Putin ISN’T ‘Stepping Down’. He’ll Have His Hands Full W/ New US Dem Led Proxy Wars In The Mid East

Putin ISNT Stepping Down, He’ll Have His Hands Full W/ New US Dem Proxy Wars In The Mid East

US media report Russian President Putin to resign due to failing health

The Democrat, Leftist news media went on the attack against Russia’s President Putin right after the US election. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Their plan? Probably to start a proxy war in and around Russia: ‘Vladimir Putin, 68, ‘stepping down as Russian president early next year amid fears he has Parkinson’s’.

Russia’s President Putin denies this nonsense: Russia denies Vladimir Putin planning to step down over “Parkinson’s”. Even if he DOES have Parkinson’s, he could continue working. Janet Reno did….

*Belarus is now being sanctioned by the war mongers in Europe EU sanctions Lukashenko for crackdown on Belarus protests. The Democrat Communists will change regimes in Belarus just as they did in Ukraine.

*In Kyrgyzstan: Kyrgyzstan’s president steps down amid political unrest. Think this is a coincidence? It certainly is not. Any place you see a country in ‘protest’ is just another target for the war mongers & Communist globalists to destroy and humble into the “New World Order”. Kyrgzstan was once a part of the Russian Soviet Union: Kyrgyzstan – Wikipedia

*Israel will become Gazan target practice again, the Communist media will attack Israel relentlessly and the radical faction of the Moslems will become emboldened: Israeli Minister Warns of War in Middle East if Biden Wins

I covered the Democrat, Obama and his middle east proxy wars for years. Biden was Obama’s VP. He Or Harris will continue the Democrat proxy wars. The short ‘peace’ Israel was establishing will be thwarted: “Woe to those who say, “Peace, Peace”, then sudden destruction comes” . I wrote about this a few months back: The FALSE “Peace” Plan. “Peace, Peace & Then Sudden Destruction”


*Obama changed regimes in Egypt, demanded Mubarak step down: Israel shocked by Obama’s “betrayal” of Mubarak | Reuters

*Obama changed the regime in Libya: Obama to Gaddafi: ‘Step Down’ Video – ABC News

*Obama, the Democrat tried to change regimes in Syria but failed because Russia came to the aid of Assad. Obama: Syrian President Assad Must Step Down | HuffPost

*After the Democrats and McCain foisted Ukrainians President Yanukovych out of power in Ukraine, America under the Democrat party allied Kiev/Ukrainian Neo-Nazis | The Nation

In my opinion… Russia will have its hands full with American Democrat proxy war, violence & bloodshed. Most of the world looks to Russia as the ‘leader of the free world’ now after they saved Syria from Obama’s ISIS. It is very possible America could come under attack on our own soil with a Harris/Biden Presidency.

Will War Derail Trump’s Reelection? YES.

Will War Derail Trump’s Reelection? YES.

There are many of us who are not “MAGA” ‘Ra Ra Ra Trump’ patriots.  We’re not “Never Trump” holier than thou idiots.. However, we really do see him as a much lesser of an evil.  Granted, Trump is in no way as evil as most of the GOP or DEMS currently holding seats and there are a few things he has done exceedingly well including the economy.

But, one thing will most definitely murder off his chances of re-election: WAR.  The Left and the War mongers might be propping up a fake war to keep him out ALSO.  Think about THAT!!

This is what Buchanan has to say: Will War Derail Trump’s Reelection?  Buchanan’s voice has been correct on this issue.


We have a war right here at home. A battle is being waged in Virginia: Patriotic Americans against hardened, Communist, America hating, white hating pigs who stole seats in Virginia. The people of VA gun rights are under attack.  We have a battle being waged against Trump by the same aforementioned Communists.  We have a war on our southern border.  There is a fight to stop the demographic shift and we’re losing. The Jews in NY are in a war against blacks. Black males are murdering whites. Our children are being kidnapped and forced into slavery in  foreign countries.. Pedophiles are wandering the streets. Militant drag queens are showing their dicks off in school libraries…ETC!!


