Redux Deluxe: As GOP Took Lead In GA Senate Race, DEM County Stops Counting Votes For The Night

How do Democrats win elections? By theft. They did the same, exact thing on the night of the election…….IN GEORGIA. Nothing will happen because this is the new system, now.
You can thank the feckless Republicans for giving away our republic to Communists. That kid, Nick Fuentes is right: Destroy the GOP. Why not? They’ve aided and abetted Communism.

Hank Johnson, D-Ga: “We all do better when the money is circulating”

Hank Johnson, D-Ga: “We all do better when the money is circulating”

Which is the reason that White Christian men that are G-d fearing should be in charge.  Watch how the female rep has to lead him into saying this:

Are Ya Tuff Enuf? Time To Round Up Commies

Tuff Enuf!

It is time to expose the Communist cancer where ever we go, now. In life, online (Twitter, facebook, town hall, city hall, everywhere).

This is the #1 key question that you must ask:


I asked this very question to a ‘liberal’ last night on facebook.  He RAN FOR COVER.

Let them call us McCarthyites.  IMO, the McCarthy era was NOT a time of ‘darkness’, it was a time of great enlightenment in America.  It is time to go back to studying McCarthy, and the questions he asked.  It is past time for the hard core rightEOUS to take charge. Period.  Be strong.

NY Dem Rep. Kathy Hochul “We’re Not Looking To The Constitution When It Comes To Obama-Care Mandates”

OBAMA IS A COMMUNIST AND SO IS EVERY DEMOCRAT. PERIOD!!!! You filthy women that are for this mandate-do the world a favor; STOP reproducing… And if you do want to go out, and act like a slut and screw every Tom, Dick and Harpo, get your own contraceptives you filth.

From Maggie’s Notebook