid below as well)

  Can we please bring Putin here? We can throw out the HNIC occupying the White House. If we are to have a foreigner as the Prez, can we at least have one that knows what the hell America is supposed to be??  I cannot believe that I would see a day where I would actually agree with a former KGB agent. 

Putin is right, the “American” left is wrong—as usual.

How the hell is it, that Putin and Russia is more free than America??

America: You have been so duped… Sad part is, you didnt mind until OBAMA got in.

Super-FAT, UGLY Libo-Beasts TRY To Sing & Dance, “Boycott” Target For MOVEON.ORG

 Thumbs Down These serious fatties and wannabe hippies are angry with Target because they gave money to a candidate that is ‘anti-gay’, anti whatever, and, they say this candidate is ‘far right wing’ HA…HA…HA. There is NO ‘far right’ wing anything in this nation, except the blogosphere. How about, take your anti everything crap, and shove it up your ass? People are sick and tired of your bullshit.

See Target, stop trying to buy elections!