Image result for NO WAR"



The Communists In The DNC Are Desperate & That Makes Them Dangerous

The Communists In The DNC Are Desperate & That Makes Them Dangerous

Some very stupid idiot on “Reddit” thought this post was ‘hilarious’  Tell that to Holocaust and Holomodor survivors who went through what AmeriKa is going through, now. We are in the first stages of a country that is changing into Communism, you jackass.

As you all know, I am not a brilliant person.  I am artistic.  But, I do know evil which makes me saner than most American people.  I was taught all through Elementary school of the threats of Communism in our country.  I didn’t question or doubt my teachers because I grew up in a town that was behind the times & we respected authority and the fruits that came with it; that being wisdom.  My village was an “All American” town on the far east end of Long Island in the Hamptons.

You will note that my life was blessed in many ways. Not because we were rich, but because we had caring teachers who loved our once great country.  They cared enough to warn of a great enemy: Communism.  Every morning I turn on this computer, their teachings are vindicated, sadly justified.

Communists have taken over my Grandmothers Democrat party that she loved so much.  The same party which birthed the ‘great generation’, WW2 men and women who were wonderful, brave & carried out great exploits in defense of freedom.  The Communists have destroyed the Democrat political party and it is beyond hope or recognition.  From the electing in of Barack Obama to the treachery of Harry Reid to the murderous Hillary Clinton & beyond.  The Bolsheviks, Stalinists, Trotskyites, Marxists, Progressives (Liberals) have extinguished it.

We are now on the cusp of a great danger.  Communists in the Democrat party are desperate.  They will carry out great evils from here on in – if not stopped.  Yesterday, the Iran diversion should have proved this to you.  David Horowitz, x-Communist is warning us how dangerous they are and I hope you will link this post along with mine:

Click-The Threat We Face 


  • To understand why this is important, think of progressives as a species of religious fundamentalists planning a redemption. Like fundamentalists they look at the world as fallen – a place corrupted by racism, sexism and class division. But the truly religious understand that we are the source of corruption and that redemption is only possible through the work of a Divinity. In contrast, progressives see themselves as the redeemers, which is why they are so dangerous.  AND:

To sum this up: Progressives see themselves as an army of the saints, and their opponents as the party of Satan; and that will justify almost anything you can get away with.

To close up this post, I leave you with this:  Since they think of themselves as Godly saints, will they not carry out ‘redemption’ through the killing fields of the amber waves of grain?

They must be stopped.

Communist-Fascist, Harry Reid Has Given Obama Full Power, Today

Communist-Fascist, Harry Reid Has Given Obama Full Power, Today

How is this ‘law’ going to work for your Democrats when the right is forced to seize power?

In a sane world, we would take Harry Reid and hang him by his balls and then put him before a firing squad.  But, America is not sane.  And the Democrat party is not your Grandma’s Democrat party, it is a Communist party.  Who is going to stop Harry Reid? Darrell Issa?  Why men are not marching on WDC is beyond me.

Our sociopathic Government, by Harry Reid in 2008: The nuclear option, “simply put, would be the end of the United States Senate.”  More on THAT.

Excerpted from WASHINGTON POST: The partisan battles that have paralyzed Washington in recent years took a historic turn on Thursday, when Senate Democrats eliminated filibusters for most presidential nominations, severely curtailing the political leverage of the Republican minority in the Senate and assuring an escalation of partisan warfare.

The rule change means federal judge nominees and executive-office appointments can be confirmed by a simple majority of senators, rather than the 60-vote super majority that has been required for more than two centuries.  Keep Reading

Democrats Should Run David Duke For Pres. In 2016-The Liberal ‘Jews’ Will Vote For Him

Democrats Should Run David Duke For Pres. In 2016-The Liberal Jews Will Vote For Him

Everything is koo koo, Now…Anyone else notice that insane folks seem to hate the people of Israel?

Chuck Hagel got the nod for the SOD, yesterday.  Liberal Jews voted for Obama, 69% in 2012.  Obama is a Muslim, who hates Israel and appoints Jew-hating, anti-Christian jackasses..Samantha Power ring a bell??  So, what’s the real difference between Duke and Hagel?  I see NO difference.  White Supremacists LOVE Chuck Hagel.  Chuck Hagel hates Israel.  So, why would it be any different if Duke ran for Pres on the Dem ticket, 2016?  Liberal Jews would help his campaign—as long as he is a Democrat.

Hell, Why doesn’t Obama just adopt Duke on his staff? They are on the SAME page.

David Duke endorsed Charles Barron for a seat in NYC: (A Jew-hating, white-hating, America-hating, Israel-hating, black bastard) I am sure that more than a few Lib-Jews helped that idiot.  The Neturei Karta are Socialist ‘Jews’ that hate Israel.  Duke hates Israel.  Neturei Kartas hate most true, Torah-abiding Jews, as does Duke.  Duke is always attacking religious, right-wing or conservative Jews….Ditto J-street, Jewish Daily Forward, Mondoweiss, etc..   In fact, Mondoweiss hates Zionists and believe we have “ZOG” (Zionist Occupied government)  So does David Duke!!  Which we don’t & I am right, again…  Hagel is 100% proof that Zionists are not in charge at all.   -By the way; One cannot be Commie/Socialist and Torah abiding, you fool Neturei Karta’s-   Duke hates Christian-Zionists, so do all of these moronic, aforementioned ‘Jews’.   Duke supports Muslim, Islamic Jihadists, as do Lib-Jews & Neturei Karta kisses their ass as well..


David Duke, 2016 on the DEM ticket. Why not?  Makes sense in a world gone insane.  People who hate America’s allies seem to be the “IN” thing, now.


Streisand should sing “Somewhere” at his Inauguration:

Ya Can’t Make This Sh*t Up!

God does not change.  “I will bless them that bless thee (Israel) and curse them that curse thee (Israel).”   True faith individuals love and support the PEOPLE of Israel.  We know their government stinks, but God does not ask us to support government.  He asks us to support PEOPLE and discern if they are holy or righteous.  Most Israeli Jewish & Christian PEOPLE are right-minded.

PROJECT VERITAS EXCLUSIVE: DNC Staffer Assists Double Voting In Support Of Obama

Nah. We all know the Democrat party is moral and would never do anything like this..

From A Liberal Newspaper, Letter To The Editor: “Democrats Are Foes & Enemies Of The American Dream”

Up here in N. AZ, the people get what is happening & I find it amazing that a rare liberal newspaper would print such an anti-liberal, but accurate letter.


Edited his name for privacy reasons.  We certainly don’t want our friends to become his friends.

-David Ben Moshe

Democrats HATE Mothers. Democrats WAR Against Good, Stay-At-Home Moms

Democrats HATE Mothers.

I am not a fan of Romney.  But come on.  Attacking Ann Romney, a stay-at-home MOTHER?? Why dont they attack Mrs. Obama? She not only stays at home, she vacations on our dime every other minute..Talk about a Stepford wife, for real!  This is how Democrat women treat their own mothers, as well..The EVIL “Jewish” bitch, Hilary Rosen represents what Democrat (Communists) really think of mothers that are stay-at-home.  It pains me greatly that this witch, Rosen is a Jew.  Seriously.  I am so sick of Jews that are Democrats (Commies) that are traitors to America, Christians, even their own faith.  Its sickening.

Anyway.. They (the Dems) hate mothers.  I know they do, because I used to work with these slezoid bimbos. They would really treat the mothers that DID work like shit.  Democrats DESPISE a good Mother. Commies hate family. They hate kids–hell, they love murdering babies. 40 million plus unborn. THAT is how much they hate motherhood.  They used to persecute ladies I worked with, calling them “Mans-slaves”, all sorts of nasty things like that.  They also hate a woman that loves her husband and submits to his love.  Democrat lesbians and femi-nazis beasts are the pox on decent American society.  They especially hate the 1950’s, when most of America was NORMAL. Women enjoyed being mothers, enjoyed loving their husbands. Sure, there were problems, there always are problems, but this insanity is out of control, now. Our family values must be built up again. 


(I, personally just dont like breast-feeding in public)

DEMOCRATS are the pox & cancer on society.

Liberalism MUST die. 

We have to kill off this sick ideology everyday, all day long.

I want a normal America back. I am willing to die for it. I am sick of this multi-cult INSANITY, femi-nazism, girly-boyz, ‘thats racist’ bullshit.

Aren’t YOU?

This is how the DEMOCRATS mock Mothers:


HERE IS MORE PROOF, they hate Moms.